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  1. I think I'm about as committed as the money makes me. At this point its up to the devs not to fail and I'm emotionally out of that struggle. If they pull it of great, if they don't, well tarnation.
  2. Lore can enhance a game, but ultimately I think its not going to be a big deal outside of framing how the world works to set up a constant amount of content.
  3. Never expected it to be even close to its launch date
  4. I'm a fan of monster hunter's crafting system. Go kill bad ass monster, get materials from carcass, arrange into bad ass monster armor that has that monster's flare. Go from easier monster to harder monster crafting all the while to eventually progress into fighting massive monsters with team members. The point of the game is to hunt monsters, you craft by killing monsters and compiling their bits, you progress by fighting progressively tougher monsters and making the gear from them to go to the next tier of hunting. Crafting in that game was core to how you experienced the game, and it was the reward mechanism for kicking monster ass. (this is from experience with an older monster hunter game dunno what the current affair is up to.)
  5. Going with one account, I see the advantages of having more, but I'm not hard core enough to need that edge. I'm not going to be that top 5% in the leaderboards so why bother when I can find someone else in the game to cover for where I'm lacking. Simply coordinating with another player/s creates about as much advantages, so all I need is a little social interaction and I'm covered. Saves me the money and time of having to mess with multiple accounts
  6. The idea for the graveyard system works on the basis that you're hopping in the freshly dead bodies of passed heroes. So what were those bodies doing before they were dead? Are we going to see the NPCs that become these fallen heroes? Are we going to see NPCs fighting with the risen dead in certain points of interest? Slowly replenishing the dead stock. Or are we going to have a magic coffin that seals out the decay the dead would normally have? Does hopping into a corpse regenerate it? Now even old corpses would make sense as usable, but then what differentiates a quality corpse? Then you've got to add in that there are undead and graveyards might not be safe places in the world so who the hell is risking their lives to restock a graveyard and enshrining the corpse in its magic coffin. Are coffins being made to seal out the hunger? That's mostly it from my perspective I guess. Kind of a plot hole if you're interested in world building.
  7. Its probably going to be much closer to a mmo survival game, modern mmo combat with minimal roots in the moba scene outside of how the character classes are handled.
  8. I love the OP and could see the concept of limiting it to certain things really doing a lot for creating spots of interest. Can't go too far or third party elements will come in and just subvert the work you're doing though.
  9. I consider that tech to still be pretty unusable. Its like trying to compete by giving a gamer a ball mouse vrs a lazer gaming mouse....eventually they'll get it right, but imo, its years away from being a well honed input device.
  10. They'll do a rewrite probably fixing it. Its not like I can gift alpha 2 access to a friend and play with them as an amber package.
  11. I just think that a game like this needs to pay some attention to whats going on in games like Mafia, or Town of Salem, or Obey, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and make sure that whatever path they choose, they choose one that in spirit does the thing I'm poking my finger at.
  12. Controlling players is kind of the point. Making them more likely to do interesting things and therefore cooler things naturally through a guiding system that at some point is just there to remove the knowledge barrier for making those cool decisions. I'm getting a definite sense that what I'm suggesting isn't really a thing yet. Control sounds like a bad word, but its not given the context is right.
  13. I don't think its about creating narrative I think its about allowing everyone or people who are bystanders the ability to see interesting things happening with other guilds without needing a journalist to write the thing for them. Its about highlighting cool things as they happen and allowing people to be more reactive to those things, because they now have access to that information..... Instead of needing Pcgamer and some EVE players coming together to then share the experience of an epic battle, the epic battle would simply be the conclusion of an experience that everyone could've been party to with the game giving them the info they need to make informed decisions if they participate. It'd be like the difference between an open house party where you go back to your friends and tell them to come, and them knowing exactly what that party is like, and they know to come or not, vrs a journalist saying a party happened and interviewing someone who was there. ***or something
  14. Well my idea would be a guild quest where you kill certain people to maintain an alliance with another guild. The alliance is the reward, and maintaining it just means you can't target eachother....then the backstabbing would come in as a optional mission from an enemy guild maybe one that you targeted in the alliance relationship...and now we have an in game system tracking alliances and betrayals and its meaningful without having to be giving you something thats worth cheating. Game of Thrones is only interesting because you can track who cheated who and for what. If you can't track that because its diffused through social media and its out-of-system then you lose out on being able to do anything design wise to make that even more interesting or cool. *** Thats my defense of it conceptually and I think it holds up, so now its just a matter of is that really doable or are people just untouchable in their organizational ways. *** that sounds like its laize faire but forcing people to go in system instead of relying on their third party stuff is kind of a big deal. *** Hows WoW handling things these days in terms of guilds? Its been a while sense I've touched WoW.
  15. I was thinking of quest design and giving guilds daily quests or something like that. Forcing guilds to do directed activities. Ways to in-system form alliances or backstabbing that could be tracked in game through set up systems. That way you can have game social statistics on who's doing what to whom and its not all hidden behind third party social networking systems. things to make intrigue more dev-setup and less relying on third party social media to facilitate....thats my dream anyway. What I'm wondering is if the thirdparty element just ruins that opportunity or not. Specifically at least. Generally speaking I'm curious about where the winds blowing on guilds in general. Are they icebergs or cruise-liners.
  16. I'm wondering if guilds are untouchable as is the title. Whether or not my guts about right and any reasons why I'd be wrong or right.
  17. I feel like guilds as a portion of MMO design haven't really developed or changed much in presentation. The work is put in to host them, let them have the tools that they may need, and then the devs just let jesus take the wheel so to speak, and seemingly scare themselves away from touching guilds directly. I've scared myself off from buying too many MMOS so I may have missed the more recent ones so I wonder if this sense is still valid or if I'm just ignorant.
  18. I don't like mmos anymore because often they only content of value in them is the guild/v guild set up, and its so rough to find a good guild to supply that experience and being ready to mesh with a guild like that via the in game item gating systems. Crafting to get into a guild like that, when you're not matching your own gear-gate to join, is kind of like slave labor to me, ok go work the sweat shop to supply the guild and tacitly be part of the guild....just no. I hate that guilds haven't become highly structured game-staged devs fingers in the thick of it, kind of thing. Guilds aren't getting better as an experience and its due to devs being way too weak kneed at upsetting what is essentially a section of gamers that make their games for them, and rule over whether their product launches or fails.
  19. Wanting other people to feel frustrated so that you can dance in their tears is definitely not normal. I'd get that checked out. That being said I play games to have a good time, so thats my cross to carry.
  20. I guess the focus for me is on the system as it would be implemented and the fun factor. Would this do enough for latency to make it worth pulling off and would it be engaging enough to make worth putting players into that frame. Maybe its too much for this game, but not another. Hard calling shots, could be close to something worth doing in this context...and getting the idea shaped more towards that end is kinda what I'm wanting to see from discussion. If you don't like it thats fine, I don't like it all either, but I want to see the concept tinkered out a little if its got any value. That being said warmth/heat as a resource vrs a status doesn't really tell me much, its kinda the same either way isn't it?
  21. Glad someone finally decided the sheath was cool enough to actually bring it in and make it a thing and not sword-magic where weapons simply magnetically attach to your character. If its a thing you give up on later :*( but you know w/e still cool while it lasts. +1
  22. I think the idea is that it would enforce the importance of consolidating resources into real world-problem solving structures for situations. You build the road-network with fire so that people can travel through the cold, or in the summer instances, survive the wilds... this way you've got a world combating you and you can't just run away from a fight if you're in a certain zone without the resources to travel back or away in a specific direction. Maybe building a fire requires very little effort but a small time cost of searching like in a survival game, and that searching behavior is the tax because it makes you vulnerable, and you might not be able to go far if you aren't warmed up enough etc. the fire makes you vulnerable to being spotted. Seeing trouble and then having to deal with it or use resources to escape it, and then having to adapt to the consequences of that decision to flee in the direction you've been forced to go in. Maybe this would be more interesting in terms of higher level guild vrs guild combat where you might want to destroy certain paths, and having consequences for movement when that succeeds. Its not really about limiting freedom, so much as making freedom more important by limiting its availability to maybe certain times in the seasons-cycle, or for the classes that access the wilds better then others due to their utility roles. *** Its also another way of making interesting environments where now they're affecting you in ways and the natural structures people would build to circumvent those location's taxes could be different or effect different play patterns from heat/cold to other concepts that zone control/terrain ownership would build off of/adapt to. *** There is a lot of empty space that looks and gives mmos a dead feeling, having the world naturally path you into where humanity already is, or make exploring that dead space interesting as gameplay, thats value added back into the game... Those open dead areas are now frontiers of the unknown, and not JUST dead empty space because no one gives a toss about them... *** in terms of item loot now you'll always be fighting people with interesting survival-oriented items torches important resources for traversing the world that they can't just not bring, because they don't want to risk losing them. Killing someone and taking their stuff will now generally mean that you're going to have something to gain from it, and now that behavior is more weighted and interesting for everyone involved... as well If you're being mobed by naked-poor people you can simply run away further than them, and now naked-poor people are powerful, but not too powerful in controlling spaces...and clearing them out is a thing you can do relatively easily from a guild pov, because they spawn somewhere else and can't GET to you without paying time costs and other resources to get back through the wilds. **** The goal is to do a pseudo naturalistic way of making dynamic changing spaces through having the environment close in around your population of players, and force the zones to be as small and interactive as they should be to make sure you're being engaged with by others in a large world that doesn't feel empty.... also hopefully saving you from lag bandwidth by making the fog of war cheat how much has to be rendered. **** TL:DR I disagree about freedom in games in general, and there are reasons why this isn't really anti-freedom.
  23. Going to be honest. first time i've seen someones chest. Then other people arguing with chests... I don't know how to handle these budding feelings. Foreveralone? Also this thread is way better then a crap thread...its got pictures and we're dealing with production value in the cents range for ink and paper used, and electricity for lighting...this is a really expensive form of self expression so say I its not uninteresting.
  24. I think having an ingame presence would be an interesting thing to toggle if its possible server load wise to do. Course you'd need to have that sorta in system more then a simple toggle thing. Actually I think I came up with a way to do that with the whole vampire coffin thing and have that be a set thing for an archetype....that said eh. Glad not to worry over leaving the game, sorta the whole benifit of passive exp/training.
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