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  1. I feel like this describes life after jtoddcoleman starts drawing in a nutshell
  2. I'd really love more animation that could demonstrate the knight's power with every strike and slam. Maybe animation that can show that at least the opponent received the shock in some way. Since the combat is in early stage, I felt that the enemy seems to be "intangible" when the knight strikes. I'd really love to see how the animation and physx will work together. UI was awesome too!
  3. I definitely prefer the dash in crowfall than black desert. It's smooth and it drags the flame along. It lasted much longer too and I loved the animation for the dash
  4. In campaigns I don't think you'd have the problem of having 500 playing against a side with 20. If you claim that one guild has too much territory in EK, that doesn't affect the CW gameplay. For ranking, perhaps let each guild choose representatives for a fair fight, like a 10 vs 10 match. Something that small guilds and large guilds are both capable of.
  5. Hahaha once again, nice work Scree!
  6. Even if he accidently consumed the package, just tell him to email support@artcraftent.com I guess
  7. Great idea! If you want hardcore stuff, gotta go all the way!
  8. So yeah I finally decided to pledge, I'm seeing a lot of promising stuff from the updates.
  9. I searched up bipped coin on Google First thing that pops up http://www.coinweek.com/featured-news/understanding-classic-u-s-coins-building-excellent-coin-collections-part-2-dipped-coins/
  10. Like he said, nobody said you can't. You can just wait and do it in game. Sure if you do it now, you and your brother would achieve your goals, but other people will use this opportunity to scam others.
  11. It would be great if we could add a trading system over the looting system as well.
  12. I am a beta 6 player and since I didn't pay anything for the pay to play game, will I only be able to access beta 6 and nothing else?
  13. To be honest, I like the way it is as of now. Sometimes, have extravagant or elegantly designed weapons take away players focus on PvP but instead more so onto weapon fortification. I like how Crowfall sticked to the classic with weapons and battles will become more skill based. Honestly, though I thought you meant it as the preference for the art of the weapons. I thought Crowfall already brought in a huge range of weapon choices.
  14. Strongholds are more like castles so I guess keeps assimilate with Fortifications. On a piece of land, you can have several keeps, villages, and castles by piecing the land together with parcels from guild mates and friends to create a giant kingdom. Keeps look to me like protective barrier that encloses your villages and castles. I don't see fortifications mentioned in any bundles (if i remember correctly) but I'd say fortifications are closely related to keeps. To answer your other questions, keeps are included with building structures such as strongholds, villages, manors, etc. The land parcels only include various geographical features such as lakes, trees, etc. I believe the walls behind the centaur is very closely related to the structure of a keep.
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