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  1. Apparently Unity is making it hard to do dungeons, is there anyway to fudge it? Like make a mountain and hollow it out, and create like a dwarven keep or something akin to that idea? I really like dungeons and it'd be a shame to have to wait into the far flung future for them to get worked on, if there's a reasonable work around for it. I mean if you have to dedicate a whole parcel to just have a dungeon in it, I'm kind of ok with it. You could have like a water feature and then under that apparently empty space you'd have the bones of a dungeon.
  2. I'm not gonna cry if I'm wrong. Hell I'm still optimistic that star citizen will be something worth playing, and who knows when thats coming. I reckon all I gotta do is wait a little and I'm in for some good times.
  3. I'm guessing late this year or early next year.
  4. When I want to stab someone I go spy in Tf2. There might be a better game out there for stabbing, but tf2's spy rates high for me. For me mmo combat is either about the 1v1 duel or the team fight. I'm probably not going to be winning 1v1 much because I'm probably just an average or below average player, but the team fights will be fun.
  5. I enjoy creating ugly characters from time to time. I've been bored of female monsters in games for quite sometime because they're never half as cool as the male monsters, because they don't do enough to make the sexual dimorphism anything interesting and they're just like humans with a few exaggerated features, because people want their female monsters to be vaguely custardable from a human perspective.
  6. I can't wait for them to get the initial survival mechanics in and tuned, so then they can tune the races. I really hope the seasons change the meta, and force interesting decisions about what races and disciplines to pick, and trickle down to what classes you expect.
  7. I think there's only really one stance to take on this. Make it preferential to be a solo accounter and minimize the incentive to buy multiple accounts to bypass the system. Obviously I don't really know how to do that, but I assume people generally don't do well multi-boxing these games because they're PVP, but if they can do that and succeed they kind of deserve to win because they're legitimately playing multiple characters.
  8. I would love to see crypts like this. I think you could easily balance the amount of resources by just making a bunch of them crappy. Not everyone has a suitable limb/s.
  9. Hi. I want Altars to the gods. I want them to be places where you can sacrifice resources or maybe player trophies. Perhaps a system where players who destroy an altar "offend" a god, and you're rewarded by killing them and sacrificing their heads at altars. I think destroying resources to gain affinity and power for your deity would also be interesting a balance between using them in fights to actually win the campaign and also appeasing your god and gaining personal reputation or blessings from your god. Maybe god specific major runes (w/e they're called) you get from your specific god. The objective of a scenario including altars would be to have more altars on the map as well as having more resources sacrificed to your god, you have to spend resources to set up an altar, but at the end of the campaign whoever's god has the most receives a benefit, and as well as that the gods with the most resources sacrificed would also receive a benefit. So in this scenario you have to balance destroying altars, being cursed by gods, and resources to please, and gain ground for your gods. The Altars themselves could accumulate points for their deities the longer they're up so that you have an incentive to destroy them quickly or protect as many as possible. However you could do this in spurts so that they have to survive a certain amount of time before they lock in their value. That way it hurts people who just erect altars with no capacity to protect them. The inspiration for this idea came from an indie game called OBEY, it doesn't translate exactly but I extrapolated a few concepts.
  10. Over all I think soft launch is a good thing. Permanent progress, campaigns that do the full game loop. Just a lot to like, and its going to be here soon. I understand the worries that late comers will be upset, but I'm sure at least the MMO specific news websites will note it, and people who want to be the first to be big crowfall streamers are probably at least loosely aware. I really think its exciting. I want the game to do well, so I hope they're prepared for a hungry crowd. Albion Online wasn't expecting the numbers they got and probably a good month of troubled servers resulted in a jumpy start. My personal hope is that with more people playing we'll get better PVP balance tuning in the coming months. I really like how the influx of cash affects how resources can be distributed to the things that most immediately impact gameplay. I understand engine work and such is important too and that'll probably be the focus for the first few months to get the servers to handle loads properly and having enough to meet demand, but boy I'm excited about class balance tuning. What are all yall excited for? Come on yall I'm excited and want to talk about the game here, if you even have a little comment thats better then just talking to a wall.
  11. Hi, I find the inclusion of Adventure Tiles to be quite interesting. By either making them have a resource, or to be hard to traverse, you create funnels in and out of areas, and can make travel meaningful. In Albion Online, the maps had zones with various physical hurdles to pathing, and these would create areas where you could cut people off from the fastest paths. This meant that if you wanted to quickly go to a zone to another zone, you had to put yourself at risk. Thats cool. The addition of having a pve element world boss for the spider canyon was a nice additional effect, however I wish that the spider boss had a limited amount of respawns or some other element limiting it so that at the start of campaigns people would be fighting over a resource that would be going away, perhaps make it a seasonal mob that loses value with its corruption, Still I like it. Light Pve doesn't have to make the game more PVP casual, if you have a monster fighting you, and or changing aggro to different PVP groups fighting over it, and eachother you've just made a compelling new sort of pvp and pve fight, over what could have been a negligible unmemorable monster. Thanks for reading, just wanted to say I really liked the inclusion of adventure tiles.
  12. Right now I don't think the UI is a priority but if they want to soft launch I think its one of the things they need to immediately improve.
  13. I really don't want soft launch to taint player expectations. I know that money doesn't grow on trees, but I feel like there must be a better way to monetize the pre-production game to current players without tainting people's opinions. I know Starcitizen was able to sell ships to players, and successfully create a loop for funding production. I think there needs to be some serious thought as to what sorts of things yal could be offering instead of full launch.
  14. I'm sorry but not understanding what pre-production content to expect from a game or from early access or beta titles in general means that you had no business even looking for this game. If anything though I hope you can get a refund because I don't want you here complaining.
  15. I'm excited to see you guys trying to tackle problems for people who want to be a consistent character through the world. Its not a deal breaker for me to be a bunch of different dead bodies of heroes but it was a bit of like "well there are only so many heroes" kind of thing.
  16. I agree its pretty cool that at least one of them is at least interested enough to have the hat on.
  17. I own an occulus and I don't think it will work well with this game. Good occulus games are about immersion, but mmos have a hard time with assets and having a lot of engaging things to look at and motion controls are an issue with VR because of motion sickness. To put it bluntly the game just isn't even really the right kind of game for the framework that works well on VR
  18. Hi guys I heard that they were offering like level boosters but I don't quite know the full story. If someone could explain in further the new plan for how they're going to monetize the game that would help me understand and provide feedback.
  19. Is it a stream or is it like a post I haven't bothered to follow the game until recently.
  20. I recently got myself an occulus rift due to it being on sale for 400 bucks...after trying it out I think its laughable to think this game will be able to do VR well. I don't really see a way for the movement system in game to align well with VR seeing as there are dashes and other sorts of fast mobility abilities that would probably be very disorienting in VR.
  21. missed everything but the tail end of it where it sounds like important VIP information was spoken of, and now I have to rewatch to be assured I won't be getting screwed out of vip time or something.
  22. Thank you for the prompt reply. I would've thanked you sooner but I was having difficulty logging into the forums. I'd click login on the forums page, it'd log me in using the cookie that saved my password automatically then I would be on the main page logged in and I'd go to the forum page and it would still say I needed to login. Today was different, so that proves if you try the same thing again and again and expect a different result you may not be crazy. However I'm still crazy.
  23. Hi. I currently own an amber package which entitles me to a collectors edition. In that collectors edition they're supposed to be figures. How will those figures change now to reflect that the classes have been divided into a separate non race based category?
  24. I always miss the tests don't follow the schedule that closely and whenever I remember to check I've missed the test.
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