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  1. With armor are there any plans for abilities tied to gear? Abilities tied to gear that affect gear's durability? Like say wands or something or scroll type things that are consumed per a certain amount of uses? How important is gear to combat? Is there a pretty solid understanding for how armor will play into the power level of a character? Will it be stats based? Will armor have any sort of item counter system? (Something like War of the roses where certain items are geared towards countering other items) What are your inspirations for the ranged combat? Is there going to be a general pattern, or are certain classes going to have seriously different models? Are we going to have boulder tossing frost giants with true projectiles vrs hit scan crossbow wielding kobolds?
  2. If they have to make telegraphs a thing...I could see them being better suited to the more ranged move sets. Its not like telegraphs are cancer. Do not want Chivalry/projectile style ranged combat for the most part, maybe like for mid ranged boulder tossing guys or something, but in general, I do not like it when its in a game that is finicky due to lag. Players cluster up and now you don't feel like you have agency over your weapon because of lag, and its a bad feeling. "I guess I spray n pray" Never cool. @ bahamutkaiser you haven't done that in a field, probably. Likely to break your freaking neck...sprain an ankle, in general get blind sided. It depends on how you want to characterize these guys. Is it an elf? maybe it can do that, is it human based? Probably not. There are thematic limitations to follow. In general I'd go with my gut.
  3. I don't think it'd work because it seems like dodging is going to be a positioning game. There might be "bonk" like states where you dodge attacks for a time or something but, random number generators for to-hit don't seem like they're going to happen for this game. Honestly I kind of want to see War of the Roses's system. Certain items counter others or do better against certain types of armors. The stats kind of just try to make that happen in a functional way. That way we keep item's an item specific meta, and you understand exactly what you have to do against an opponent based on visuals, because this game is going to have a ton of archetypes where its going to be hard to understand whats going on for what reason without a visual language that's clear. That may not work, but that's the dream imo if they want to go more moba-ish with tons of classes. *** What I'm getting at is you're suggesting a system that doesn't seem like its well suited for action combat, which is seemingly the goal for the dev's combat system. I don't quite see how you're trying to apply that concept to action combat. *** I guess you're talking kind of demon souls and the general weight system affecting mobility....I don't know that they'd want to play too heavily into that because they might want more consistent movement speeds so people can gauge danger, and areas of safety quickly....but thats a gut thing. Could be that they'd go that route to make the crafting game more exciting/varied.
  4. I'm glad you sound so emotionally stable when talking. Yes. They did well. They can do better. To do even better (or similarly to past scale) in today's market is harder. There's more everything. Therefore I dream big, and talk big. If they achieve small what do I care? It was likely to happen in the first place. Someones gotta crack the whip and its not the sycophant.
  5. You can frame it negatively if you like, I simply don't want to play the games I loved in the past, under a different brand. I got tired of those old games because I experienced them. Enjoyed them fully, and moved on. They were put out to pasture, and in my view staying too similar to an old game is like digging up the beaten horse. Good things need to be bred down the line. Your winning stallion 20 years ago isn't going to measure up to today's fare.
  6. I don't think combat is the most important thing. I think combat is simply the foundation for the real game. Once you get past having acceptable combat, that you can enjoy long term, you still need walls, and a roof...sure...but an empty house is boring as poorly made socks, and you leave. Whether or not it has a solid foundation or not. If people are the interesting thing about your game, you've got nothing tying people down to your product other then their time investment and guess what, a new game can never beat an older game on time investment. You're never going to get anywhere by chasing the same styles of game that people have loved played, and already gotten bored of.
  7. You can't relive past experiences in new games. You're older the audience is different and the market is different. I say make crowfall more crowfall and stop chasing nostalgia for the sake of it. That said. Ya they sound like good features themselves.
  8. People also train bears, lions other dangerous stuff. People also train falcons. People aren't exactly high on the strength chart, so the scales a bit different with gopher-falconry. People seemingly tame dragons in fantasy, risky, high fatality rate occupation as it may be, if its valuable enough to do for the war, its done. Gopher Falconry is no different.
  9. There's no point crying about them replacing one n nother when you don't know the types of tanks they'll end up being. I assume we agree that tanking is a diverse concept in a pvp oriented game? I assume this guy will probably be more aggressive just because of the character...so maybe they'll be a kind of tanky dps, tank...or a rage tank or w/e. Its just a loose ballpark atm.
  10. Not every company has to agree to a free forum for people to sperg out in. If they set limits they've set'm as is their call. I'm sure you can argue the fairness of how strict an action is, but ultimately they get to be as uncool as they feel is best.
  11. I can get on sat, if yall want to shoot the breeze about crowfall If not cf, we can just games w/e.
  12. I think FOTM is going to be adjusted long term, but also adjusted short term. Balance wise I think they can change things and not ruin stuff, but long term I think they can devise ways to allow things to get Fotm and still not matter because whoops we changed the campaign rules and now your build is way janky. You're a crit build? Well now we have campaign rules where crits increase item breakage, have fun wrecking once every 20min. You kind of get me? So sure they might have a long term picture of where they want crit to be and they'll adjust it there slowly, but short term, they screw with your build by making campaign rules much more varied, and you're inconsistently OP which is sort of a soft fix. Shuffle the rules and now you're inconsistently getting your FOTM results, and because you min maxed in a game with a varied rule set you're only ever recking in a blue moon. Congrats you win FOTM and its now the month of your flavor? Great! Have fun...by the way its a 6month break in rotation between your flavor, and in the time between that we've adjusted your flavor to be more comparable with the other flavors and tuned it to be a balanced flavor meta. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana? You're all aces ice cream, this month, but the next three month's you're going to be yogurt. The month after that, you're jello. Have fun. *** At the skill thing... isn't there basically a low ball "effective enough" tier for skills? So ya early on you get the active training down, and you might be active training any number of things to elevate them to that passive training only level, but even the passive training has a low level gate where you're basically as good as you need, and now its about a long term dedication to your class goal....once you have all the low level skills you desire, you optimize over the long term.
  13. My question hasn't been answered by a variety of people, and because this is a question about information, and a query for more, its best to give it some time. To summarize "get dunked" Emergent gameplay is a nice catchall for saying "we don't know whats going to happen, so what works works, works." That doesn't mean anything. It certainly doesn't make me feel better about them having a vision, for executing such a high level concept. That doesn't solve wanting them to weight the dice and make certain types of things more common, or inevitable and structure the ant farm to do certain things. Pretending like you can't have both is why I'm annoyed with most people who settle on "the chat box" and have no ambition for more. Let alone when I prove that its already been done, by other games...and acting like "emergent gameplay" is going to execute the high level feature of the game of thrones is annoying because the game of thrones has a ton of systems, and a ton of structure. Ultimately I want them to announce a desire to create the weighted dice, and a goal for what the numbers will turn out to be. My anxiety for that to happen sooner then later is because there are so many ambition-less people going "chat box nuff said'. That so many people are in a space to go "yes, that could be cool" or are in a space that lets them freely dream up potential, and they settle on "the chat box" shows how boring and ultimately unsatisfactory normal people are. Do you think reality is exciting? Do you think day to day the grind at work is interesting? Thats what you get when you let people loose. Ultimately they'll find the most efficient system and make it about the work, and not the fun. The most efficient way to get to the cheese is not the most fun.
  14. @Jah Not really. because this is a forum. Think of the forum as a game, and the list of who's on here, and the social engagement level. The forum is a well structured game system, moderators etc. We're here with the goal to socially promote ourselves, and to get what we want put into the game, as well as gain appeal. The forum uses chat, for combat, and uses opinion as the resource. I want to sway high value people because their opinions are worth more. If I sway enough low level opinion I might be able to use that as a fulcrum to sway high level opinion. Its all very stupid, but much more complex then "its just a chat box" if you want to use that as the argument. ----------- Guys, you're missing the point. You shouldn't be posting here unless you're trying to answer my question. Yall dog piling is definitely giving me more information about who's a toss, but its not actually doing yourselves any favors because, at the end of the day you're in the wrong for not being on point. I (btw am now addressing the circular argument) am not here to get stuck in the trap of arguing with you about a system I want to see. I'm here to see if anyone has seen the devs discuss this topic, or their inspiration for this feature (or this features potential), in the game, outside of just the tagline. --- btw my willingness to fight trolls is actually a part of me liking to socialize, and fight the good fight so honestly its not that I don't like socializing but the different forms of it are desirable in different spaces, and for different experiences, I converted the experience of talking to yall into one that I enjoy, but that takes effort that I had the energy on hand to duke out with yall. That same expectation of investment is why cheating the effort level for gamification is important to make deception something people are willing to do again and again, and not just one n done.
  15. I don't like talking to you specifically because you are being subversive. Woah, you mean someone who's in here to subvert me, I should work with them? You obviously don't understand that I have no incentive to be cooperative with someone actively trying to subvert me. Basically where's the value in trying to socialize with someone so willing to try to screw with me out the gate, in a tactical sense me trying to run you off right now, is the right call, but once again, there's no structure here and the value of this exchange is going to evaporate as soon as it ends. To make this have value I have to some how magic your mind into being cooperative and productive, but you're not here to do that, you're here to subvert me. Duh. So, look at that picture as a whole, and now think about if you could consistently create that sort of interplay between you and I, as a sort of game system. The fact that I'm outlining the subtext of this exchange ruins some of the value, but creates a more clear understanding of the depth of whats going on, fundamentally we're talking about deception IN the moment, but the sub text and sub-goal system of what you're actively doing here, is where the value is. While you try to maneuver me into a bad sub-plot space we're actively discussing the topic at hand in some fashion, and you want me to be wrong, but you also want me to feel wrong, that layered level of interaction creates a new thing entirely, a new total experience. Course I don't know if you're capable of understanding the notion I'm trying to outline, but #shotsfired I don't care if you are, because duh I don't like you neener neener scram. --- So Productive activity here is like combat. Productive discussion = combat The critique is a moment with potential for deception, but could also just be on the level kind of 'fair fighting'. The dragged out circular logic, or the red herring is the misdirection, and the goal you have is for me to fail or leave because you don't like me personally or you don't like what productive activity lead by me does for me. So your goal is to end productive activity, and then subvert that into promoting your self. So your changing my attempt at personal gain, into a way to gain value for yourself through critique, and using deception through red herrings, and circular logic, to try to trap me. I've outlined the herring, and now I'm engaging you personally and trying to defeat you now that I've discovered your subversive action. #conceptexecution #youcanthinkofourlanguageasasystemlikeagamesystembutideasandconceptshavealotofstructurewhetheritbesocialorliteralgrammarthetrendtowardsclearunderstandingofideasisthesortoflimitingframeworkithinkthedevsneedbutdontseemtowanttobuildthefactthatthisspacinginthishashtagishardtoreadisactuallyasynonymfortheproblemshavingtoolittlestructurecreatesinasystemaboutcommunication --- Anyone got any info of what the dev's goals are for this section of the game? Is it more of just hosting guilds, and the large picture of having stuff to compete over? The fealty tree is such a hooligan tease.
  16. Tell me how engaging the deception of normal survival games is. Most of them have been out for quite a while, and all I hear is that it amounts to "oh boy, I was your buddy for 5/x min, but I took your stuff." Yes, its deception, yes its another system that allows deception, even more laissez faire then what I did suggest, and maybe theres something in there to be explored. Its hardly exciting though, and it hardly makes you think of something new, and different from previous games where you had the potential to turn around on people. Like in other large scale mmo games. The survival game level of betrayal to me is honestly a sub-level sort of atmosphere thing. If you aren't smart enough to work with that creeping doubt, and make it thematic you're losing out, and doing something imo too loosely without any real plan for how it would add value into the game productively...why? @Aiona many competitive people want to be metered by the community and have a system that easily allows them to be discovered and recognized because it starts earning them income, gating who they're playing against, and creates a quick enough route to eSports that they want it quite a bit. I see it as a system with potential in gameplay, in the deception side of things for creating incentive, and allowing people to subvert the paradigm of "we have incentive to work towards this" and how expectations create emotional contrast when they're subverted. Obeygame if you want the exact thing I'm personally feeding off of.
  17. The sky is falling nonsense is indeed nonsense and a valid thing to be annoyed at. Moving on. @Adall Alternatively you could buy Obeygame, and make a decision about the value of leaderboards and how that other system works well with the guild portion of this kind of game.
  18. Its not wish fulfillment, its simply them selling a feature, with breadth, and then the community response for me expecting that seemingly being. "we have a chat box" Guy, every game has a chat box. Every* game. Tell me, why aren't they all games of thrones? Several pvp faction based games have chat boxes. Are they all game of thrones too? Go play trouble in terrorist town, and get over your fear of socialization. Deceit is a fun mechanic, its almost role-playing but its different because its functionally in-system important and it does something psychologically engaging during normal fps gameplay. Just go play it, come back when you have, and then if you hate the idea, you hate it, and you can come at me with the viewpoint that its not functionally impossible, or invalid conceptually, and its just a flavor thing that you and I disagree on, and you can shut up about it already. If you already own Gmod (because at this point its been on sale a thousand times) you've got no excuses. *Every good multiplayer game.
  19. You obviously don't know what you're talking about. When did we have HP in real life? This goes on down the line, with almost every non/fictional concept transmuted into games, and makes your statement look pretty ridiculously opaque. Why does hitscan exist, why do dragons exist, why can we double jump, why do we have giant sweeping particle effects during motion when almost no particle effect exists in reality during a physical swing. You can tune things to be even more high key elements, high fantasy, highly stylized, you can promote things through contrast, through systems, through setting foundations for play patterns. You can execute things functionally better through systems that cheat reality, and cheat the grungy boring bits. You might understand that you can swing a sword in a game pretty easily because its a game, and the act isn't supposed to be 1:1 as difficult in reality. You don't "get" it. Stop hassling me because I do. If you don't like the concept fine, w/e, but don't come into my QA and nag me.
  20. I've been pretty disappointed with the devs for not playing up the throne war, or the idea at all for deception betrayal etc. I feel like its been done in some smaller games, and I've heard nothing really in terms of whats going to inspire them in that space. Trouble in Terrorist Town, does some backstabbing stuff pretty adhoc and its a game that uses minimal structure to do it, but relies on building a lot of tools, and the devs seem to want to not even go far enough that route. They seemed to dismiss that section of game-play by looking at the idea of posting boards for bounties (bounty hunting in general) and saying "ya we're not going to be doing that kind of thing." So honestly what the hell are they planning on if they don't want to put in the tools to make it a deep part of the game, instead of some vestigial aspect of clans and just hosting clans. Right now I'm not seeing it, and I don't see how they can justify the claim that its going to be like game of thrones, without some systems in game to host the experience. OBEY uses a leaderboard and income and resources to inspire deception or obedience, with a ton of strategic depth in a very simple platform... I just don't see any of the elements of either game, talked about...to, to really make the dream of deception, really have merit. I feel like they're going to play on the survival game genre's laissez faire aspect, and do nothing...invest nothing, and pretend like what comes out (if positive) was intended gameplay. *** Aka the sky is falling and I need reassurance...or confirmation that the sky is indeed falling.
  21. dregs will reward the super-high risk plays, that include last minute back stabbing to the nth degree.
  22. Hard to care about politics, if they're establishment at all they're the same coin. If they're principled they're so far to the left or right of either issue to be unpalatable because they have to distinguish themselves from the middle muddied pack of corporatist schemers...and their own political middle-ish group of schemers within their own ideology whom try to dismantle any advantage they have at being centrist. Ultimately its a joke, money has won, and only strong consistent work of low-tier gov workers, or exterior publicly-supported lobbies seems to do anything and that's all working within a system they set up to dismantle our own government via the Co. 'merika Bernie is hardly a bad option, just not a good one. Not that they've left any good ones. Then it gets even more muddy when you start trying to understand the Co. interactions, and how to gauge them, and where your gut checks out on them. Even harder with less information. "like sisyphus i am bound to hell" Enjoy your life, and try to go the optimal path ya turds.
  23. Not really. If you're building alliances with pen n paper, and gumption in a game that totes that you're gonna get game of thrones. You're not getting jack, that any other game couldn't give ya.
  24. I don't want simplistic features marketed as high-concept executing features. a chat box is not a throne war deception matrix.
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