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  1. Anyone else think a diablo esque demon butcher archetype would be cool? Because I think a food-buff-tanky-dps guy, could be cool. Maybe some in-battle consumption of the dead...really get that demon vibe working.
  2. Tree-ent. Sword master, and space holder. The tree ent are a long lived race of trees, that mature into a humanoid form. The tree ent's guard the glades of trees. The tree ents are one (literally) armed, sword wielders. They parry attacks yada yada, sword stuff. They however gain power from staying in a particular area, absorbing the juju of the glade/nature they're standing in/defending/guarding. These (probably Katana) sword wielding tall masters of the blade begin to bud magical fruits that they can use to empower their blades (poisons something or other magic juju) or feed to their allies. Some such that these guys are basically fruit ninjas, sword masters, tree-guys. This is of course, all the money. And therefore I will request a special tree-ent skin and title "apple-bottom-jeans" to honor my contribution to the game's art design. AKA parry tank. @OP Such a contest could always be community driven.
  3. An bipedal insect. Something that doesn't attempt to marry insect biology with humanoid shapes. I think insects, and in general the hard-bodied animals of the world have a very interesting visual appeal. I also believe that insects have very cool native abilities. Pheromones for communication, morphing (maybe for the seasons?), the various ways they kill prey...just the colors in general. I think insects have a lot of latent untapped visual appeal, and could make for something that separates Crowfall at least a little, from other fantasy games...at least in terms of characters. Its not like its never been done, in other genres but in general I think its kept mostly to scifi. Definitely just a suggestion for something I want to see.
  4. This game is a team game, a guild game. At its core its about the throne war. The leader board should be per guild, and then per person. That way you have incentive to scheme your way into guilds/alliances, swap out, and then in-fight. Make this personal, make it a throne war, with the psychological game, as well as the on the field guild v guild war we want. Game of thrones, the game, please. Its more then just killing, its about effective positioning your guild into alliances, resource battles, and yes scheming and back stabbing. Thats the dream.
  5. Personally I suggested giant world boss stuff/ quest stuff and I was honestly hoping to hear from the devs, right now I assume its just not even a goal, but I hope its not impossible. I'd love to have campaign's with super npcs to take out, and have some sort of rep system based off em.
  6. I don't think it will be a problem. The champion will be popular enough when push comes to shove, because ppl like giant big hulk figure duders. They're just not the most interesting to think about before the game starts.
  7. Its a fantasy game so I'm sure the ducks could get pretty fierce.
  8. Don't know the extent of the worlds, but it'd be pretty dull to fight in a world where you don't care about the wild life at all.
  9. not unreasonable Not really a bad thing to think about...yep sounds like something to do eventually.
  10. Generally people have kicked their feet up, and gotten comfortable for the long wait. Course, there's the occasional grumble as someone gets in front of the T.V.
  11. What it comes down to is the forum needing like-sinks, and then have a base starting level of likes, that slowly regenerate, and then my friends the like-economy will be more stable, and we can like about like we've always been.
  12. The point to like threads is that when people are hating on you, you've got that "look I'm well liked" thing going for ya. Course it could just be that nerds are anti-social so other people randomly being positive to eachother, is like too much pollen.
  13. I don't think I took anything personally. I don't want people to confuse criticism with the garbage "We have chat boxes". Its not the same thing. Its like saying, in real life...you have dirt, the basics to farming are built into the dirt. Ignoring tools, livestock, and just going yup you've got all you need right there.
  14. Honestly I didn't like a lot of posts before this thread, but now that its here I really like a lot of the points being made about like farming, and just the general gamer culture this thread has inspired. I feel like, that justified all of my likes so far in this post, and is in no way a reflection of me totally going with the subversive point of the OP.
  15. I don't know if yall know this or not, but this is a not-subtle like-train-thread. Please like away! In all honesty, I don't care. If people like eachother or really really like eachother w/e. Its the internet. Your like-rating is dumb.
  16. You think this is mutually exclusive? I'm suggesting a system for them to do just that, but better. Obeygame was developed by one person. The system that he's created is simple. Its hardly a challenge to understand what he's done, and how it could benefit the game's thronewar system. My support for this system, and your hesitance because you want the devs to not spend money....its like ok, how much should they invest into core gameplay they want to make interesting? Because they've sold the game on being a throne war game, and want the feel of games thrones. You can't do that in any meaningful way with just a chat box.
  17. The disconnect here is that you guys think this is some impossible hogwash I've thought up on the spot. Go play a game that uses a somewhat similar system. Go play Obeygame.
  18. @ pang You're obviously wrong. Without a way to meter the subtle things happening within a guild, you're going to undervalue people just based on dumb data. Sure a better guild could do it, but then the devs lose power, and the ability to refine the gameplay that the third party systems are hosting.
  19. If the devs don't implement my system it won't because they go "We have a chat box...duh" They're going to not implement it based on a series of decisions and considerations that I've got no insight into. The belief that your speech should be treated with respect, when in all honesty it disrespects me first...well I guess we don't live in a world where disagreeing with me magically means I'm going to respect your ability to do so. I came here to suggest a system, I'd partially adapted from another game that I thought had amazing gameplay. If you want to dig into the reasons for why I post anything on this forums its because I want engaging people to interact with. You basically just said, "I have nothing interesting to add to this discussion, but hey I like being a hooligan, so why don't I tell him the most basic stupid reason for why his idea is bad." and you went from there, and now you want my respectful discourse. Guy, why should I? There's a level of antagonism that the devs want to brew, and I think what I've shown here is at the acceptable level of dickery. SO, why? I don't see it. You're wasting my time, and using your ego to disrupt my thread. I'm wasting my time talking about you, and not the system I want to discuss. Get out. --------------------- Metering player actions within a game gives more information to play with, in a game that wants a way to meter different styles of play, as well as benefits to a group's contribution to an action, this creates a lot of value by not being just a leaderboard...its a leaderboard that inspires various ways to play, and its not necessary to assume that a "chat box" solves the same problems this does. A chat box may at some basic level allow players to build a conspiracy to deceive their leader, but that value is taken out of the system, and put into third party systems like guild forums or guild organizations and the game loses the ability to meter that in any real capacity. That means you can't sell that experience as well because you literally CANT sell that experience within your game's systems. You can merely point at the interesting things other players did, and then try to lamely claim credit, because your game has a chat box. The fact that you have no control over the deception system means you've no way to adjust the way people use it, you end up resorting to heavy handed actions to try to adjust subtle problems that are involved in the external stuff you can't touch easily.
  20. You ignored everything I said, and then said look there will be a chatbox this stuff will all magically happen, and rainbows and unicorns will magically sprout forth from the earth. You're fairly certain you weren't being insulting? To me it looked like you were saying "Why bother doing something well, when you can do something half assed." and then told me to stop talking by way o trying to argue against what I'd stated...with that garbage. We're all adults here, and I hate your perspective. Of course I'm not going to be respectful, when you embody the thing I disrespect. You're basically saying hey, a tire made from rock is great, why should we look at that rubber over there and start getting ideas? I'm being harsh at the start to make sure your type of personality doesn't interact here again. I don't want you in this discussion if thats your perspective, because your perspective literally shouldn't be even engaged in this section of the forum.
  21. If I'm paying for a game that says its creating a throne war, I better not see a chat box and a message that says "Create your own adventure". At that point World of Warcraft is a thronewar game. And your PR is meaningless hogwash. It shouldn't be PR, it should be gameplay. Go buy Obeygame. Come back and tell me your thoughts on this, and what it can do. Otherwise shut it, because you don't know anything relating to games that actually deal in these mechanics. Calling for the same old sandbox is the kind of genre stagnating garbage that left to the WOW-cycle of boring recycled bad ideas.
  22. Did you smelt a lot of ore today? Did you grind loading bars and make 24 wiffleball bats? Your leader your king, decides the points distribution for certain actions within your guild. Crafters are you making feather dusters to grind fealty-points to boost how you appear within the guild's rankings? Well now the leader's leveled up, and he can tell you've been deceiving him. Now feather-dusters are .2 points, and daggers are 1 point. He's evaluating the things the guild needs, you're evaluating and deciding on how best to game the system, you're subverting eachother, coordinating with others within the guild to advance in ranking, and now we've got a game about social strategy, and deception...potentially. Did the guilds scout find a resource? Follow his path and he starts dinging up points, did he find a better path? The % increase in speed gives him a bonus for the better path, if people used the old one. Don't want your scouts to get the points? Devise your own path, and get there without their help. Did the scout lead the fighting party to a battle? ding him some points if you think it was a trap, via some sort of voting tool. Good, now the fighters start gaining points for winning ground kda/etc. Did they screw up? Did they do poorly? If you're the scout judge them, maybe some sort of spy-ability given by the king allows certain people to judge others and ding them based on actions...can you trust your spys? dunno. A system for people to judge actions, reward them internally with a scoring system, and maybe some way to subvert the system...thats the dream. Now you have people petitioning the king for their specific slice of the game that they're being judged on, people subverting others and claiming deception, and a shared resource that they're fighting over internally, and that the GL has to manage successfully to incentivize the best play for furthering the guild's grasp on the Iron Throne. Some sort of guild bank that pays out based on the fealty-board at the end of a campaign, or maybe at set periods of time like a month/week/2weeks. I dunno. Just spit balling here how to create a system that isn't just...lulz psyche I'm with the other guild, I stole your stuff gg I'm so clever...some system that allows the functions for deception to be built into the game and not just some basic player drama hogwash without any foundation within the game, or to be gauged by the game devs directly.
  23. I reckon what I'm saying is its pointless for them to test combat first, if they have no idea how their games going to work on a network. #2longdidntread2muchtrollsnotenoughrarepepestoomanynormieswhatevertardsontheinternetsaytobeedgy
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