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  1. My profile lost some stars. I suppose someone wanted to express their dislike of my views. Fair enough.

  2. Something else you've failed to realize. The more angry you seem in your responses, the more driven it makes all of us to respond to you. Not because we are making you angry, but because you feel the need to insult ANYONE who has disagreed with you. The insults man, that's why we keep coming back, we just can't get enough.
  3. Thank you so much for all of your posts. It often takes an outside perspective to drive a point home. Careful though, they'll go on your profile and rate you 1 star XD
  4. I wholeheartedly agree! I like that you didn't quote me this time so I wouldn't get a notification. Lol... Almost worked! Just took me longer. You seem very salty on the whole ordeal. But what you have failed to realize... Is that I'm not the only one who disagrees with you. It's the majority lol... And you are the one who is just blatantly denying and defaming anyone who opposes your line of thinking. Though to give you some points, the lore could change. It could. But it hasn't yet. -Edited for too many "lols"-
  5. Thank you for that high level overview of crafting basics! I am quite familiar with the crafting process itself, but hopefully others here will find it useful as well. I think it is a given that as a skill progresses, you are able to eliminate some risk from the process. And while the research points certainly add a level of depth to the active crafting component, it does nothing to improve or make more relevant crafters who aren't simply alts. If my ALT crafter has all his points spent in improving the chances of successful experimentation, just the same as my actively played crafter, what is the difference? Both crafters have an equal chance of creating the same gear. THAT is the problem I have. And let's be realistic, if you are part of a guild, or some other organized group (practically a guarantee), you will have no shortage of customers, regardless of how little you play your crafter, simply because of your active account. Once again thanks for your time in crafting this quality response. I appreciate your feedback!
  6. Your last paragraph is a fair and valid point. I agree. Your first paragraph, well, here again I am left with the impression my response was only partially read. Certainly I did not say that raiding is against game policy, or even intended game mechanics. It was simply a response to another poster, so out of context I can understand how you came to this conclusion. The specific phrase you zeroed in on, wherein I mentioned that supply is easy for those who are unscrupulous, perhaps is a phrase that is too "meta" for this discussion. I mean to say that the characters themselves, by murdering other characters for resources would be unscrupulous, not in fact, the players who control them. The players are simply utilizing gameplay mechanics. And again, as I have stated before, this is not the problem I have, in any way. To address your second point. No Combat is certainly not a "backburner skill" as well. Combat will have immediate and tangible returns, as well as a expertise that arises from familiarity. Walk away from the game for a few months, and you will not find your combat abilities as a player have increased, likely instead they have decayed significantly. Your characters will have statistically improved, but you the player will have fallen short. There is no comparable analog for crafters. Simply allowing time to pass, will naturally increase the skill of the crafter. No active component required. No practice to get it right. There's not even a need for me to stay current with the trends that players are using, a simple browse through the forums will give me any relevant information I need to then combine these elements into a suitable piece of equipment to appeal to a large number of players. Further, if I own several accounts and one is a fighter, then I am likely very aware of the current "Best in slot" stats and equipment. To conclude, crafting does not require active play to increase it's effectiveness, just an active supplier.
  7. He/she can't! "Good" crafting is almost never done. It's just too easy to slap together some vague recipes as a time and gold sink to round out an otherwise VERY dungeon focused experience. SWG had good crafting. Runes of Magic had terrible actual crafting, but the process of adding stats and runes to your gear was pretty fantastic. Hell, Runescape has better crafting than the majority of so-called "AAA" mmo's
  8. I appreciate your response. A few of your points can be circumvented by simply murdering harvesters. But you've gotten me on research. I'm not at all certain that I know what it is, or how its going to be implemented. I seem to remember reading about it in the past, but I haven't seen it appear in anything recently. If you don't mind sharing what you know, I would greatly appreciate it. I appreciate the time you took to respond.
  9. I'm not sure how you misconstrued my issue. Timing is irrelevant to my concern. I'm not concerned with how long it takes to do anything in the game or how long training takes. My concern is Wholly, totally, and completely. ALT accounts. You make it seem very easily brushed aside, but it would be all too simple to raid and pillage to my hearts content. Take my spoils home, and trade them to my crafter. From what I have observed testing, and in many other games, it is far easier to hunt down and kill other players for resources, than harvest them yourself. And nothing other than effort prevents one from simply giving those resources to themselves. Self supply is very easy if you are unscrupulous. Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  10. I hadn't seen your Ancestry picture yet. I thoroughly enjoy it! I do think it is safe to say that Kane is the "father" of the stoneborn though. If you read through the various gods lore pages, the stoneborn race page etc... They don't explicitly say it, but it IS heavily implied. What kind of father, now that's still up for debate.
  11. You ask for constructive criticism, and then balk when presented with it. You seem to simply be disregarding those of differing opinions. I suppose that's all well and good, though its a slippery slope when presenting ideas to an audience. You may have convinced yourself this is a good idea, but merely presenting it will not be enough to convince others. You need to take into account what others are saying and convey that you understand their concerns, perhaps even try to understand their claims instead of debasing them. As has been stated multiple MULTIPLE times, there are many who feel (including the devs) that pve simply has no place here. That being said, all things are subject to change. I'm sure there is indeed a market for a pve experience. However, that is actually counter to literally every piece of marketing so far. One of the reasons your idea is lacking traction is that the game has simply attracted a crowd that is not inclined to play this type of experience. Try to be less defensive about what you have pointed out on so many occasions is ONLY an idea... Enjoy this constructive criticism.
  12. This takes too much liberty with the lore. We KNOW what the crows are, and why they fight. They did not choose to exist this way, they were CHOSEN by one of the warring gods to act on their behalf. It's my impression that the actions of the individual crow is largely not up to them. I mean entire factions and alliances are decided solely based on which of the gods your Crow will follow. Another point, you have mixed up game mechanics with lore. Each campaign does not alter the lore, win conditions are not fundamental differences in the universe, they are goals. Goals set forth by the gods. The lore remains the same regardless of what goals are set for the player. To say otherwise would equate to your race or gender changing simply because you have changed jobs. You do have one correct point, the hunger calling out to all its darkness. Yes I imagine the hunger does this regularly, otherwise I doubt it would be any threat at all. You will also note that I did not refute this detail. Read into posts what is there, not what you wish to be there.
  13. I see you draw impartial conclusions about complete thoughts. Perhaps take a moment to read the context. This rebuttal was in response to his assertion that this game mode would be "lore friendly" And yet, we have been provided many examples where "winning" against the hunger is not possible. Reading my post in its entirety would have given you this insight, and yet you posted still, focusing instead on a point that I didn't even make. To live in a world without regard to context, would be to live in a world without consequence.
  14. One of the key elements I think you are failing to grasp is that you think there can be a victory condition in the first place. This game does not revolve around the gods attempt at saving these worlds. The gods are simply looting the worlds as they are consumed. No one is trying to stop the hunger, and no one has yet been successful in even slowing it down. So, this game mode is simply not lore friendly. The crows aren't out to fight the hunger, they are out to fight one another and claim resources for the deity that revived them.
  15. A well thought out response as usual Kraahk. Addressing your concern for the hearing impaired, we find sound location in games more of a finesse in playstyle than a mandatory requirement. Adding a visual indicator is an excellent idea, and as long as we are offered an option for color blindness, can assist those who are both hearing/visually impaired. That being said, I would more than understand if resources were not prioritized for this, as i can get a long well enough without it. ;D
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