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  1. The effects may be similar or the same, but games are all about feel. If a system does the same thing as another but feels twice as good, then its obviously not the same, and engaging the player in an important way where as the other system isn't. Games are hard, finding fun is hard. Stuffs hard like that.
  2. IMO RNG is just an increase in variance in an encounter, and the required adaptability to variance is interesting. Sometimes that feels bad, but often for me it made things interesting. I liked rng in Tf2 while many people hated it. I think its an interesting way to change up a game that could get stale without it. That being said RNG doesn't have to be a random proc damage thing. RNG can be applied to many things, for instance blocking damage. Thats more subtle and hard to read in a situation without feedback, and I think in as mobile a game as this is expected to be, a stagger/stop/s
  3. I think rng is an acceptable game mechanic when used properly.
  4. I agree in a sense hardcore is a catch all for twitch gaming or apm gaming. Gaming isn't just in the key clicks.
  5. I like to "ceiling is falling" especially when I don't have a set experience projected for me. I can gauge gameplay to a very real depth with a little information, but thats not exactly something that lends itself to positive thinking when you're thinking about how many ways a thing can go wrong, based on experience. SO, I "ceiling is falling" and point out the obvious pitfalls of my own experience with a system, and project the emotional state I feel adequately addresses my sentiment if such things were to happen. In all reality I could probably do well enough with an archer in a "chi
  6. I guess you can say that, but what if those "floursh" situations are the least valuable for your faction? Lame duck those areas, or struggle where the value is?
  7. At a certain point that doesn't matter because you're trying to hit one guy in a group of 3 guys shuffling in directions, and maybe you hit enough times to have mattered or maybe you did one arrow, and they run and positon to make you useless. Maybe your damage is meerly incidental and simply there to counter certain buffs/random expected benifits the enemy has and you getting a kill is an incidental benifit to you existing for game balance. Maybe you have a spot on a map that you can reliably hit people on/around, but it only lasts for one objective and the entire next stage of the ma
  8. @OP's notion In most games arrows are some of the most annoying projectiles to hit. I swear. I have a lot of experience with a variety of games, probably nearing a thousand or maybe surpassed a thousand unique games played during my life time. Across most of the major platforms (although not the modern platforms ps4/xboxone/nintendopasttheN64) I play fpses (my home genre) and have since I was 5... on the PC. I'm a serious fps player, and I'm telling you. Arrows 80% of the time are freaking garbage to aim and hit with lag, and WITHOUT lag they're FREAKING GOD AWFUL ANNOYING AND
  9. I'm hungry, I better go eat. GG GL HF and now the game is empty, and those that feed, draw forth their hunger, and sate their thirsts. What fiends!
  10. nb4 2015 = rarest version n most chase.
  11. You can't reel in the big fish without rolling out the carpet capiche.
  12. Probably, but Magpies are cool birds.
  13. In a time, and place where we have such beauty, we cover it up with illusions of texture, and detail. HONOR THE GREY BOX! HONOR YOUR DIGITAL WORLD! HO! *◘_◘* Kappa
  14. We can have eagle-people right after kobolds.
  15. Guy, the benifits exist, to the players, its just subtle. Asians are a huge gaming market. Like so many different gamers over there, and the Koreans...god the koreans. They're like ninja gamers. A culture of esports hype hype. I can't wait to get my bros from the east interested in the game. Money converts into incentive to create content...sure it'll probably be designed to have split appeal, and stuff, but darn it! Isn't that most stuff?!!
  16. This is one of those naturalistic problems that fix themselves. They want more money...they'll be incentivized to offer things...when they need money. Don'tcha worry, they'll be rattling their can, n hitchin up their shopping carts pan handling in no time "Beans, beans as far as the eye can see!" "We'll sell you a limited edition numbered coin!" "tee shirts with pictures, and colors, the works!" just you wait. They'll be getting their newspapers and squirt bottles n washing windows aggressively in no time.
  17. Whelp that was fun while it lasted. You're right.
  18. The interesting thing with this is bascially you start getting into fighting game territory. Maybe Donkey-Knights have a really strong forward, and right slash, but have garbage back slashes, and left slashes. Maybe Donkinotaurs have super strong back slashes, and side slashes but aren't good going straight on. Or gear suddenly affects the animation in an interesting way maybe your right arm is less heavily armored and you're cutting frames off your swing, sort of like a demonsouls dodge roll being affected by weight. Stuff like that. Then instead of weaving abilities onto s
  19. Yal should be excited to rake in that asian market, #moremoney of course...there are flaws. devs listening to people with better internet...and designing for that instead of the hodge podge monopolized mess our infrastructure is....but thats probably not going to happen...right?
  20. The attack ability changes with the direction you're moving. forward, right/left strafe, backing up... Move backwards? the ability changes to the "backing up strike" moving to the right? "right sided sweep" moving left "left sided sweep" moving forward "lunge".... Now you've got movement-directionally toggling the ability between states...now have abilities that move the character certain speeds, or increase player speeds... Now you've got an ability that toggles between speeds, and directions. You've got the swift runners buff? Well now you do a charge forward, a roll left, a r
  21. Something that seems semi realistic, with sort of the demon-souls style of realism. Kind of grungy naturalistic textures, and such. Just cuirous.
  22. WoW+F2P screwed with the market, and player expectations, and now we're in a weird state of mystery again where we don't know what formula works real well, but we generally know that you can carve out a niche at least reasonably well if you put the work in. Generally speaking I think a fair few mmos would've done fine if people'd stuck with them, but people didn't, and they didn't get the capital they needed to finish their end game content, and generally failed to become full products...speficially in mind is the warhammer fantasy mmo. Great world building, good classes, just needed an en
  23. Now thats a magpie for ya. I'll agree that ranger probably means they want that LoTR sort of blend of fun stuff. Ranger could very well be the melee+ranged hybrid with the stalker being more focused on range+escapes.
  24. I really like the ramshackle kind of bundle of sticks amazonian bazaar sort of cobbled together town aesthetic. You know, that rushed together cheap-o, cobbling together of humanity...competing to make it in the big city market, and holing up wherever there's space. ...I hope you guys don't go all in on grand 'fresh' architecture. I know we're the gods heroes or some such, but maybe you could put in for some "take as many as you can" sort of save the masses lore, and make it work. Also just in general Demon Souls, and those sorts of games, had really cool 'godly' architectur
  25. I ate too much. Now my stomach is swol, and I've got the gurgling grumble gut.

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