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  1. I think its simple. You nerds who pay early are going to pay a huge price, but you're going to get this clunky to implement feature first. Once they can come back to it, I expect the price to have gone down, the number of consumers wanting it to go up, and the cost-to-run the feature to be reasonably conducive to make buukuu bux. Any sense of exclusivity of this feature is merely a factor of your gut level gauge on the price, and your insane rationalization that they'll keep it high forever. Then again they might not want to bother with the system, and this might be your only time to get it. IMO. APB had a great feature where you could paint w/e you wanted and then you rated it for offensiveness and could get banned. Its wasn't f2p, and neither is CF...so you didn't get the same negative effect of people abusing and then making new accounts...because they had to pay the box price. So you gotta decide, play the dice, and make a decision. Ultimately I don't personally think its important, guilds are made or unmade by their leadership, their personal websites, and the people in them.
  2. Wow did you guys check out war of the roses? You totally should. I think I suggested it a ways back, maybe got the ball rolling With your combo system, and now locationally important damage, interesting move sets will happen, maybe get some fighting game level theory hammer stuff going on. "that move has a ton of frame delay" jah jah unt es goodt against ze temple.
  3. I'm playing Evolve, HoTS, Insurgency, and agar.io also the field. ☺ Ladies? https://youtu.be/1ytCEuuW2_A
  4. https://youtu.be/1ytCEuuW2_A So. That happened. Moving on.
  5. Can't stand cheating in an MMO. APB had cheating and it was a comp game... my clan we'd face cheaters like 66% of the time near the end. It was a game killer.
  6. How hard is it to have 2 models represent a single character, and how would you go about doing that in a game like this? So far I think there's been a little bit of an awkward valley where its not quite right, and I wonder what that means for whats missing from the execution of the concept. When a character comes out with multiple legs, does an animator cry?
  7. Thats acting like the falcon is literally a falcon. It just has to be similar enough. How different is a dog to a wolf? Maybe not a lot, but enough. I like the element of danger as a thematic choice, but it could be easily the other way. Its just a matter of whats desired.
  8. Can we stop ruining games by forcing poor and lowly gamers to grind for things like arrows? Can't we just jump up in the air, hit a brick, and poof, get a mushroom that allows us to use arrows until we're damaged?
  9. Ooze. The Ooze is a character well known to all, for it needs no introduction therefore lets cut to the chase. Ooze class. Infiltrates very well, but you know like loses gear. Slides through grates and doors with ease, but of course has only the base level of ooze-ness to deal with opponents until its killed them and stolen their gear. The ooze of course is a hive mind ooze, and all ooze are a single ooze, and when many ooze are gathered around they can ooze into certain high functioning ooze behemoths. Oozes are weak enough generally that they need the element of surprise to take down enemies(, or numbers, or large amounts of coordination between a few oozes) but because of their highly fluid forms they can mimic certain objects (prop hunt stealth) of course...making being sneaky much easier, if a bit squelchy. (sound audio ques for an inbuilt detection system) Oozes are stealthers, they get in, try to nab stuff from the armory, or gunk it, and or assassinate an idiot (npc or otherwise)...when required to fight in team fights they fore go the normal standard "i'm a stealther/assassin nerd/ninja/dudeI'msocleverlookatmedressedinblackwithmybandana" and ultron up, finding eachother with their inbuilt sense of oozeyeness. Basically they ultron up and now you've got a player on legs, a player targeting folks with autos, and a player on magic ability (because hey oozes are a hive mind and unlock new ooze-powers). Makes for a much more varied type of stealth class, a stealth class that cares about GROUP stealth. Adding the potential for serious power, but only when effectively coordinated. A class with self-synergy because...seriously its an ooze, who synergizes more with ooze then ooze? (crafters who build the stuff oozes love to gunk up)...also because that same concept is the problem with other stealthers needing other stealthers to do anything...this solves that and makes it more thematic. Why would an ooze go to an armory? Well they love to gunk up armor, and because the particular faction they're fighting for at the time doesn't like it, if they do it to their stuff, so they have to do it to their enemies...which makes everyone extremely happy*. Why would an ooze fight itself if they were cross faction, or FFA? Sometimes the greater ooze mind is sleepy or just not all that with it, and the oozes kind of dribble into all sorts of trouble, ooze will be ooze, and the other times? Well Ooze get's bored of easy cheap victories so sometimes it likes to make things more interesting by testing itself, against itself. Sorta like chess, but not nearly as fun.
  10. Imo. its the wrong sort of understanding. Your abilities will spread the breadth of what you can do. The abilities you choose will pick out what sort of genre of stuff you're doing. So its kinda like yes, and no. Can you do well, ya maybe in xyz but you're not covering the full breadth of whats there.
  11. Anyone remember the Steef? I kinda wish we could get a Steef in this game.
  12. There's a mortal combat character with a bow, that tops off with a mystical dragon head that does like fire stuff. It looks like that centaurs bow. Thats about as realistic as a centaur... ** Kung Jin
  13. Ok ok, I shotgunned the super sperg theory but the problem with being rational about this is basically because they haven't told us enough, to really do anything else.
  14. I think I'm going to say, that, yes, it can be both. If there's filler crafting out there, there could also be portions of combat crafting. They're not mutually exclusive systems. You could have an archetype that (because I've already posted this idea I'll keep it short) is like a walking war-forge-golem given life by a god's wish to reward master craftsmen, and give them a new challenge to their art....combat testing. etc. Just you know. If they go boring crafting its not the end of the world, there are ways to salvage the soul-sucking-void generated by it. If they do boring crafting I hope they do it well so we don't have to hate it.
  15. Um, lets see... it affects both evil/good factions so hmm. Maybe its like laziness or ambition thing. That way you can get meta, and when people don't do enough things in game, and it gets boring, the hunger wins and the world falls, the angels cry and the gods whine. function+theme hype hype. That way if the meta gets stale or people get bored you can have the hunger come in, thematically be on point, and functionally shift the power balance. The hunger is there to kill Uncle (w/e his name was) Ted's boring scenario. In that way, the hunger is a representation of some sort of entertainment-escapist-literal manifestation of the communities 'hunger' for more entertaining gameplay....poor gods, even they're at the mercy of the player's collective hunger. The reason some are affected and not in lore is probably mysterious, because at any time someone could need editing to appeal to the collective desire for entertainment, and this mysterious force affects everything in unknowable ways. Something deep and 4th wall breaking right. Its this meta verse entitiy that represents the human/consumer interacting element with the world within the world's lore. * The hunger can also represent the changing rule sets and why certain world affected by hunger have differing mechanics...even within the same universe. *Or I'm wrong, and hype hype its just creeping cuthulu doom.
  16. #14046 with 16,936 backers that puts me at the end of the pack. Not a bad thing in any way.
  17. They're only 'evil' if they suck or are tacked on distractions from the core game. They suck if they don't represent a true expansion of the game or degrade quality or do some other nefarious poorly made socks in order to make you buy them. More content is generally a good thing though. More ways for them to engage in giving us content is a good thing. DLC sucks usually because you pay a premium for what amounts to jack '", or them carving out content that would've been in the initial game but some bean counter decided they needed to carve off so they could convince the other bean counters that they can afford to put out an expensive wasteful advert that pays their buddies in marketing. --- @Bean counters I like you, but you ruin so many things, you need to count your beans and direct bean-adding actions in ways that conceptually work with the high level concepts of the games. You want to promote a competitive game ?, host a tournament get sponsors, bait out the word of mouth, get people fighting over something...you know the thing the game is designed to get them to do in the first place. Raise the stakes, and sell the scrap to viewers who want to see people bleed. I've watched and cared about games by watching their tournaments. I've wanted to get games based on seeing them played. Make your game good and you'll get paid, make people care about it being played well and they'll keep playing to improve...or stay engaged enough with your product to at least watch it and keep their toe in your waters. Thats ignoring narrative and keeping people invested emotionally into in game outcomes, but thats so rare for anyone to have done that it might as well be a dead concept.
  18. Visually, artistically telegraphs have no problems. If the problem is that they don't look cool enough, that is 100% solvable. If the problem is that you don't like looking at the ground when you're playing with really cool 3d models and characters you want to focus on... That's not a problem. Those don't affect the concept in any significant way, It'd be easier for me to literally voice how that would be fine, but for now just trust that art people can solve that kind of problem 100% and it just becomes a theme/vision/production cost thing for the system. IMO. the problem with them clogging up the screen can also be mitigated, or might be a misunderstanding of a different problem that already exists within the combat system. Basically you could do it like True Vision (stealth/detection system in LoL) within an area they appear...for an easy slap-chop answer. Thats just off the top of my nog, there are more solutions out there for a myriad of the problems out there for telegraphs, its just a matter of if you want to solve em. **** Er. *** So anyhow I like the idea of position locking moves to change the tone of action combat into a slower paced more tactical positioning game, but I understand from a feel perspective that if they don't sell that experience you're not going to like it if you're wanting mobility and twitch action combat. ***** also yes the Crowfall devs also mentioned tera's early game sucking*...and I've read elsewhere that it sucks, so maybe you don't honestly have a clear perspective on what that design represents. *not verbatim
  19. I still don't agree with the general consensus that telegraphs are bad. I think it just takes some iteration and if you don't like them they'll at least be something you wouldn't mind. That being said, I still like the positioning game, and I think movement locks turn something that was randomly running-clipping and running through folks laggily into a bit more of a smarter slower game that probably works better with lag. Dunno. Just a gut check. I think its an interesting space to explore for action combat.
  20. Generally getting to know folks in a game thats about fighting folks you probably want to know about, and care about whether you like them dislike them or think they're simply useful pawns or general fluff to ignore...is important. To be on the forums right now, is basically essential world building if you actually want to try and give the concept of vying against or with others against other others...any sort of emotional or intellectual depth. That being said I like to custard around on forums, and golly, this ones a nice one isn't it, I reckon I'd like to do that here...while promoting my gamer-e-peen my general taste in gameplay and my general sense of superiority. (can't have a forum personality without that, its pretty key) Then there's the aspect of sharing enthusiasm for a product you helped make a thing (if only barely) and I reckon thats a good feeling to have with other folk in a communal drum banging session of collective intellectual fug. Its all good fun, yall are people interested enough to stick around and toss the ball, and generally I like talking to yall. I like 'wots all this then eh, gov?' ya mhmm. Pretty much that.
  21. How do -Area usables like blue/red buff(LoL), combat/resource regenerating things like mana shrines(diablo), or like...arrow regenerating/making gnomes. -Area usables like one time use, or certain amount of time use items like boulders, branches, random pick up n grab sort of ready made weapons. factor into your vision of combat? How important is zone control in your vision of this game, for combat. (would things like the above factor in?) If a guy stays in one spot, is that a good thing, a bad thing? How much movement do you want people to have to participate in? Are wall jumps, double jumps, dashes teleports, and falcon-jumps (gophers being lifted and dropped by tamed birds) in the scope of what you want, and if so how regularly would you want these moves used during a one on one encounter vrs a group on group encounter? Are high mobility classes a goal, and if so do you have a ball park idea of what such a class would do in your game? (that you'd talk about) What are the compromises you have to make for mobility systems and lag? What are the compromises you have to make on moves and how they destroy terrain? How many people do you cynically expect to be able to fight in an small area at a time with no or reasonable amounts of lag. Does that number go up or down significantly based on destructible terrain? (like the interior of a small building, or the front gate of a keep) How do you envision the voxel system interacting with combat, and are there any goals for more integration of those systems? Do you see only certain classes as being able to readily destroy terrain, and if so, how does terrain factor into your vision of combat for them? If you have a dialogue about any of these topics or have had dialogues about certain types of combat, what sorts of things are you willing to discuss (like actually discuss pro/con) in front of the community vrs just relaying whats been discussed on a topic listing kind of level? Is active participation in a debate about a certain feature something you're willing to have, or do you generally want to keep input well gated? What are things you're hesitant to talk about but kind of want some feedback on from the community? #onslaught #floodthedevs #texasisflooding #drowninthedialogue #deepdive #ienjoyyoursuffering #whipcrackwhipcrack #muhahahahah #youcanprobablyignorethesehashtagsbuttheyrewhereitrollaround #hashtag #question #QA #obviouslymostofthiswillbeglazedoverintheansweringbutyouknowthisismoretosetthetoneforwhatmeandmaybeothersperglordsofthecommunityarehavingthoughtsaboutandwouldlikeyoutofeedourcuriosityon #thissortofenthusiasmiswhytheyaretryingtoputupapaywall #getthisnerdoutofhere #godthatguyagain #groan #ugh #nerdswhatsupwiththoselosers #godgooutsidealready #pasty #vampire #ohgodhesreadingourminds #hesnothuman #hesgonefullpotato #ohgodinternetmemesilaughedwilligetfired #ohnoilookedattheforumsohgodmyeyes #thisguyismeta #thatguyjustusedmetaunironically #ohgodnowhyaieee #aieeeeeee #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings #honestlyIdidntthinkitwasthatbad #howmuchlongerarethesehashtagsgoingtoget #canIreasonablycallthisspamandtempbanthisguyuntillaunch #Iwonderifpannislaughingorgloatingoverhercommunityofforumwarriors #pannisprobablyreadingthisbythispointbecausehernamecameup #youcansafelyignoreallofthesehashtagsbutthereissecretlyonereasonablyconstructiveoneforyoutofindandthisismywayofwhereswaldoingintext
  22. Not really going with backstory. Whether its a raid where you kill a bad guy who showed up and kidnapped some guy in a previous quest...or something. Not really the bits of things you have to read so much as what you experience.
  23. Curious. For me, it was the warhammer fantasy one. Maybe it doesn't earn full credit because its based on a franchise so my opinion is maybe more towards execution? I dunno. I haven't tried that many new ones or the super hero ones so I dunno if they did it better for their genre of fiction but I could see them being contenders. What did they do that you'd like to see carried on into CF?
  24. I've been revving up some rivalries on here. I think those guys can be my enemies and we can duke it out and it'll be cool. I think people believe in animosity more fully then random friendship on the internet so its way more engaging to build up rivalries now. Hopefully we duke it out n the game n have fun hating. Way too much effort to try to next people n ruin their lives tho. just dumb.
  25. I've talked game stuff on here. Its all up in the area and everyone's popping balloons. All I gotta say is....that flash game where you pop balloons? I think thats a metaphor. We're all just balloons in a 2004-ish era flash game. Pop pop
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