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  1. well there is not confirmed armor skill.. and how about number max of skill trained like a cap right? I think its important or everyone will do everything in a campaign. So there will be not like i need that guy who can detect hidden or i need that guy that have that kind of specialization. if there is a cap, there will be "he" if not there will be just "I" and not a group well my english is bad as hell
  2. Hi there, iam new in the comunity i would like to know if a person that plays like 2 years ahead and have more skills trained. A new player that just met the game and a friend give him some top gear well lets see gold gear. Will him able to wear it? there will any kind of passive training for armor type like leather that restricts some people to wear it if their armor skill isnt high or everyone can wear or equip the lastest material of that weapon/armor? another question: a damage will be influenced by the kind of material? like cooper +50 damage , gold +100 damage , so as armor with defense??
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