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  1. I guess I just don't care enough. AI, are toy figures, and call them w/e you want. In fact I'd say call them thralls for the vile chaous guys and um...monks? they've made the pilgimage to the eternal kingdoms to serve the god's chosen champions so lets call them monks. Hell call the evil ones monk's too and we can call this a wrap. Still I like the idea of being allowed to be evil in a game where killing for power is the norm. Where entire worlds are battlegrounds simply because they've got stuff dudes want.
  2. Think of it this way. As a buisness would you be comfortable not investing in a fundamental aspect of the consumer experience? Would you expect your new unfounded game to attract enough whales that they float the guild-experience core to many aspects of your game for new players to latch onto? I understand hunting "Whales" is a thing devs aim to do, but what if you don't catch enough? Wow has tons of these valuable players, and they're heavily invested, and they jump ship from seemingly "sinking" games all the time. Only to come back to their biggest vested intersts. Wow. No guild leader is going to stick with a game they think is dying, so when the roughest period of the MMO, the start early/mid game happens, how are you going to feel leaving your hands in the air as a business man, and saying "I trust you the consumer to make the consumer experience fun enough." To me that is the definition of bad buisness. The sort of vision they have for strife, for the throne, the sort of image they sell of backstabbing, thats all good and well, but if no one sets up an example for how to really do that, then thats dead gameplay not being used. If player alliances don't happen because nerds are bad at communication or aren't forced by some impetus to make them, (the meta of coordination as it were) then that's a slow rambling start to an experience that could've gone faster with the "off the mark" of established staffed guilds setting the pace of the experience for gamers to catch up to. I've seen a lot of games suffer from the guild experience not really being fleshed out, is all I'm saying, and I think that leaving that to the players is actually a lot of what harms these games. Giving a consistent experience in the guild format at least solves this problem. A player will always have the option to go to the official guild if theirs peters out. There's a safety net for social disaster, if the guild crumbles or if your friends infighting causes the whole thing to crash and burn and you're all left with a game you like, but no one to play with and a random search for a new guild/s (that aren't always that easy to find) with variables in quality and size, and personality that you can't really predict. The reason I say that the guilds should have stated goals and run on a script that the GM/GL follows is to avoid the power of dev favoritism. A Staffed guild should be a more consistently fun experience, not a consistently more competitive, or 'better' guild then one you could start yourselves. The power of personality and GM's ability to tank the game is something I think gets limited by a script system. This would be a title, not a person. You'd have a person /actor running this script leading the community and coordinating players around this goal/mission and potentially in a certain role-played character. Nothing of this is magically going to fix secret guild favoritism by the devs, if the devs are prone to this its going to happen one way or another. NOTHING you do as a player can prevent guild favoritism by the devs. That is a buisness, security, problem that if they do not prevent, as a company is going to happen regardless of player squabbling, or official guild implementation or not. If you like or think this idea should be considered please rate the post accordingly. ----------- To the question about whether I'd want to pay for a guild? Honestly? GOD NO! I want an organic beautiful genuine experience with real people, I want a person with drive, and personality to organically come from the ether, and rally a group of people around them and make a perfect game-family of fun loving individuals. The truth is though, that that happens, and it takes time. I've had that experience and I've loved it, but when that experience ends, and I'm left with nothing or left with the task of trying to lead when I was just a cog in the guild...then its a nightmare, and I'm left with a sinking ship while we all try to coordinate to the next boat, and sometimes that process sinks the other ship. People can only coordinate so many people, an have fun, and only do so much work and have fun. There are only so many people you can really have a good connection with, and only so many of that rare breed of interprising skilled-leader class of gamer to lead the guilds of tomorrow...but thats neither here or there. Would I want to pay for a guild? No, but if I had no other option I'd definitely want the option to go to one, where I could trust that the variables of personality/size/coordination were set in a way that I could always know what I was getting into. A guild ran by a GM would have moderation, would have a means to coordinate players efficiently and probably present a very stable professional personality. That organic guild experience will still happen, and is bound to happen, but what I want is the time it takes for that structure to evolve and start, to not be taken up by a void. Periods of downtime where nothing is happening in a game based on player driven action is crushing, and I don't want there to be long erratic lulls, even if that means there's one-three (ideally this system would generate enough guilds in all factions to meet potential demand) guild thats just following a script, to create some impetus of action. Streamers have subscribers etc. they celebrate one person creating content that they all consume, I don't see why people think conceptually that this wouldn't work because people don't like paying for anything. A community of stream subscribers with their own sort of community-gated content surly would appeal to enough consumers to be self propigating given enough quality and production value I don't see how it wouldn't fund itself..
  3. I think the devs are absolutely concerned with balance, but they're willing to fail, because failing means at most like 6 months of an imbalance. If the imbalance is god level destructive they can instantly go back on their pledge to let things go, but says its a 1 month or 3 month campaign. Are they going to feel a need to do it? Maybe, maybe not. That level of "let it go" is extremely interesting for players trying to crack the game and discover the broken thing in the game. Thats so exciting, 'chasing the meta' is a fun thing, and its something highly skilled people love doing, and knowing that they've a set time to find, and exploit their effort's profit, gives them so much incentive to explore all possibilities. Thats the dream for me. In terms of dumb stuff that could happen ya a dumb 100x distance on backwards mounted goat kick, sure its a fun thing to do, who wouldn't and then for one month you've got an army of goat riding trick jumping kicking mad men. A bug like that would create new memes and influence the internet for how fun and insane it was. Let alone go viral. If its a bug that people hate, then I think the lame duck answer is allow people to hop ship to the nearest campaign and wash your hands of the sort of player experience being impacted. I fully expect the game, and characters/abilities to get balanced, but I also expect that things can get a least a little out of hand before people have their favorite abilities tuned to sane levels.
  4. If the champion had some sort of like rek-it-ralph like sort of gameplay where he was also knocking down walls, I'd embrace the concept more...but big hulking melee dude has to be done thematically well to really make the concept work.
  5. I think guilds are core to this game, and therefore a good core experience of the game is going to be dictated by guild leaders. Guild leaders whom do this level of community leading are basically at a professional level, and having guild leaders being professionals tied to the company gives the devs a ton of control over social elements that I think are worth hiring staff for in an mmo, designed around guild and player driven interaction. I've played in several mmo guilds, and leadership matters, and when your leader is an overworked stressed out person who doesn't want to play the game anymore because its not fun...because its more work then reward...then you're left rudderless, the dream is dead on arrival. I think thats why there aught to be at least 3 official guilds run by game masters following a scripted goal system. I think that this is immensely helpful as the game starts (and structure is hard to find for new players, or for uninformed players), having a quality guild with a set quality that's consistent allows for some reasonable amount of structure for players to grasp hold of, and a consistent base experence to develope for/around. These guilds are sort of conceptual anchors so that the formula can spread and mimicry alone allows for people to make useful organizational structures to coordinate with ad hoc. These guilds would as it were "discover the meta" or create the meta, once the meta's established its not hard for players to know what to do, but that takes a reasonable amount of time, and a new mmo doesn't have that luxury when trying to create a real solid first impression to a userbase that could quit, and kill the game. How to fund said Guild? Make it a subsciption, or tie it into the V.I.P. system. People within this guild are paying for a service that improves the fundamentals of the game and costs more to run, so they would pay for the staffing of these core guilds. Being a member of a guild run by professional game masters is bound to be more consistently fun then the alternative, as well as being able to be an official outlet for in game driven content designed around certain goals meant to enhance the world.
  6. Stalker and duelist are tying me up. Going to go with stalker as I think it will end up being a hybrid fast/scouting class with some sort of ranged gameplay.
  7. Right now most AAA games cost 60 dollars at launch. I assume this game is going to cost 50 dollars. But games (at that level) as a complete package don't really cost just 60 dollars anymore. If you were willing to pay out for that total price of say 60 for an AAA game, with 40 bucks worth of dlc for the 'real' complete experience, why not take that same sort of desire for content, and just up your pledge to 100...for this game trying to do things you want it to accomplish. You're not going to be getting this product for a very long time. If you were just going to spend the normal amount of money on it, why not just buy it when its ready? Less risk, reasonably similar amounts of reward. If you only wanted to get updates on it and behind the scenes stuff, and then buy it at launch why not just back for a little money? Why not put 5 down now, and get your "backer" credit. So. you're backing at 60, basically spending 60 bucks on a game you'd have bought at launch anyway...and this is a game you want made. You want this game so much you're going to pay for it before its even done. So why aren't you upping your dedication to your gamer desire for it, and going at least to 100? You've spent 100 on other games, you didn't even like as much as you like this (because you obviously like this a lot and are buying in early) so why aren't you dedicated to what you want in gaming? #guilttrip @Obligatory money problems yada yada, I feel ya bro, why the hell would you think I'm talking atcha with this.
  8. Hi, I don't have much exposure to the genre of voxel...stuff, but I was just wondering if the technical problems behind having a huge map that's voxel based with a lot of characters running around, simultaniously harming buildings, and eachother...and all that being tracked. Is that going to play well, or is it even possible? Honestly I don't know, and I was hoping some of you could kind of point me to proof of concept games that sort of play with similar themes, and show that the base core of the game has a reasonable level of being functionally possible. Thanks for your time. Also, EQ next was supposed to be the lead into a voxel mmo (basically what I was waiting on b4 this) and I don't know what happened with that and if anyone has any sort of info tapped on what went on there, or if its still happening....That would also help me feel a bit better speculating on the feasibility of the core of the game from a small team.
  9. Ya, I'd like to hear a bit more about how EK's matter. I hear that you can charge taxes but that sounds like either a facebook kind of farm my land thing, and I farm yours...or just a guild feature and your personal EK is sort of just a ghost town of npcs....and crafting. I guess the whole voxel 'building your keep' could be enough of a hook for some people...but I kind of need more then that personally. I could see making personal battle grounds, and maps/scenarioes with personal tailored rule sets, maybe...maybe, but even that seems like a fringe thing at best. I could also see betting on the outcomes of campaigns with keeps or buildings, but, then thats sorta just the minecrafting thing...but with betting on your outcome in the campaigns. Not nessecarily bad, but still leaves a bit left over for having them be their own self driven feature.
  10. I don't want my account to be jepordized the things I spent money on/time on to be stolen...gasp. Its like not wanting to get mugged. Pretend like you guys would want your social security, and identy stolen. Thats all you're doing, albeit with someones gaming/online life. That is not fun to deal with. No (censored phrase), I'm not going to find it cool.
  11. Can I gamble my holdings in a campaign? Does my EK in anyway become a resource I can use in the game, or is it just a crafting hub? What benifits do I get from having other people on my land, and unless I'm running a guild what benifit do they get from buying (paying tax w/e) land in my EK? If I could gamble my keep, against another person's holdings, and it becomes a way to bet on the outcome of a campaign...I'd like it more. Then acquiring more land in the EK space would also signify something more about the character of my play....victory, for instance. As well it would apply pressure on people in my holdings to work toward victory because their new ruler could kick them out (w/e lease they hold gets canceled) or increase the tariff.
  12. @that shadowbane video. Snagging someone elses account is hardly good form. Not interesting at all in terms of gameplay. "oh we just opened all the doors, locked all them out, and "sieged" the keep." Ya...sure you did. Thats called hacking. I'd have found the IP, and banned ther person's accounts, if they hid behind proxxies...I'd ban key members in the guild assaulting the keep. Ya. Hacking someones account so that you can unlock the doors, isn't acceptable in any form.
  13. What if it was infinite, but like with mage-food crafting, you sit around for like 3min to fill up. Boom. having cake and eating it too. What resource gathering is, is a time sink. What imo you guys are wanting is windows of vulnerability...so. "Arrows of the gods" "Requires prayers of benidiction" Hell if you want them to go back to town... "Churches of the hunt" and then smaller mountain shrines along paths...differeing amounts of arrows per visit. Now you have mechanics that make "go back to town" gameplay, and restocking stuff, without forcing people into content they don't want to have to participate in/farming/grinding/playing economic games for a core class resource.
  14. A maze world would definitely interest me...I mean its not a new concept but I haven't seen it done in a game. I swear though, if there's some tween romance drama I'm going to burn it all down.
  15. Duelist design is probably all about a certain type of encounter, in combat, and then sort of a hybrid of some sort of utility class. So it's probably not going to just be ho ho I've got two weapons.
  16. Ammunition has never been an engaging thing for me to deal with...unless it was some sort of core mechanic to like say a rogue like.
  17. Lets be fair. Guineceans doesn't roll of the tongue. Gopher is also fun to say. Guineceans : 0 Gophers : 2
  18. If you don't know what Trouble in Terrorist Town is, go look up "Seananners" and TTT, basically he made it popular a ways back, and got some new blood in (me) and I have to say the experience was eye opening. So my suggestion is to allow some form of detective gameplay...some form of assassination/spying victims, and scapegoats. If the idea is to create intrigue and offer up some social level of strategy I think it would allow assassins to really feel like assassins because their actions are being tracked, and they're being hunted, and they have to obscurate their way out long enough to stay in the clear. With the long run time of the game's worlds "1-3 months" that really opens up some gameplay that wouldn't really fit in, in the sort of hectic fps environment. Obviously the factions systems exist, but I feel like internal conflict is as important as external conflict, backstabbing is pretty key in terms of large power swings.
  19. Getting some serious Deer Avenger vibes here. Its a good thing!
  20. Deer. Its a murder deer. *I need it to be a murder deer
  21. Are we looking at an ambusher with a burrowing ability? I mean it is a freaking gopher after all. I could see this as sort of a sieging sort of class as well if they could burrow, and sort of one on one surprised guards...but I don't want to wishlist, do we have any sort of idea what these guys are? Then there's the 'saccrifice' lil quip in the discription and the mention of courage. Are these guys more suicidal, and respawny? This would lean back into the whole....get behind enemy lines thing, but once again wishlisty. Either way, I'm looking forward to gophers that play unique to gophers.
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