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  1. Exciting! If you'd like to join us, feel free to sign up on the website and the forum, then we can get you access to out TS server. Its not too lively atm (the game isn't out for another year) but our main group is very active playing online if you'd like to join us!
  2. Server down? ^_- At least I'm not connecting. Fun while it lasted for the moment, already taking notes on issues/opinions on the initial GUI.
  3. Hello Prospective Members! I have great news! Our site now has a FORUM and if you were to join, we can accept you only when you fill out the form in "Join Us" and apply in the forum. its just to check to make sure random people aren't signing up. To view our site just click our signature, to view the forum just click HERE Additionally we have our TEAM SPEAK up! I know, not that big of a deal, but we are excited to meet any new members. We've grown well in the short time on the boards and we continue to meet new people. We can't wait to play some games with you guys and share our ex
  4. Since were getting some new members and growing, we will be opening up our on-site forum ahead of schedule, this weekend hopefully, along with our VOIP of choice Team Speak. This VOIP Client can be chosen later on as our community grows and we all vote on it. VOIP information will be posted in said new forum, of which previous and new members will have to sign up for and vetted. Please try to use your same names that you applied with when registering to the forums. We will be allowing free viewing of the forums, except for the areas that are off limits and only reachable by members (su
  5. The Divinities Call You! Sign Up! THEIR WILL BE DONE! We are a realm that fulfills the desires of the gods. We are their bidding in immortal form. We work in concert with the deities for we are Avatars of their will. We represent the twelve gods in all matters of Order, Balance and Chaos. <> WHAT DO WE OFFER? We offer multiple Ruby and Sapphire backers who wish to provide benefits to our supporting members. We are an organized group of friends who will be playing Crowfall during alpha all the way through to release and beyond. We offer tools such as VOIP, forums
  6. Agreed, the scroll down websites like yours is nicer and more modern. Gives good info on one page really easily.
  7. So whose the artist in this guild? I loved the format and setup of your website, but most of all the art. Its fantastic. Best of luck to you guys.
  8. I like your guild site a lot. What company are you using? I've been looking at Squarespace myself. Besides all that I am a NA guy, sadly so my comment here is moot here. Best of luck to you!
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