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  1. If you're referring to the "Open testing starts end of 2016" then, no, it's not new. I believe it's been up there for a few months. I cant remember when exactly they switched to that wording. -fuzz
  2. Definitely a valid point. They should have a worst case and best case scenario in place. -fuzz
  3. I am pretty sure everyone agrees. We are all glad that ACE is still improving the combat system, but as we get closer to the "soft launch" most of us are scratching our heads wondering which path ACE should take. As a consumer wanting to play a full release of CF we want that soft launch to come already, but we all have nightmares from past MMO (or any game) that released too early or did "open betas" with flaws to core components within the game. As much as I want to play CF asap, I would rather them push back the soft launch or open beta date until the game more accurately reflects the product they envisioned for CF launch. Yea, it's a longer wait for us, but most people who are going to play the open beta / soft launch are players who haven't followed the game as closely as us nor invested RL resources. What will their impressions be if the game is not ready? Like most games, they will likely play for a few weeks then leave. I don't want that. CF needs to retain as many players, new and old, for as long as possible. This is many of our "last hope" for MMOs. If it takes a bit more time, do it. But make sure you're completely transparent to both the backers and the rest of the public. The rest of the public likely wont care too much since, as stated before, they have invested little to nothing in CF so far. There's really only one shot to get it right. -fuzz
  4. Your work reminds me of Puzzle Fighter. I really like it. Keep it up! -fuzz
  5. omg - Thanks for reactivating all the WildStar flashbacks. -fuzz
  6. Well that completely went over my head then -fuzz
  7. Design and build a viable alternative solution to the Myrm and so how the community responds. If it is an overwhelming success, then gift that work to ACE if they want to implement it. You get what you want and ACE doesn't have to waste resources by back tracking. -fuzz
  8. Honestly, I don't think it really matters. If people were comfortable enough paying money upfront to support the cause then that is up to them. It's their money. If people don't support the idea/tactic then they don't have to support the FLA EK by visiting and trading within. There are definitely going to be other guilds who will be trying to establish their own EK as a central trade hub so there should be a good amount of alternative options available. -fuzz
  9. Skins + FX (weapon, character emotes, skill particle variants) = EZ $ from me. -fuzz
  10. Myrm needs to drop already so I can start playing it! -fuzz
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