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  1. I'm Alive! Sort of. Bahahahahaa. I pray for a faster testing soon.
  2. Well it seems after reading all around that Stealth will be a part of the game. So I ask you what do you guys think on this matter?
  3. We do plan on having a European presence, but not necessarily on European servers our guild leader will answer more questions in about 5 hours when he's off of work. Our Guild services can basically only go to the people/guilds on the server we have already chosen to fight in. As to not be spread out to far and in turn be less effective. For now I'll try to answer as best I can to your questions. 'w'!
  4. http://theobsidian.co/ check out the part on hierarchy on the sight. The bases of the guild is 2 playing as stealth in groups of five. Hired for stealth jobs currently the soft cap is set to 100 players for the guild. Pretty much small teams to get the job done. Does this answer you question?
  5. You know what they say Dragons speak louder then words

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