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  1. tens razão tofyzer, já tenho acesso. Já estou a fazer download do jogo hehe. obrigado!
  2. Tenho BETA2 e não recebi nada , deve estar quase
  3. Boas amigo, ainda estou a aguardar o beta não tenho o package do alpha. Já viram o Ashes of Creation?
  4. looks very good, waiting to see the combat and the healing hope it's not another 30min 1v1 combat
  5. saw some videos from may and is it me or the time to kill 1v1 is half an hour. too much imo
  6. Boas pessoal, andei a dormir Como está o jogo?
  7. are there any news on this? I've been very inactive about the game Are Assassins going to have some mad jiujitsu skills?
  8. Hi I'm a backer and a fan of how the game is progressing since the beginning. I have this question that is very heart related for the type of gameplay I would like to have in Crowfall. How is stealth going to be in Crowfall? By stealth I don't mean invisibility like rogues (wow) or the Duealist under the dirt, I mean sneaking around like splinter cell. Can you hide behind trees, rocks? Can you crouch and prone in the grass? And even if you can, will your nameplate and hp bar show for everyone around you for 25 feet like in some games? I know this is alpha, have the dev team talked about this? Thank you Love your caravan
  9. Ho it's Beta 2 it seems, thank you so much man! I will make sure nobody touches your caravan ingame
  10. Hi guys, I have contributed in the Kickstarter KS Contributor Earliest Bird KS Contributor Earliest Bird this helps? But I don't even remember to which package and what beta I have acess to. How can I see if I can already play the game or not? When and which beta I have acess. I've been away from Crowfall news and now I'm so lost.
  11. LMAO Only description needed: Ranger the one that ranges
  12. If this ka-chow video doens't get 1 more million players involved in crowfall I don't know what will. Maybe the girl from the first videos as druid
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