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  1. soft leather seems hard to come by.
  2. That's just silly noise... One of WB's own guys said " Mostly blues with a smattering of greens thrown in for armors and jewels. Most weapons, not all, are purple. That’s where we are at. It’s a huge advantage" in another thread. I'm not knocking him as he was just being honest at how big a matter gear is in this game. Blending this knowledge with play 2 crush while also promoting an environment that attracts new people is where the aim should be. Not doing whatever it takes to get a shiny badge. /shrug
  3. 2-3 well geared groups of chimps could make an impact against inferior geared/vesselled players. The advantage is HUGE. Any talk of #'s in any fight is meaningless without a gear score. Gear is the end all be all to be competitive. Many many newer players just dont have what it takes to compete. Now sure some guys are just going to be great no matter how close the gear but fights would be a lot better. So while I love the spirit of Play to Crush I also want this game to do really well. I hope how often geared guys roll those trying to level up doesnt drive them away. I think it was probably worse this campaign with how more guilds flocked to one faction. We should all hope for growth of this game if we want it to succeed. Keeping that in mind while still playing to crush might be a delicate road to follow.
  4. It really is. Which makes me wonder about any of your responses where your side mentions #'s. It means nothing really unless both sides have close to equal gear. And the grind will be pretty severe. I'm mostly worried about catch up mechanics which they will have to address.
  5. You can brag about your elite organization in an alpha game and your elite pvp skills while you sell your trash on AT that most of us find a big upgrade. lol. #'s mean jack and squat when you are geared to the teeth vs so many on the other side. Banding together to get a gold badge is so lol compared to what I remember of WB in SB. I was in Dissent and we actually had some epic fights (many we won.. perhaps not all) where #'s and gear were close to even and good game was spoken by many afterwards. The one siege where a guild came to help us and we banded together to trash that guild before resuming the siege. (we won) I just dont see the point in "being serious" about a game if it makes the game less fun. Or perhaps you really had fun when you had no chance to lose this last campaign. I'd think as geared as you all are and with the knowledge that you yourselves claim you have that you would look for a challenge and not lol fights.. I just dont remember this version of WB from previous games. I guess it's a new time.
  6. After not understanding why this game would just randomly crash every 10 to 45 minutes I downloaded core temp app. I run a middle of the road comp.. i7 8700 @3200 with an nvidia gtx 1070. The 6 cores on my cpu would spike as soon as crowfall started and are running at 90 to 100 degrees celsius. Any ideas what is causing my problem?
  7. Arkade I am probably blending my experience as yeah it was harder to level early in SB history. I'd say at least the last 2 years or so maybe more you could have a new character to max level and gear in just days once you were a part of any decent guild. If the difference in power between vessel'ed and non vesseled is small than probably not a problem. But ive heard that it is pretty significant. True? I cant say for sure. But I do hope this doesnt become something really grindy and unbalancing. I bought into this game at the kickstarter phase and was really looking forward to it. But like many games perhaps it will not be for me. I wanted something where end stage pvp (not just ganking or being ganked) was something not hard to get to. And something that was really balanced. So far the vessel system seems quite a bit different in getting and lvling than just armor or weapons. I'll just see how the system plays out.
  8. Alyriel if I'm making to big a deal out of something it wouldnt be the first time. I just saw guys in the guild.. one got a rare vessel and another an epic vessel (I think that is what the level of vessel was) and they were complaining about how much exp they needed to level. Said just gaining a level early on.. like 6 to 7 or something was 2k gold. (if they sacrificed) That is way more than initial leveling.
  9. I totally agree this game will take much more skill and is a better game in those regards. I just think in any pvp game people dont want to wait a long time before being able to compete. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants a complete character before engaging in serious (not fighting with gankers or ganking) pvp. And I think most would want as close to an even playing field as you can get. In that at the end of the day skill decided the outcome. This vessel thing just seems really grindy for a game built for pvp and unbalancing. Btw who exactly were you responding to? Though I agree with much of what you said it doesnt seem to apply to anything said here in this thread. Or maybe you were drawing too much from my praise of SB and my fond experience looking back.. when the point of my post was the vessel system. Not this games combat vs SB.
  10. Jah honestly 80% of the leveling if not more was afk druids running afk groups. And gearing was so easy no one cared about getting ganked.
  11. The one thing I really look forward to in gaming is pvp and an even playing field. This vessel system imo will make the game too grindy and give to much advantage to those that can play 24/7. None of which makes excited. SB showed that a fun pvp siege based game will have a loyal following. The game just worked because it was a blast. I felt the time based campaigns would solve SB's one flaw.. that people would just quit after a few defeats. Knowing you can reset and even join a new campaign should keep more people playing longer. Just wondering what others think. I dont like the idea at all.
  12. Vassel system? good or bad? Seems grindy and could be unbalancing. Guess I didnt really know much about this and coming from SB this surprised me. The diehards in SB never minded losing a good fight. Losing because someone has grinded more probably wont make people happy. Thoughts?
  13. After doing the bronze pledge in the kickstarter I havent followed too closely as the game was a ways off. Just started playing yesterday for the 1st time and am surprised how far the game has come. I'm playing on the NA server and in Chaos faction. Only lvl 9 but would love to join up to have some peeps to play with. guild criteria: NA (chaos) atmosphere: no drama casual/hardcore: i'm getting older. probably be my last game I really get into. size: whatever size makes one competitive. (In shadowbane guild I was in enjoyed bigger siege battles while maintaining order to carry out strategy. (not just everyone doing their own thing) play-style: In Shadowbane I played wizards or mage assassins for the most part. Enjoyed those classes a lot. commitment: I work 3 12 hour shifts a week. Off at least 4 days every week. I can play quite a lot. Wife who doesnt mind my gaming and no kids. faction: playing chaos atm. Experience: Everquest played in one of the top guilds.. (world first Avatar of War) guild was Legacy of Steel. Than got into Shadowbane and played with Dissent.. have played WoW, Swtor, etc etc. But Shadowbane was my favorite game ever... and why im here. voice: can do whatever. Have been using discord to play AoE3 with my nephews.
  14. Hey sorry.. I kinda stopped keeping up as it seemed the game was a ways off. But started playing yesterday for the very 1st time and I'm surprised how far they have come.
  15. Thank you Arkade. I will try Live I think.
  16. Sorry as I'm sure this is dumb as hell.. but that's my level. When I click to download I get a pop up asking what firefox should do with the file.. either save or open with (has windows explorer selected). Does it even matter which I choose? sorry i know im a dip____. Thanks.
  17. Thank you very much for reply. Not sure how I feel about equipment.. Shadowbane made it so easy to get the best gear. (I'm sure easier than was originally envisioned) But to be honest the combat was so fun that alone kept us playing. I'm afraid that people who really like pvp will be turned off by an uneven playing field. You said the game is fun and I'm very glad. Just wondering.. Did you play SB? If so... if you had to rate the fun factor of sb vs this game what do you think? SB imo was the most fun pvp game I have ever engaged in. Now keep in mind I dont like preset small scale stuff like WoW arena that many people do enjoy. I'm just not one of those people. The mass fights SB allowed when led by a decent battle planner.. well I've just never had more fun. Anyway I just got a new rig a few weeks back that is pretty nice and was a huge upgrade for me. So guess I'm ready and will try Crowfall out for myself. Thanks again.
  18. What is going on with Crowfall? I see people talking about keep defenses so I know the game must be light years ahead of when I last checked. How fun is the game and combat? Any former Dissent Shadowbane playing? Thank you for any info you might provide.
  19. Sorry havent checked forums in quite awhile. Still excited for the game.. I just know it's gonna be awhile. Arvada what is Darby doing now? Always liked him. Was he living in CA when we played SB? And I do kinda remember that Vladds significant other kinda had his balls in a vice. Any idea what the crazy brothers from Australia are doing? (Black and Red devil) they were a hoot. It's been such a long time since we all played SB. Sadly I think that was many of our "greatest gaming time". Sad nothing similar worth a poorly made socks ever came along. Well even if we dont have enough to form a competitive guild.. it would still be fun if some old Dissent at least played in a guild together (for those that are going to play). Would be fun having a reunion via voice chat and catch up with what everyone is doing. Ok back to being lazy. Dont work till tomorrow.
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