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  1. I've seen the game. I've seen that they are testing combat first. However their gameplay doesn't matter if its not being tested on a laggy platform, to replicate reality. Don't build a castle for the sandbox at home, if your plan is to put it next to the sea.
  2. I agree that testing the combat is very important, but I think the combat has to be designed from the ground up, to be acceptably good with moderate lag. I don't care how much you expect people to upgrade their PCs, the internet infrastructure isn't going to change for your ideal combat system. We don't live in South Korea, we don't have god tier internet in the U.S. I understand that this game can't suite all tastes, but if it can't suite the internet of its expected user base, we're going to be in some trouble. Action combat is pretty reliant on stable connectivity so, I think its pretty important for the work-around to be started from the ground up.
  3. When you give a class character you want iconic playstyles. Definitely enjoyed the variety in TF2, but in terms of personality, like as singular characters. I don't really think thats appropriate, for the genre this is in, and for rewarding excellent play. You need to feel like an individual, and that means not being key-holed into a very specific characterization. This is a game where we are playing socially, as well as on the field.
  4. I definitely agree. World PVP is something I really like. There's a sort of quality thats hard to parse...but there's something so elemental about being in an environment, having a goal, and feeling tension at the potential for things to go wrong, and the human element adds some real umph to that happening. I've been interested in other PVP mmos, but some quality or another drew me off, over all I love the image Crowfall has set. Passive leveling gains, allow me to have a life, and still be able to play with people I want to play with, and the campaigns mean, that at some point, I'll have a fresh start, to get back in with the group I dropped out from, because of life. The start mechanic means that I'm not custarded if life happens. That's seriously cool.
  5. Sometimes the best outcome, isn't to not lose, but to not let the other side win by too much. I've done this in Obey, in a tournament. I never once won a game (getting 1st each round), but I could force others to lose by either assisting the winner to stop them from out competing me for 2nd, or by pushing someone else into the lead. Spreading the advantage between players, and allowing a more reasonable come back in the series. The games pretty cool and I think has a lot of the sort of game of thrones gameplay the dev's want to look into. https://youtu.be/0Y2kjMXlGLg (I d/ced this round and got boosted slightly above where I was at, however if I hadn't been d/ced I'd have gotten into the robot, likely putting me at, or above the adjusted cash level...although honestly I couldn't remember my total when I got booted so I was just guessing.) Overall I got 2nd. I didn't get first, because I didn't have as good a mechanical grasp of the game, but because of tactics, I placed 2nd over all despite the critical flaw in my gameplay.
  6. Probably too specific. Archetypes aren't THAAAT focused.
  7. Things I'd like. 1. 28-32mm scale Resin Miniature. 2. Poster 3. Printed Art booklet 4. A tetris puzzle map, where you block in parcels for a world map 5. Game Music on a cd Any of those. Honestly Wasteland 2 has had one of my favorite collectors editions in a while, so talk to them about what they did and take notes for ideas. I love the miniature, its great, small high quality can be used in miniatures games, and RPGs with pnp dice etc. Its a great way to go, because you can use it for even more games, and show your love of the other game, WITH other games...to gamers...or have it sit on your desk, or paint it yourself. Thats a lot of content from a bit of resin.
  8. If you make the under-armor customizable... $$$$$$$$$ Just saying.
  9. I like inconsistent cool things happening when they happen consistently. The only reason I like crit, is because its the next tier up from normal damage, and you pew pew dudes into the ground when you have high crit, and damage. Can we just do that, but without the annoying, lower 80% of crit chance getting involved and making the stat feel lame?
  10. Zomnivore

    Bit Coin

    How can it be secure if its easy to scam the incompetent? How is it better then banks who scam the incompetent. Cycle ad nauseam
  11. I want a class that turns a spirit into a chestburster. Basically the rez becomes a DOT, if the dot deals fatal damage, the hero is revived, exploding out of the body of w/e was doted. Mor dots
  12. I've wanted a voxel mmo for quite some time, and was seriously interested in EQ Next, but EQ Next isn't here, and I still want my Voxel MMO. This is the best alternative, and its not attached to SOE. Voxels and worlds that are mutable, are much more interesting to me as a player, trying to experience a digital world, then killing 10 rats for a piece of gear to increase a stat, for an arbitrary amount of time until I have to repeat the process with a new skinned rat quest to get basically the same gear, but buffed to scale for another arbitrarily set amount of time. Or increasing faction, for a group of NPCs that in no real way care about my actions or in any real effect on the world, matter. They're merely the padlock on the next swatch of gear...all to pay the admission fee for fighting a boss with a clan that may or may not let me progress to the next set of bosses. I want freedom from the skinner-box. Most quests aren't designed with any joy, or love, they're just busy work, and it shows, and thats why they're dead to me. The quest mmo is dead to me, because to them I'm just some dude they have to string along for the sub-fee.
  13. Zomnivore

    Bit Coin

    doge coin is better then bit coin rinse repeat no
  14. Predator stealth does not work well in games like this. You need high mobility and vertical gameplay. Thats why the predator was in trees, why The Hidden Source mod, has jumping and dashes, and the environments are all really focused on lighting, at almost all levels. You can't adapt the map, and the gameplay around those hurdles to really make predator stealth work at a high level. imo.
  15. My suggestion for parents is to find yourself and your tyke, a nice casual guild. I played games as a tyke of around age 6 on the PC (rainbow six great tactical fps, and a clan of Canadians, <3 Canada) and I can assure you, that I was well sheltered in a small clan. Kids shouldn't be pushed onto the official forums of a game. Find your kids a guild, a nice group of adults or young adults, that you think give a good social vibe...and don't mind a kid that much. Then you've got a filter of that guild-group to protect your kids a bit better from the brutality of the internet. I don't think culling a games full depth for the inclusion of kids is good for anyone...and I don't think a company like CF or any other smaller team, is really well positioned to start adapting to societies needs...on this sort of level. Let the Blizzards of the world deal with how to adapt gaming to a full family inclusive thing. I don't think the size of the pool of ppl being serviced is large enough to really make a sub form worth doing...but maybe its something to try. Who knows. Maybe we get that older group of gamer interested by the mere presence of similar folks shooting-socks about kids and gaming.
  16. I disagree with the perception that this is a mechanic that prevents players from playing.
  17. A corpse should sizzle like a demon burning to ash, or phase out in a sparkley light Or if there are some sort of elemental gods.. you know get creative. BOOM theme/not loading a bajillion corpses
  18. Can I at least get a chicken-stamped coin? Someone help me out. I need chicken currency. How about coins with a certain quality, randomly stamped animals on them, and ones a chicken. Then we can all fight over what animals worth the most (chicken) and the least (crows, people don't even pick up crows they're so worthless). Right? I'm onto something. And crafters who make coins and are good crafters boom now they're pumping out chickens and chucking crows.
  19. If you buy amber and sell the C:E you're basically getting a sock load of your money back. I mean a drawer full of a socks worth of a load of value in that package.
  20. I want a chicken economy. This upsets me. The game will never be the same. There is absolutely no sarcasm in the above. Except for the part where there is.
  21. We all know that when you get pushed down a well, Lassie comes to get you help. Hopefully at the very least a turtle in a cloud with a fishing pole. Seriously though, who's to say that you wouldn't be able to dash out, short-term interrupts, or CC that funnel you into an area, even with some set up, are good. Comboing the pitfall with the boiling oil bath is where the skills at. Pitfall itself is just good clean fun.
  22. Wow, who knew that this would be the rallying cry of 4 people Some Blood bowl fans here Not saying anything, but...balls and throwing balls gives you a very ez focus point for spectating players, and would read well for dumb-non-gamers to understand whats going on. #Esports #spectatinginanmmowhat #thinkaboutit #changethegame #changetheworld #savethecheerleader #savetheworld
  23. My dream would be a very small 3"x3" plastic bordered kind of base frame, where you'd nest in plastic squares/tetris/weird/shaped parcels, and you'd have a small grab-bag of parcels to kind of make a map. Then a small plastic display case/box to hold it, maybe a foam wafer under it to put the spare parcels. If a map is what you'd want to go with...for the C:ED I'm a serious fan of maps, and I thought it would be really interesting to see the game's parcel system highlighted in the C:ED with a unique map.
  24. I want food buffs/debuffs, but more then that I want the ai/natives to need it and really focus on that. Control of the towns, and people should be through their food. It may be a simple thing but, it enforces the sense of scale. You're a god damned GOD'S champion, no food just gives you a kick to the balls. To them it kills them. You control the food, and you don't care who doesn't like it. Do what I say. That creates the passive crafting-power game that ratchets up over time...as you do well in the food game, keeping people healthy...or if you're razing towns, you're taking food, and then going to the next one in a wave, and staving enemies of that ai resource for passive crafting. Food in that way creates economic damage through combat. If you lose, you lost food and resources and now your control of your area is weaker, because you've lost the food you spent on combat. Because they don't want game created vendors, this could be the sort of "cost to run" system for setting up your own vendors, caravans, guards, and if there's any sort of faction system, hopefully its a resource in gaining influence.
  25. If you don't want to play as a Kobold...you should probably eat your pants, because your life lacks zest.
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