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  1. (I know this is an alpha my thoughts) My thoughts are to move the charge to the first abilty or do a delay the charge for a second on your left click allowing you to constant regular base damage. I felt the ten shot bow number one ability is useless for the fact one timed shot does way more damage then it combined think of removing it as well with the second ability cuz it's a waste to use it of time it to the full effect when you need to do high dps. (put hide in it's a better idea or for dagger tray) Lower the cooldown for forest step. More utility to slow down your opponent such as the bomb instead of a useless knock-up a better pick would be a stun or better yet a slow allowing you to actually catch people or kite them cuz! Faster arrows for the sake of that holy in gaming and much better aim to shoot down hills (most of the time have to be on the same plane!) An idea I thought up for the buff for the six ability is also adding a debuff for enemies entering it. Also make the walls put up a temporary barrier perhaps a suggestion someone else made here. I feel like more could be added such as aoe, other buffs and debuffs to make your own domain to crush your foes much potential here for 'fun' Disengage needs about to be 1/2 a second faster to a second faster to allow to shoot faster takes to long to set up before they are on your face again. Change out the 2 ability to something as a silence like call it like throat slash or something so centaurs that can always heal to win (ten minute fight 1v1 mind shudders) feel the pain of not healing and run screw you! Change to a better reticle or give us the ability to customize it. A tripwire would be nice to set up between objects giving a knockdown or a slow.
  2. Oh yah one more thing. Watch this please it annoy's me how archers today load their arrows just a fast draw animation and much more simpler also a very intresting watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEG-ly9tQGk
  3. Ah traps. Making a minefield of chaos. A pit of sharp spikes, Poison mist. Trip wire. Razor wire. All kinds of wire. Sticky traps. Flash traps. Bolder traps. Fire traps. dart traps. Water traps. pitfall traps. Mud bogs. Quick sand. illusion traps. cage trap. explosive traps. traps for days. traps for everyone. traps are love, traps are life.
  4. it's like saying only whats on the inside that counts. Really your name is the only thing that people will remember. STRIKE FEAR INTO THEM. or bunny's work... Honestly like ozzie said we've made no really meaningful heads or tails on this reveal and it broke down into a sort of back and forth circle of talk. Only thing we can do is wait for the system to come out and see what falls and what sticks to the wall.
  5. I'll just say EVE was already brought up about 20 (repeatedly and deeply I might add)pages or so before they went deep on this and also on the crowns and crows you tube channel guest video the week a bit. it even says it on the fount page so it's really not a surprise.
  6. I mean I came up with the idea since it's had a flaw of how your ghost is defined in the beginning of it's life. It's like it has completely forgotten about there past life. But I really don't mind that. As a matter of fact I'm completely fine with how the concept is right now. Thinking about how they were talking about the EK to the battlefield change I thought why not assign a body to the EK between changes. In all honestly another reason I thought of this was because it would make your choices harder, but still allow you to use other body's as you still have that anchor to work with.
  7. Think I may have come up with a solution a small one. Let's say your crow little ghost thing has an "Original body". This "Original Body." Let say is a Confessor. If someone where to destroy the body this body will have a cool down for when it reform. (be it 15 mins, 30 mins , 1 hour. ect.) Now the benefits of having a true body is within that certain skill tree they will train faster then other classes since that was their main class so to speak. The rest of the classes can be trained lower then the original class or even slower then some classes (for a more RPG's feel. I'm thinking the main body can attain the highest level of body. Now how me out for the reason. With the lock down dime on the reform of the body in place don't think of rejoining the fight so easy. If the body dies also may drop a level of variety or start back to it's original setting (before new parts where put in.) Whatever the devs feel like. Then you think what about new archetypes that come out? Shug that's just the luck of the draw? Idk I'm not magic. I'm not the all father. In this way your still a crow ghost thing. But this allows for choice of character to matter cuz you have one shot I think. If you wish to trade your original base body for another type I think a prenatally should be involved maybe taking a major hit in all your skill points you earned or some other means to prevent original switching so easy. What do you guys think?
  8. 1. Shug since I'm so epic you use my words I'm flattered. But try not to be me since you know that gives me shivers. I mean your a very disagreeable person with is very off putting so even if you totally what to be me. It's creepy. 2. Your a person that nothing will satisfy you until you get your spoil batty way you keep going memememememememe! It's tiring act a bit older. 3. Not everything will go your way so go with the flow sometimes it might I don't know. BE A GOOD THING. 4. Give something a try at least before you go all this is right and I'm always right. your not L. I want to be L. QQ I mean I guess I can play with for a bit but sorry this is a discussion of the new said system being implemented. +For one I like the system very much It's got this feel of lots of dead body's. +Skinny jumping for everyone! (Into body's) +It give more choices to the battlefield for one if you build certain ways and add's a fixable play (imo) +It stops zerging which is (I mean was) a major thing to worry about. +The small clan can over come the larger ones of they play smart. +Planing and operations can be carried out depending on what is needed say we need to hit this caravan fast get in and out. Or if you need to defend your place from bandits trying to steal your stuff dps/tank. Intelligent roles are endless between information and skirmishes. +Depending on what is needed for the current predicament you can change to accommodate the battle. -WE NEED MORE BODY'S MOR BODYS
  9. I give you another bite to chew on *wink wink* kuro or whatever your name is. I could spend my time here gathering all the information on this crow fall sight. All of it. Copy and paste it all here. But no what would be the point in that? Talking to you is like talking to a dead bug. It's annoying. I don't have time or does anyone else have the time to hold your hand to search for all the information that's already been given out. If you want to keep your beloved perfect in every way character then stay in the EK. Simple. While the rest of us go kill each other for glory! And for a wall of heads! (Shameless asking for a peaceable wall for heads) And whats the point of having a never dying character? It might crave out five minutes of fame or six years of fame! Who can tell? Your body will tell a story with the blood and the sweat and the manly (and or womanly tears) tears! Nothing last forever! Everything dies! Live for the moment! That's petty much your body shall be remembered. *Drops mic*
  10. Aye you can only beat a dead horse for so long until it's not funny anymore. This message is AriesWaterFall approved.
  11. Yey you can read I'm happy you can sort of learn. *sniffle* Brings a tear to my eye.
  12. You are the most ignorant person I have met in a long time. Just... wow.
  13. Simple don't allow your body to die. = Get gud or get rekt. The body is what your playing you make what it is so don't get it killed... Again.
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