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  1. I'd be interested to see if it's stronger in the Dregs than Gods Reach. With the influence of the God Factions having broken down into a GVG free for all, you would think the Hunger would consume those worlds faster.
  2. I like the idea of a Holy Knight feel to the Templar. Lots of good examples in the thread, but I personally like the idea of some kind of power that builds up through combat. Fits well in a PVP game, and gives our combos a unique feel other classes will not have. I know the mobs are mostly to increase the threat level, but it would be nice to see Templar powers affect the different level of Hunger infection differently. If I had to pick my favourite inspiration, I would say Warrior Priest from Warhammer. Was incredibly fun to play.
  3. Totally agree Shadowfang, nice to have options beyond fishing,cooking and well I wear plate so might as well be blacksmith.
  4. Yes I saw the the pet is depicted as a battle pet, still that is a discipline I would definitely consider taking. And really liked how the figurine was depicted on her bag.
  5. I was wondering myself how much the Gods will play into it. I know they have confirmed temples and shrines, as part to the relic post. So with Temples being in EK and the Campaigns, I was wondering if god choice will perhaps grant access to a buff, or if Temples will be considered a place to worship all gods in the campaign/lore. Can't wait to see more write ups on the Lore.
  6. I like the idea of the war priest feel from Warhammer. Played hat and it was honestly a fun take. Personally I think with the Paladin stemming from Templar, Fire and Hunger protection seem like the most obvious power ideas. Would love to see them have Auras, that would allow for support without needing to sit back and cast. The Templar seems like a class meant to wade in and beat back the Hunger face to face, having a promotion that drops them back to cast seems wrong to me. Love the idea that a priest doesn't have to be nice, or a paladin. Played a D&D campaign where the god of light main priest went crazy zealot and decided "light" meant a cleansing fire / burning all who opposed. Was a refreshing spin the DM created. So for Paladin, I would love to see fire, auras, and some shielding abilities. Not a field medic per se.
  7. Spear or Polearm would make perfect sense for Templar. Reach would be great if it is present in the game, and in keeping with the backstory, I know I wouldn't mind an extra foot or so between me and the Hunger Ghouls I'm constantly putting down. I can't wait or promotion class info on Templar. Fury seems straight forward, curious about the Judge.
  8. For myself, I really like the Ranger so far. The female ranger pic with beast companion really has me considering that class. I also like the Templar based on the write up and art so far. Always go cleric or paladin in D&D, and the Templar has an awesome paladin-esque feel to it so far. Without the stick up the butt issue. Can't wait for more information on the gods, and gathering.
  9. I am excited for the Gods reach campaign, but the idea of a 12 v 12 has potential. Hard to wrap my head around bow it would work out, so can't wait to see if more info comes out.
  10. Albertan here, so you aren't the only one for sure!
  11. Can't say how excited that update made me!! Sad that the original 9 cells cannot be shared, but this is probably the best to hope for. At least through cash shop, or campaigns we can help unlock more land on the Guild Kingdom. And hoping the parcels will be made with varying themes beyond Forested. Arid, swamp, all could work well. Cant wait to lean more about where the build able land within parcels will work. All I know is my personal EK is liable to be neglected if I can have my personal ousting exist in the larger Guild Kingdom. Might as well build the one up, although I guess it will depend on cost vs materials you can bring back from campaigns.
  12. The fealty to multiple Monarchs is actually pretty true to history, I learned about many French noblemen that owed fealty to several different masters once the web of fealty, marriages , etc was sorted out. Some historically were considered enemies on one side of a river bridge, and allies on the other. I think the ability to have multiple commitments and fealty in the game, enhances the political options. Maybe you could position yourself to be vital to two sides and come out the only true winner in a battle.
  13. That would definitely open up some interesting possibilities. I've wondered how they would do the EK vs EK battles they had mentioned, this would allow for a hared border, rather than one or two spawn locations that the enemy attacks from. The only trouble would be the locked private EK, would they have to be shoved to the outside of the map. And I can imagine rivers and mountain ranges would eventually be a nightmare to connect.
  14. Didn't the post say that if for some reason you are removed as a Vassal of a Province, all your parcels and buildings return to your inventory? Seems like that would basically negate any risk. Just allow the leader to be the monarch, and leave if it isn't a great fit.
  15. Sign me up for Werebear lol. Really can't wait for more archetype info and videos. Like Templar and Knight so far. Also interested to see how food/gathering professions pans out here. In WOW when I played I usually just focused on gathering to help keep my brothers guild coffers full for the alchemists and leather workers. Wonder if that will be an option on Crowfall.
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