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  1. Thanks for posting and we received your applications. They are currently being processed.
  2. I be drinking the Sailor Jerry and Kraken.... it goes down a treat.
  3. It be International Talk like a pirate day! What marauding, pillaging and grog drinking does ye wish to do in Crowfall?
  4. We have a slack you should join when you are setup within the guild. All details can be found on the guild forum. We are playing lot's of games together and are running social events each week so we are keeping busy.
  5. One of our recruiters should get back to you soon.
  6. Don't worry I plan to kill you all come Alpha 2. Now get testing!
  7. When do we get some hot Lich on Lich action? We can send in Bone Hilder to clean up afterwards.
  8. I'm looking forward to building a trading/social hub in my Eternal Kingdom.
  9. "Dance with me. Be my partner for the evening as I so desire your warmth. I feel that fire within, so strong and yet so weak to my cold embrace. Right foot, left foot. You think that fire could burn a billion worlds and yet you struggle to keep up. Slowing with each struggled breath. Is my frost biting at you? Don't worry... soon you will live forever. You don't need that fire anymore do you? Just fall for me. Stagger to your knees.... we both know the dance is over. Take your final bow and let my wicked web weave it's strings around you forever more."
  10. It does sound like just a frost mage but to be honest they are the closest archtype to the Hunger. Necromancer material isn't that far away in that respect.
  11. A welcome to the Lanterns Watch for all the people who recently joined.
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