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  1. well they need to deal with some of these things.. removing raid bosses being one thing that shouldn't be all that hard.. or their next title will be Downfall.
  2. I guess there are no elder and above on gods reach?
  3. are any mobs semi tough.. i remember some were a tad harder at higher ranks back when I played.. But at least on God's Reach they all seem way easy even elites at lvl 30. Are mobs weaker on that server?
  4. Are mobs no longer based on rank? I see areas marked by level but wasnt it r1 to like r6 before? Anyway was just curious.
  5. havent played in over 18 months.. just came back and this caught my eye.. any more info? what is the promotion class?
  6. That's just silly noise... One of WB's own guys said " Mostly blues with a smattering of greens thrown in for armors and jewels. Most weapons, not all, are purple. That’s where we are at. It’s a huge advantage" in another thread. I'm not knocking him as he was just being honest at how big a matter gear is in this game. Blending this knowledge with play 2 crush while also promoting an environment that attracts new people is where the aim should be. Not doing whatever it takes to get a shiny badge. /shrug
  7. 2-3 well geared groups of chimps could make an impact against inferior geared/vesselled players. The advantage is HUGE. Any talk of #'s in any fight is meaningless without a gear score. Gear is the end all be all to be competitive. Many many newer players just dont have what it takes to compete. Now sure some guys are just going to be great no matter how close the gear but fights would be a lot better. So while I love the spirit of Play to Crush I also want this game to do really well. I hope how often geared guys roll those trying to level up doesnt drive them away. I think it was probably worse this campaign with how more guilds flocked to one faction. We should all hope for growth of this game if we want it to succeed. Keeping that in mind while still playing to crush might be a delicate road to follow.
  8. It really is. Which makes me wonder about any of your responses where your side mentions #'s. It means nothing really unless both sides have close to equal gear. And the grind will be pretty severe. I'm mostly worried about catch up mechanics which they will have to address.
  9. You can brag about your elite organization in an alpha game and your elite pvp skills while you sell your trash on AT that most of us find a big upgrade. lol. #'s mean jack and squat when you are geared to the teeth vs so many on the other side. Banding together to get a gold badge is so lol compared to what I remember of WB in SB. I was in Dissent and we actually had some epic fights (many we won.. perhaps not all) where #'s and gear were close to even and good game was spoken by many afterwards. The one siege where a guild came to help us and we banded together to trash that guild before resuming the siege. (we won) I just dont see the point in "being serious" about a game if it makes the game less fun. Or perhaps you really had fun when you had no chance to lose this last campaign. I'd think as geared as you all are and with the knowledge that you yourselves claim you have that you would look for a challenge and not lol fights.. I just dont remember this version of WB from previous games. I guess it's a new time.
  10. After not understanding why this game would just randomly crash every 10 to 45 minutes I downloaded core temp app. I run a middle of the road comp.. i7 8700 @3200 with an nvidia gtx 1070. The 6 cores on my cpu would spike as soon as crowfall started and are running at 90 to 100 degrees celsius. Any ideas what is causing my problem?
  11. Arkade I am probably blending my experience as yeah it was harder to level early in SB history. I'd say at least the last 2 years or so maybe more you could have a new character to max level and gear in just days once you were a part of any decent guild. If the difference in power between vessel'ed and non vesseled is small than probably not a problem. But ive heard that it is pretty significant. True? I cant say for sure. But I do hope this doesnt become something really grindy and unbalancing. I bought into this game at the kickstarter phase and was really looking forward to it. But like many games perhaps it will not be for me. I wanted something where end stage pvp (not just ganking or being ganked) was something not hard to get to. And something that was really balanced. So far the vessel system seems quite a bit different in getting and lvling than just armor or weapons. I'll just see how the system plays out.
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