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  1. I think we should add variety, the frostweaver is a ranged dps. We dont know how they are going to work yet but im guessing its going to have to do with freezing people and slowing them at a distance (although i can see the comparison because death in crowfall=winter and winter=cold/frost.)


    Frostweavers would probably be pretty good in groups, maybe even alone.


    Necromancers need to be horrible alone, and great in groups.


    Why do we need this archetype? As i mentioned above, variety. Thats mostly why we need any archetype. The frostweaver is going to be helping her teamates by freezing key enemies, putting ice spikes through their hearts, helping the offence, possibly defence by not letting anyone pass by without being frozen.


    My ideal Necro will bill running with his group, taking adavantage of any enemy that falls and turning them against his own team. Overwhelming them into submisson with a zombie horde in the fray of the battle. Curing his teammates of in ill-debuffs and etc, and being like i mentioned before; a teamplayer.


    Basically my answer is:


    A cool support class that adds a different dynamic to the game. A complete teamplayer.

    I like the entire idea of something like this later in development after a couple of stretch goals. Also The Game as of right now just has TWO Ranged Magic Archetypes, if we just moved everything about magic and made them Disciplines for both of these ranged archetypes, its going to be very difficult to add more unique characters later on. :P

  2. Devs have already confirmed that they love the idea but it's much too big a project to add to the scope at this point.


    Also, it seems silly to allow multiple selections in a yes or no poll.

    Thanks just changed it and i should mention that i do know what the devs have said but i just wanted genuine feedback from the community of how they feel about putting this in game. :wub:

  3. Stumbling upon hidden trinkets or enemies has always added a sense of adventure to MMO's with large landscapes like Archeage or WoW. Things such as hidden Bosses with some unique loot in the most random of areas with a dash of story behind it, always added a bit of Flare into a game, imo. Therefore i ask the Community, should Crowfall implement this in their game or should they not? :wub:

  4. What you're asking for is achievement-based titles, already suggested here: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6037-achivements-into-titles/

     I see the post but what it doesnt clearly state is the entire idea of it, more of they gave a good example of how you would go obtaining a title but didnt really broaden the idea of it. It turned into more of a debate whether it is a good idea or not. As for this post i wanted to generalize the idea of having the implementation of titles and how it might work with the game's concept, which is what most of these other comments are doing.  :)   

  5. I feel that the addition of various titles given for completing certain tasks in worlds would work greatly with the game's concept of dying worlds. Such as getting a title that is available through a random world that way everyone can get awesome tags that go along their name. Ex: if your name is "Tyrion" and you stumble upon a title for completing some sort of milestone you would then get a title such as "The Destroyer" so you would be known as "Tyrion the Destroyer" (Not asking for super complicated titles or such. I just thought the idea would be cool to bring up.)

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