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  1. Game lore sometimes is really weird. what if wood elves respect woods so much that they consider them alive and don't want to hurt them chopping them down? Just because it is a "wood" elf it doesn't mean it is a good logger. Anyway, back to your question, all Sylvan family (including wood elf) are good at logging, so if you pick an elf you should be good!
  2. Hey I'm that SofaKing_white guy.

    Hello sofaking! If you go in the balance faction and need some help or someone to play with feel free to contact me! See you in game!
  3. Hey, Everyone! I'm Ne0n

    Sure! Get in this Discord so we can keep in touch! https://discord.gg/9GJKyB
  4. Hey, Everyone! I'm Ne0n

    Welcome to the game. If you will play in the balance faction and need some help for understanding the game I will gladly help you out.
  5. Glad to have been of help! This should give a breath of hope to everyone living abroad and still desiring so hard to get their hands (or maybe head???) on that Crowfall hat. Btw I am not even interested in joining the competition (head probably to big and I usually don't wear hats), but I wanted to point this out because probably there was someone wanting to join!! Good luck to everyone for the amazing hat contest. And also, you are very kind to offer one for free.
  6. As someone living in Tokyo, I want to tell you that you can ship abroad to everywhere there is a US base since it is considered national shipping. So you may want to add this to your post!
  7. I can't speak for everyone but I think every guild masters takes their guild seriously and go "all the way" in with their beliefs. Great guilds all have great guild masters that invest lot of their energy in making their guild a better place and I would be really diffident in joining a guild in which the guild master takes things too lightly.
  8. I wish I had the money at that time, really. I could only afford Sapphire during Kickstart. Yes if they put custom crests for sale I will probably buy one because custom Kitten is way better than standard kitten... but... since there are dragons... I still see a chance for a normal kitten-like emblem. If you know of someone willing to take part to a custom guild emblem let me know, but i would prefer ACE to sell them so I could give money to them directly.
  9. Can we please have a kitten in the premium emblems? I see dragons, manticore and all sort fo scary stuff but I don't see any kitten. Thank you so much for your kind understanding.
  10. Sorry I understand your question now! My bad! To be honest I don't know it neither would be nice to know.
  11. You can check it into the skill tree. The passive skill tree uses a 3 group division (human, elkin and monsters) and then there are subdivisions according to each race. Check that whenever you are in doubt.
  12. Leather vs Plate

    Thank you so much! I also found it really strange!! Maybe was just an outdated tooltip.
  13. Leather vs Plate

    I am not in front of the client at the moment, but I remembered hovering over with the mouse on hitpoint and it says it capped out at 10k. At the moment I don't even remember if it was on 5.5 or 5.6. I remember this because I was surprised to see a cap on hitpoints. Maybe the cap is only for the base stats + vessel but I am pretty sure I saw it somewhere. When I get back home I will try to find it again and screenshot it.
  14. Save the Kittens

    Guild discord is up and so it's the most trash guild website ever. You can find our discord here: https://discord.gg/X2ECmx And here is the website: https://kittens.academy/ (TRASH ALERT!!!)
  15. Best place for returning player?

    If you want I can guide you by voice chat and explain you some basic stuff. Maybe the best thing would be or you to join this discord and then we can use that to see when we are both online and playing. I would love to show you around and answer to all your questions. https://discord.gg/hquJPp