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  1. Big fan of skaven hope to get some wererat goodness
  2. updated the OP with some non-game related info for why I feel break-on-use is a bad why to go.
  3. The vast majority of people are and in the campaign you'll just be another body so what's it matter. Don't be an arrogant jerk. Its just a bonus thing to get more backers hence why it targets the lower levels
  4. 13k backers not 13k cash. But regardless these added backer goals arnt for the superhardcores they are for the unwashed masses of regular backers where I live.
  5. I'm of the other side for every brave soul there will be a dozen horders in cheap gear out to kill that brave soul and take his stuff.
  6. This is my whole point player agency vs. a passive system
  7. There aren't really "Epic ships" but it takes forever in skill training to use the most expensive of vessels and even then you can die to a small group of cheap ships if done right and they die everyday, the popping of a titan is a big event usually. I personally had a fleet of ships mostly for mining and some for combat and a few for hauling. They all had their uses. They can be made or bought on the market. I mostly made mine as I did alot of industrial. The market did a fairly good job of regulating itself. They only way to obtain almost anything in EVE is from another player either off the market or given.
  8. Let me try to explain a bit why I dislike it that doesn't have to do with any games whatsoever. Decay wouldn't make sense to me in any game. It is a passive possess that just happens to the player and is outside his or her control. In a sandbox world where the player is an important part of what happens around him both to others and to himself. Passive systems rob that control away from the player. In the sandbox I choose what I do with my time including the "passive skill tree" I control it. The only thing I don't control is other players actions and those of NPCs. If I die to a player it's because I was outplayed not because I was predestined to die. Item decay on the other hand just happens no matter what you as the player will do. While this fits in the thematic scheme of things the only passive things I see in CF are the passage of time (end of campaigns, I get it makes the world unique) and item-decay-on-use. It robs the player of agency on what happens to him at any given time I mean they are even thinking of making some campaigns permanent as long as conditions are met once again giving agency to the player. I hope this helps explain a bit why I don't like item-decay-on-use.
  9. EVE doesn't have either of them. just "item destruction/looting when you die" it's important difference. One is under player control the other just happens to the player
  10. hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration used to make a point since there was no other option its the one I choose. I really don't think you could prove to me that a game needs item decay considering the only game with a truly massive economy doesn't have it. You clearly never played EVE or you'd realize there's no purplez to be had and the loss of $45000 USD in items happens all the time. HUGE economy no item decay nothing in the MMO market can compare. if this game wants to be game of thrones with and EVE. I just don't see item decay-on-use working
  11. first you tell me I'm overestimating the importance of item-decay-on-use now you're telling me it is a factor. The thing is this statement is right and the likely scenario is that I will lose gear to death so why even have item-decay-on-use. Thing have evolved since OU and Darkfall did that game even last a few years. Decay-on-use is not good for the game with risk vs. reward more like random decay vs. reward. Also if this game didn't want to be compared to the sandbox king then it wouldn't be "It's like Game of Thrones meets Eve Online" and guess what EVE does not have item decay-on-use. It's Commerce is booming with gear from the top to the bottom. So how can EVE have a great economy and no item decay? Please I'd like to know since that seems to be the only defense for item-decay-on-use that if we didn't have it the world would crumble upon itself and die
  12. I agree with you I'm not all for total loss or no loss at all. Firefall just has me very fearful of any game with item decay on use that is permanent. I don't think it'll happen here but I want to discuss it so the devs can be aware of where and how they can go terribly wrong. Firefall had a very EVEish crafting system but it was twisted and perverted and the main reason it was a failure was item decay on use. the only demand will be for cheap disposable gear nothing epic will be bought more than once as it will be stored away
  13. I could say you're seriously underestimating the impact of item-damage-on-use and still have a valid argument that gets us nowhere. What is the merit of having it I can't see any and I've seen it done wrong and it goes very wrong.
  14. This is exactly what will happen. People will hide there good gear for special events and needs never using it and never giving back to the economy (cause it's used only in times of need it's never replaced) because of fear of losing it through normal use. Now if things only degraded upon death then we would have true risk vs. reward. I use my best gear and win it's done no damage to me and I don't feel punished for bringing my good stuff. I bring it and lose well that's the game and now it's gone or looted.
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