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  1. Hello and good morning all! Im hooked with this game since KS and i saw last week test with alot countrys servers, there is any plans to test brazilian soon? i joined KS back there because of the promise of the game have regional servers here, and im waiting for it right now i got 150ms and its very playable, but its bad for PVP game, in other games i got like 6-7ms and its awsome to PVPing (wow, fortnite, etc...) and im hoping to see something soon to bring some friends to the game!
  2. ok i didnt read the full article, gives me a light in the end of the tunnel
  3. I used to be super hyped with the game, i have 2 sapphire accounts and i try to bring some friends into the hype but i see the development is so slow for what have been promised, the deadline in the kickstarter was the end of this year to the game release, i know this game is all about pvp and teamplay, but many of us wanna see more about our kingdom and crafting, and i feel thats alot more to be done than 7 months of work, and my hype is been slowly bringed to death. I just want to discuss if there will be a major update anytime soon, to Alpha ou even Beta, because the game is on pre alph for a year and still just a little content to see
  4. what the number of accounts that dont backed on KS and receive ir via gift?
  5. The complexity of the pledges packs are so huge as never seen before in and other KS material, its so many stuff that is really hard to keep it tracked I stop my posts here to wait for new dev awnser, but i think how tyrant says is right.
  6. its gonna be rounds, you should take a list of everyone backer number to make a possible list of people playing, to make a post in the new test forum of the active streamers of the week or something like that
  7. Speechless feeling when you belive in something, and this little dream in turn this big show in front of you... We all backers took a leap of faith, and it`s been greatly rewarded. It's just my opnion but this no-NDA of artcraft was one of the best moves in the video game business this last past years and will be greatly succeded because of this decision! Congratz and Thanks ArtCraft, you all rocks!
  8. For what tyrant says and what i understood, you will keep all things you got from your sapphire ks and plus that list he mentioned who have in each tier after the rewards we already have, but sure its got some errors like you said like the character slots, nothing that some screen shot and some contact with ace not fix Enjoy the freaking nice bonus and lets do it
  9. That why im excited and probably gonna throw some more money in the artcraft face hahahahaha the bloodstone tier in this option will have so many stuff that his/her EK will be full in the 1st day ahahaha Tyrant himself said its not... Let`s see some official reply on this And think about it, they will let the Intern guy do the upgrade stuff and do an huge error like that? this is where artcraft makes their money, its not supposed to be THAT wrong
  10. no its not, if you read the reply from tyrant ks sap to 2015 ruby grant you Exclusive stronghold (Medium Castle 2015) for your personal kingdom and the starting title of Count or Countess Exclusive stronghold (Small Castle 2015) for your personal kingdom and the starting title of Baron or Baroness Exclusive stronghold (Large Keep 2015) for your personal kingdom so its not a bug, its a custard huge bonus
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