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  1. Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    Apart from guild organized gathering sessions you can also use dkp to get mats and skip gatheirng completely. I suggest you to have a look on our guild manual (there is a link in discord) to see how we handle material distribution to crafters. Feel free to ask questions if there is something that need further explanations after you have read the guild manual! Have fun!!
  2. As a noble you have to relog everytime after submitting a change to the ek or you wont be able to successfully submit the next change. EDIT: after firther testing i can say this bug doesnt happen all the times.... i cant find the way to reproduce the conditions in which it triggers but i stillg et it from time to time specially when moving parcles around as a noble.
  3. Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    No, these are them asking if me to share some Ambrosia. (PS: we just reached 170 members...)
  4. ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    I am really happy to see more and more positive feedback for this thread and this idea. Keep it up!!
  5. ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    Well done!!!
  6. Not sure if it's a runegate... or a selfie!!!!
  7. ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    A system like that would help me create some amazing cat-themed quests and lore for our guild. I can already imagine a whole long chained quest in the search of the holy catnip.
  8. ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    Count my money as well
  9. ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    yeah the video was really well done that for one moment i almost thought it was an official one lol. Very well done.
  10. ? Eternal Kingdom Lore System 2.0

    I have seen the whole video maybe 30 minutes after you posted it. I think they are all awesome concepts and I would love to make pve quests in my ek. I doubt they will find the budget to implement this but anyway good job i liked it a lot.
  11. For elk you mean elken? I do not remember elken having an armor break skill. Which skill are you talking about?
  12. Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    a kitten-sized-mitten?
  13. Well I thought we were enough off-topic on the first thread but you are bringing it off-top here as well. Let me reiterate really fast. 1. If you plan to play only in prime-time hours and you do not want the conflict to happen while you sleep I understand and I am happy the devs will implement a system so you can be safe while you sleep. Not all players like this and some like to have 24/7 conflict. To each his own. 2. Limiting access to some part of the game to people who would have real-life issues due to time-zone/night shifts etc. is not a good player experience for these players. There is no harm in having a campaign tailored for people in point 1 and 2, while you can enjoy your prime-time raiding. Could you please care to elaborate? I do not understand what you are trying to say. i haven't threatened anyone. I just said that if I will feel excluded to some mechanics of the game due to real life issues and artificial barriers I would likely leave. This is by no mean threatening someone.
  14. super excited !!

    Well it was very lovable from your brother to buy an account for his "littlesister". I hope both of you have fun in game!