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  1. Overall experience feedback: Mostly a newb. I know this is not even close to the finished product. But it's a heck of a lot closer than the last time I logged in. And I was thankful ( thanks LOTD ) for the group support that I got. Even with a group to level up in, it's kinda grindy. To explain. I understand that mob ai #1, isn't a priority and #2 is in an unfinished state. So mob behavior is predictable. I get it. Doing the exact same thing - to kill the boredom we amused ourselves. So at this point Mob AI isn't what makes it grindy. With a full group TTK is fast enough to be fun yet slow enough to where you can get a couple good moves or spells off in a fight. TTK is good. Not that. IMO, it's the amount of mobs or the respawn timers. I'm sure that will be tuned but for right now? Leveling wise, it seems - off. This next point ties into leveling because as the overall experience goes: Going from 1 to 20 in your white vessel in nothing than your starter no clothes/character model is not fun. No visual change is boring. Boring = grindy. You can purchase a tunic, boots and gloves for about 240 gold. But barely anything you can hunt in those levels, in white vessels give you gold. Nor have I seen any armor drops. With very little gold ingame, it seems like crafting is the way to go. But... Take from my experience what you will. Day 1 of my experience. I log in and find an old buddy who is in LOTD now. He walks me through the basics of how to get to gods reach, I join with him and some other folks for some leveling action. They were fighting R5/6 stuff in Gods Reach. Levels 1 - 10 went by pretty fast. A few hours in, I had 2 characters at or near 20. Cool. 1 guy had been master looting and everybody in the group got a pig pack saddle. The group slowly disbands and eventually I go to bed. About me. Right now I run a pool hall and bartend. My hours as you can imagine, having me playing very late pm to very early am, pacific. A timeslot when not a lot of people are on. The next day (a Sunday night when I get home at 2am pacific), I log in and nobody I know is up or ingame. I decide that I want some basic armor. Something other than the nothing I have on. I eventually find the trading and crafting stations in Gods Reach Chaos temple. Yay! I find a newbie chest/boots/gloves for my fessor to wear. But all told it costs well over 200 gold. And I have exactly zero. It's all good. I'm sure there is stuff I can hunt How hard can it be? I go out hunting. I'm a level 20 confessor at this point. I hunt everything I can (die to a pack of R5's at some point) but at the end of a 2 hour long killing spree I have exactly zero gold and lots of hide (because I've been skinning too) "Hmmmmm" I think. I go and drink some of my favorite thinkers drink (whiskey, neat). Properly thinking now, I decide that maybe crafting is the way to make newbie stuff. So I try it out. I have hide, I have the dust. I need a leather sheet. I find the recipe. I put the leather in and.... nothin. No way to progress. Every button except abort is grayed out. I'm forced to abort and lose the leather. Frustrated - I quit out and got on the forums and ..... a workaround! I suspect that the experience I've had is somewhat what the developers want (up until I got frustrated and quit out )Now I know that I'm probably doing something wrong and a whole "How To" set of guides will be written before launch. That's not the point. The point is that when the economy is crafting based and I am pretty sure it is; then money should never be an issue. It shouldn't be an artificial barrier to progress. I should have been able to buy the most basic set of armor. Mobs under rank 5 or 6 or wherever it is, should be able to drop a little money. I'm not upset that an exploit was patched out. That being said - they made it even harder for new players.
  2. I seek a disciple who became a master. I seek a cold one.. a Pale One.
  3. I admit. I have a certain expectation when it comes to the confessor. And while one part of me was anticipating something good, I've been a skeptic. Tonight, I watched the confessor hungerdome and I was impressed.
  4. Kirel

    May the 4th...

    be with you. Happy starwars day
  5. " Either.... two entities, each having a 2x2 parcel of land can pool their land together to create a larger parcel (4x2 ) of land or they cannot. My understanding is that they cannot. My understanding is that a guild leader can take his 2x2 parcel of land and assign lots within it, to various purposes or people, at the GL's discretion. And that any assets placed upon that land are the property of the guildy who was assigned that lot. As such, if the guildy wishes to succeed or the GL kicks the guildy out, the land ( the lot within the parcel ) still remains part of the GL's personal EK but the assets ( buildings ) placed on that lot, are somehow transfered back to the departing guildy's EK.
  6. OP. Roleplaying on forums is about writing a story. You are creating this character and responding or replying to other peoples posts in the way that you want your character to be portrayed. Roleplaying in-game is about acting out your story. Instead of writing out how I see you and know that in your deepest heart of hearts, you lust after another. And because that lust feeds the HUNGER, I must bring you into the loving embrace of the flame. For only the flame can purify you... no.. Instead. I might call out. DIE SINNER! and shove a fireball up your bottom. Of course we'd battle. I might bring a templar (or 2) along to hold you down ( aka keep you engaged in futile melee combat ) while I pummel you with flame... To restate: Roleplaying in game is about acting out your story rather that writing your story. PSA: you don't have to thee and thou and talk cow pie ye olde english to roleplay
  7. Kirel

    May 2, 2015

    It's May 2nd. I'm going to a tequila tasting in SF tonight.
  8. I dunno man. As society tumbles further and further down the rabbit hole of the security state, society is loosening it's idea of what freedom is. So instead of feeling upset that our civil liberties are being eroded in the name of security, we use our "right" to use profane language as a self deluding mask, proclaiming that we're free. *shrugs* just the ramblings of a tired, old confessor.. move along..
  9. one time, in band camp... I made a fessor that sapped life faster than anybody could damage me.... Literally, 1 lifetap was goood. 3 lifetaps and I was a god. and lifetaps stacked. That build was nerfed to hell
  10. Each person gets their own EK. And each person can determine if their EK can be visited by others, etc. What about guilds? If a guild wants a centralized place for their guild members, does that mean that the GL ( or somebody within the guild ) has to give up/assign to guild members, sections of their own EK in order to create a de-facto guild EK?
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