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  1. I've been youtubing crow videos on youtube, because I suddenly have an interest in a crow related subject, and now I know that the Magpie is the best crow. Congrats on z post count yal.
  2. They don't know the specs, but there's general MMO/voxel stuff you can make assumptions about. Assumptions being what they are.
  3. I don't see the value in pointing out the obvious.
  4. You can ignore them completely. You may miss information about give aways, or other community driven events, but generally until game time you can safely ignore them. Most of the value in the forums right now is about establishing culture, and building the atmosphere you want to have in the game, and grounding your character. Generally there's less competition so if you want to be on the upper end of the bell curve there might be some value to be had here, but generally if you're just putting around, its more or less there for you to enjoy for what it is. A place to talk to folks.
  5. I kind of want to face roll the keyboard and go ayy lmao...but. Ok. Fine. Weather physics systems count too. You win. Devs 0 you 1.
  6. Eh. People are going to be at differing levels of sociability, and generally I feel as a trend, that gaming has gotten better on the whole. Mobas are a highly stressful genre of team-reliant game and I think they've shown the most poorly made socksty player populations but gamers have steadily been getting better at dealing with that environment. imo. gamings as good as its ever been, the worlds been about as poorly made socks as its ever been and gamers have steadily been getting better inspite of it.
  7. I got a new PC, hopefully I will be able to stream a little, probably will have bad frame drops, but, eh. If no ones doing it I'll toss the stream up, and let some folks check out the game in all the glory of 10fps. OBS is my suggestion as well.
  8. I bought the optimal pledge*, while still being a risky pledge its potential is the best risk/reward wise**, so unfortunately I didn't put down more money for KS pledges, and I haven't really got a strong gaming social network right now because I've been working and torn between gaming genres...so no real helping guild bros out by buying the pledge for em. Hoping yal enjoy your purchases. *imo **for the amount of engagement I was going to give
  9. Daww, I wanted to see a global super arrow drawn and shot by a guild against another guilds keep.
  10. If you want me to talk about the idea, and what you'd want from a mid range zoner, with high mobility that'd be cool with me. If you want me to design a full character design for free in my spare time, you're asking me to do something professionals do for no money, for no reason. All I have to do is lob the pitch. This ball is made of gold. Someone's going to pick it up. @ the rodent being eaten by the falcon...that's what the whips for
  11. Gopher's are good. Falcons are good. Gopher Falconers are a concept so solid that you don't understand because transmuting the idea into word is almost obscene. Think of whips, and chain whips. (you could have w/e you want at the end of the whip a hook would tie in well with the concept) Think of like a falcon that is in the air above the falconer, and attacks targets around the falconer, and the falconer has moves that can whip up to the falcon, and depending on where the falcon is, launch the falconer into a new animation/combo...or manipulate the falcon into doing a certain move mid air. So you've got states where the falcon is swooping, flying towards, flying away, and the position of the falcon cycles, forcing play, and the falcon is changing motion based on your target, and you, and is your mobility tool to combo with...and also a fighter. The rule of cool. Hype Hype A mid-poking long range character who uses the falcon to position, n zone, and hype hype hype.
  12. I like dmg % totals and weighting assists higher and scoring some kills not being valued as much as the assist.
  13. If you have a brand, and you want that brand in the game, or images you own, etc. What's the terms for that look like? Do you give all your rights up in the legalese or what's the ball park for what that TOS is going to be.
  14. I need runic bone armor. I need monster hunter dragon-head-style-hype-armor but with a strong western twist (too many eastern jrpg concepts) I need some serious hard core deathknight(but not soley restricted to unholy) looking armor. Something that seems savage brutal, and neutral, or dark and corrupted, or maybe sort of saint-bones-y. Bone armor. Please? Pretty please? While you're still potentially able to make it a thing? Goal with bone armor being some sort of elemental theme maybe? Could go that route right? natural selection, and a bias for taking the strength of animals resistant to the environs through spell-duggery. Maybe some tie in to enchantments or that system, and or, some other aspect of the game that deals in the whole soul thing.
  15. I doubt it. It will probably come down to feel, and not realism. Maybe tanks will be a certain range, then supports, then dps, then specialists. ETC. Play gopher football. then item sets like stone armor, stuff like plate etc might be range set. Skys the limit.
  16. I will dupe everyone its a throne war simulator. The only thing you can trust is steel. Learn its secret. yada yada. Ya someone will figure it out, and get banned. If its becomes problematic it will kill a few campaigns people will get banned, and if the game survives, then probably a reset.
  17. Dali's stilt legged animals come to mind.
  18. "ambidexterity" Animation costs. Nope.
  19. I put the money out there. Partly because I want what they're offering at the discount they're offering, but also because on a gut level, I want what they're offering and its the only opportunity I've seen for me to get the ball rolling towards what I want directly. Roll the dice or don't, but if you do, don't say you got played. You know the odds, and so do I, never going to give you up, never going to let you down...
  20. All those figures and not an ork to be seen. cry every time
  21. I don't want counter strike, but I don't mind having to play fast. If you get me. I like the scout in tf2, but I don't like having to be 100% like with the sniper. Headshot pin point accuracy is never going to be a thing for me, I can do it, but I'm not going to train to do it, just so that I can be mediocre because of connectivity. As well its not fun for me, I don't think its particularly interesting in terms of gameplay. You consistently quickly click a dot, and now you're pro? Ok, but what about the map game, the strategy of positioning, team orientation, flanking, thats much more interesting to me, then the skill of headshotting. I'd much rather try to develop team-strategy coordination, as imo its a professional skill that also develops high level gameplay in a way that is much more engaging then clicking a point on a screen quickly, and consistently.
  22. Sigh...my nerd heart understands, but does not accept. The other way to work out the ultron mechanic would just to have combo move sets that require additional oozes to attack with you. Its different...then true ultron, but probably infinitely easier to implement and get feeling right. *cry every time*
  23. I assume they'd never expire, but then again, maybe someone could hack the system and screw you. I also imagine that you could easily get the answer to this via customer support Sup.
  24. I think so too, because they're expecting to be a niche product, but like all things that involve money...if you can make more of it, doing something you know how to do, why not? If the problem is demand vs what they can handle, they can gate it with the iron throne mechanic and make winners the only customers allowed to access the feature. Still gotta pay the "review" "Implementation" fees, BOOM. Honestly though, its only going to be a thing if they want it to be a thing. Its a problem thats got a solution, just gotta want to solve it.
  25. I want character creation to have a suite of armor for 'no armor', and peasant rags to be an option. The champion beggar is a pretty cool character idea.
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