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  1. Don't think I've ever been so happy to see my Debit Card charged!! Congratulations!!
  2. Yeah, small world I think the concept of battling between players within the constrain of time will promote more PvP. MMOs are supposed to give you the chance to play against other humans (as AI can get really predictive and boring). But the MMOs these days are more like single-player RPGs played online. Most interactions are within guilds/factions or within auction houses/markets. Crowfall promises to be more......I hope
  3. Thanks. Seem to be the only African around. Hope more sign up. hmmm....that scarf has been missing for some time now .....lol
  4. Yeah, actually been playing less on SWTOR these days as well
  5. Ghana, West Africa. At least one for Africa
  6. Hi all. My name is Francis. I'm from Ghana, West Africa. I love MMORPGs and currently play LOTRO, SWTOR (since Beta) and DCUO. I was intrigued with the concepts in Crowfall immediately I heard them cos I've thought of some of these myself. I believe this is going to be an awesome game, not just because of the wonderful ideas alone, but because of the community involvement in every aspect. See you all at Beta!!
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