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  1. I see you are still liking posts haha. Ever since 2015 xD

  2. Let me test this, JamesGoblin, please don't like my post.
  3. James Goblin is getting my reputation up! Who can complain now??
  4. JamesGoblin is an elusive creature, the posts he hasn't liked are signs that you will have a lifetime of bad luck. Beware.
  5. Welcome to the Community, we all hope you do enjoy your stay.
  6. I was ready to offer assistance until I started reading...
  7. According to your profile mister Zetareticuli, you can find all of the cheat codes you want xD
  8. I am new! I am new! JK XD. I hope everyone enjoys their time here on the forums until the game comes out for testing. I don't post much, I just kinda sit back and collect intel but if anyone needs anything, feel free to hit me up .
  9. Yay, I am no longer a guest.
  10. And it is now claimed! Now time for some alpha action.
  11. I don't know about you guys but I am how do I say this...Excited!
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