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  1. I'm probably going to be on that upper middle skill curve, that 56-77% pro level and will need a guild that is the most fun at that level. Social, and active enough for when I focus on the game, and lazy enough when I have to take breaks from the game. One of those guilds that gets it just right hopefully otherwise I'll have to struggle against the too much effort and the too little.
  2. In all honesty right now they're not. Things are still loose. It'll mean more as we get closer to final locks on classes.
  3. Perfer a little more substance to criticism.
  4. How about fog of war being a sort of gating system. you walk right up to the fog, the fog now being a wall you can actually reach and pass through and its rendered the next set of terrain, and you've paid heat as the ticket to move through that fog. Don't have warmth and you suddenly start getting debuffs, and eventually even death for traversing terrain. This would make scouting classes a bit easier to tinker out how they're going to provide a utility for factions...they could do things like lower the heat-cost for a group to enter terrain they've explored or other things. Thats the jist though. Sort of an exploration taxing system, or maybe a way to handle render distances and make that impactful within game systems.
  5. The games going to be social in some regard so I think people will trend heavily for morality, but there's always room for uncool-fun to mess that up, and the playerbase could easily self censor whats useful to what. Im more interested intellectually in how uncool groups of players play together as teams, and the social interaction for what happens when that breaks down and people are uncool to other clanmembers in a uncool guild. uncool is a censored word apparently so just try to think of it as troll-like in terms of being descriptive. The more the game feels like a game the more opportunities for amoral behavior. "Its just a game" etc morality to be the norm. Sal good either way unless people self censor and force that totalitarian as some sorta above the board requirement for engaging socially with guilds. I've seen that too, and its no fun.
  6. The stats could just be indicative of playstyle. maybe not really indicative of in game stats but more a meter for flavor of style. like level of salt vrs sweet vrs bitterness etc. Strength could be the spectrum on how weighted that is for the playstyle...how important that sort of idea is to the concept of the archetype
  7. I'm a big monster hunter fan but thats the only eastern thing outside of dark souls that I've got any experience with...that really grabbed me (and that I can think of at the moment) I've steered clear of eastern mmos because the only thing I hear consistently about them, is that they're a grind. I've had fun with grinds and can't accomidate them into my play anymore to the extent that previous mmos needed from me to sell "progression' as an experience. Definitely don't understand eastern mmos at all in any real appreciable way.
  8. How dare you taunt me with all this nerdness and not feed me the answers to the test. Gah. Classic nerd. Personally speaking I think they're taking a lot of queues from smite, and trying to do it better...as well as the normal stuff. Really trying to make combat not feel like mmo combat...which generally speaking is a good thing.
  9. You don't need ui customization. Keybinds maybe, but no, inherently not really.
  10. Hi, yal. We've seen game play videos that show a general rough aim at what they want. They've seeded enough information in those early release videos of the gameplay to make some judgements on their goals. So my question to yal is what do you think those judgements are? Yal are nerds, have at it.
  11. Here's my question in a lil more detail. Are the knights intricate combos going to be unique, and represent like...a unique thing that you start out with and tweak, but eventually it doens't work because the meta-balance invalidates it as valid? Is this going to be something you've wasted your time on when you could be focusing on "meta" level basic abilities? Shouldn't the less unique animations and abilities be the first you flesh out, and play with? The things you'll give to a variety of classes / set as basic skills that will set the core for ability balance, and then it will be easier to adjust asymetrical design through the flair pieces by judging metrics that you can gauge through the addition or subtraction of pieces of the core move set? So then could you please highlight in your animation moveset demo reel thing, the unique animations you view as being specific to a particular theme aka "super duper sword n board blockery duders" and the other animations you identify applying to other themes like generic or "twerpy dps" for instance. That way we as viewers can judge whether or not an ability is in line with our perception of what a general ability should look like vrs what our expectations for a 'unique' or flair ability looks like. Obviously I'm thinking this up as a I go and adhocing criticism in the moment is always a recipe for disaster but disaster be damned my gut check grumbled and here I am.
  12. Yo, this is like pre alpha particles duder. That is to say, slow your roll. These abilities are going to be morphing shape visually especially when they have to refine "read" as there might be other fire effects down the line.
  13. I need someone to photoshop that pic, and make it look like someone smeared some oil on the lense. If we've got any pros on atm up to the task.
  14. Whats the point of buying a shirt even a game's company's shirt (that you like), if that shirt is amateur hour. Fashion is pretty important, and a great space for art to exist, and if your shirt doesn't meet the bare minimum why bother spending the effort to ask if other people care. If its just a swag shirt to be tossed in the corner of the closet to say you have it, and never be worn because its not good enough, then its not good enough. A shirt exists in a pretty tough environment, and imo. an interesting environment worth respecting. Crowfalls a cool game, playing with cool ideas, made by cool people. I don't want a shirt that doesn't seem like it was made by people who care. "its just a shirt, lets put it out there as an option so that we can check off the box"...meh. Sorry, my gut check grumbles. Viva la resistance fight the dying of the light sperg on sperg strong etc.
  15. There are also ways to tier this. We could 100% ignore player's and their damage from a "prevent healing" situation. That way you don't have huge amounts of subtle small changes to terrain that have to be remembered. You could have a few items flagged to be remembered for longer periods of time or creating easier to remember deformation, and only have those things flagged for this siege mechanic for longer duration semi permenant periods of time. (if possible duh) Things that last until like say, the "pillar" is destroyed or w/e.
  16. If its object based you could have some item-checks for how many of these things are in the world, at a time, and say a world resource like a mine pumps out "dune dust" and that's the key item for this, well there's only ever enough dune dust out there for like 6 of these suckers on the campaign. There are systems to gate how much it happens, but its the if, it can happen, at all, and to what extent that's engineering side kinda stuff. As a game-design suggestion though, I mean, its a pretty simple concept, for tinkering with voxels in a more intensive way.
  17. I think it would be interesting to make more semi permanent changes to the world, with things like...in game siege items. So lets say we want to make semi permanent gains against a keep, and part of that is deforming the terrain around that keep. My guys are setting up and hammering the hill with catapults, and that has an effect on the terrain, but another element to that would be that the terrain heals. One way to make another interesting point of interest on the battlefield would be to have something a kin to the bloodstone mechanic, or the blood-tree-stone mechanic. Some sort of pillar or object that prevents the terrain from healing, maybe its a craftable, maybe its an event where a team's spell casters do a channel event, and the enemy come in to prevent it, and its semi scheduled like with the trees. Maybe it plays with the themes of the hunger-like mechanics by preventing the world from healing or some other meta level narrative tie in for why this mechanically works etc. Thoughts? Engineering would this be possible without destroying the server's stability? *editing for spelling **editing for reasons
  18. I've personally been pretty proud of having a collectors edition for crowd funded games.
  19. Can't a guy style his hair and look professional without a bunch of body shaming hipsters going around calling him a girl. #girlprivlege #girllivesmatter #probablyajoke #satire #isthisreal #bodyshaming #checkyourprivledge #mainsplaining #manspreading #hashtagwarrior Confessors will be the mario tie in characters I see.
  20. Whip your artist for being so uninspired (in all likelyhood exhausted). 10 lashes #seriouslybutnotseriously Make a shirt with a tiny logo that barely acknowledges its a game companies t-shirt if you want to appeal to people with game love but work casual taste. Make a shirt with a graphic that plays with lines and is good AS a shirt, and is slick, if you want to appeal to people who'd want a shirt with art on it, that happens to be your game's art. Make the original idea in the OP if you want to make a shirt as swag to advertise the game at events and for giveaways. Shadowrun had a shirt that imo you could get inspired by. http://harebrained-schemes.com/blog/2012/04/20/update-8-did-someone-say-digital-only-reward-level/ the one on the far right isn't bad for what its being slated for. Can wear it without feeling cringe. I like the totally terrible gawky art shirt option too. It works on an anti-art-art level. So terrible its good kind of idea. *** Just pay Nocturnal Demise for their negative space idea using your crow logo and the art you've already got. If you want the swag-advert style shirt option covered. Also Pay Nocturnal Demise for their first shirt in the top left. Play with that design a bit and you'll have your "play with lines and make it work well as a shirt" option covered. (store credit eh eh one free e cookie)
  21. I don't think so. I see this more of like a rogue in WoW* being able to create poisons. It might feed off the crafting/item systems somewhat, but its going to be balanced and played with in a way that makes it class-balance. Being able to create stealth needs to be resource balanced, because it could be degenerate without a natural limitation, and the reward/incentive for performing well with stealth is all in not having to gather materials again. The materials themselves could be gathered via exploration, and tiering of quality allows you to get away with giving the player some starter stuff.... The difference between having to craft to make all your arrows, vrs having to craft to make all your disguises is so hugely distinct, that imo. its not really a fair comparasion. Its more like having to craft armor or having to tame a mount. Honestly I'm more interested in talking about the class and how it would play, and improving on that and improving my grasp of what the problems with the OP would be. *Only played up till BC
  22. Think prop-hunt style disguises, and a variety of disguises for themes and items etc, with variying components, not necessarily better although there are some tiering for sake of being interesting. Also maybe allow applying the disguises onto others, but adding a duration. (kobolds know the true value of keeping your camo from shedding off) So you build a variety of camouflages, you can also apply camouflages to siege equipment! Is camo on a siege item useful? Maybe not as much as you'd like it to be, but hey! Maybe you put together a fake prop siege item and now they don't know how well defended you are because ooo is it fake is it real? I dunno its covered in bushes and looks like a boulder, and by the way how do we know it's a *HURK* *Balista shot through the nose* TIMMY!!! ....and what do you do generally outside of stealth crafting? Well you understand the value of stealth, because you're a rune casting kobold! How are you going to put those runes where they're needed if people see you? Obviously you can't because duh! You're a kobold! Kobolds are crafty sneaky, and somewhat cowardly! Kobolds naturally run away in terror from enemies, think of it as natural CC (and a way to increase power level of abilities by way of a characterful native debuff) Say, then, haven't you seen a kobold in combat? Why yes, while surrounded by allies a kobold naturally feels like it can get someone else to die for them! Kobolds are crafty, fickle and beloved for their wit! However once hit a kobold will lose all courage and instinctively scramble in terror! OH NO, MY BEST LAID PLANS! MY WORTHLESS ALLIES MIGHT DIE LEAVING ME WITHOUT A GULLIABLE STOOGE TO PROTECT ME!!!! MEEE MEEE MEEE!! ! ! ! (kobolds are enthusiastic, in battle) So play carefully, because you can't just swap down some powerful rune, without serious teamwork and time!
  23. Just think young duckling. This game will have no forced subscription model. One day, they'll scream askIng anyone to save them graciously give you a subscription model, and you'll hear them whisper back "no".
  24. Hi I use NoScript, mostly because it prevents some of the terror of web-ad-spy/malware but mostly because I like to block facebook tracking me. So. Title says it all. You webdesigner dudes got any way to make the site run better with NoScript? I hope you give it a shot if you're bored or need to sick an intern on something. You don't need to tinker out how to revamp the site (unless you wanna), but you know...if you guys know whats alright to keep unblocked vrs blocked to get the bare minimum functionality going, hey, that'd be cool if you shared it eh.
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