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  1. Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    To celebrate 130 members I have made a guild recruitment video:
  2. Ok let me first repost what i was writing in discord for people that weren't aware of that comment and then i will reply to this. i mean don't get me wrong, I am not saying that winners don't need to win!! Nor, to be honest, I have done an in-deep analysys on the benefits and demerit of the new system which I even't had chance to test and so it's mere speculation. I simply said that if the original purpose of the change was put in the light of what PopeUrban said (was it popeurban? I think so lol), made way more sense from an overall "mission statement" that was the one i backed back in kickstarter (uncle bob winning table game and getting so strong that the game is boring). I felt in love wth crowfall for the "design" behind it and that's why I decided to backed it on kickstarter. Also, as someone who welcomes al least 2 new players a day in kittens, I feel their stress and their feeling of being behind everything.... skill progression, skills, gear etc. etc.. and we re in pre-alpha only!!! Mind also that I have really low interest in pvp in general, and I am more interested in the meta-game, meta-dynamics, social, and game-of-throne aspect of the game. That was for the repost, now back on your follow up. I do not think it is odd and they are unwanted. On the contrary i personally backed this game because in it's premises and in its manifesto promised that they would have done their best to avoid stagnation and uncle-bob like scenario. In particular, quoted from you: Getting actual in-game benefits for winning seems to be a cornerstone of Crowfall to me. Much of the game is a competition to gain in-game advantages over your opponents. I am not against this. I am saying that: 1. It is more REWARDING when you work hard for winning rather than having win more mechanics. There is a difference in winning by skills and having a system that has flaws and leads to win more loops without efforts. 2. It is more INTERESTING if you have to work hard till the very day of the campaign, because an early win leads to boredom and stagnation also on the winning side. So, as you can see, I am not against winning, I am against easy win-more buttons and the more comeback mechanics we have the more interesting is the game. I imagine every campaign to be like the grand finals in Dota 2 Internationals. You want to see comebacks, you want to thrill till the very end, you want avoid any single mistake because you opponent will benefit from them. I actually agree with a lot of points in your previous posts but that is a pretty broad assumption Try to re-read what he just said but imagining that the "winners" won at the very end of the campaign after a huge comeback and the "losers" were the favorite till the very last minutes. Basically everyone has to work harder. At least harder than now.
  3. I never seen that in this perspective and now that I see it this way it makes even more sense. Nothing against Winterblades or the strongest guilds in the game neither related to the fact that we are noob and losers, but I am a strong advocate of not having "win more" mechanics and that game equilibrium can be reversed easily and so avoiding stagnation. Good insight.
  4. There is a 0 missing or am i reading this correctly? Now tow trucking is 250 durability loss and from 5.7 it will be JUST 25???
  5. 6month calendar for use out of game,

    Well done Wiley! Nyan!
  6. And now?

    You made my day, thank you so much I am really laughing hard. I owe you one. Assuming you are not trolling, you can do several things. Defend what you just conquered, gather and slowly build wealth, build more deep relationships within your guild and many many other things since this is a sandbox. You can also spend time looking for bugs and sending report to the devs.
  7. and then the premise of my original post was so i was talking in the scenario the vendor DO NOT sell these items. Also Quality over quantity is not the best strategy. Is just a strategy. One of the possible you can have. Do your guild prefer quality? Good for you and your guild. I honestly do not think quality is best than quantity I think everything has to be weighted into a greater plan. There will be days for quantity and days for quality depending on what is best on a long term strategy. Mind that there is no good or wrong in quality or quantity nor in the strategies to achieve them. So this boils down to personal opinion and to what you believe is more efficient in a given scenario/situation.
  8. You are tunnel-visioning. You talk like if everyone has the best tools, the best passive training and can farm r5+ efficiently. When the game launches, with no training and before runecrafters would be able to make good tools to efficiently farm higher rank nodes you can farm lower ranks to start stockpiling bones, blood and other stuff. You also forget that an alchemist couldn't care less of a legendary bone and a jewelcrafter can use poor blood efficiently as legendary ones and farming lower tier resources is more efficient in that regards because you can get more drops in lesser time since you can melt the resources down faster.
  9. Photo is potato quality but we love potatoes.... and kittens, ofc... kittens.
  10. @thomasblair and @jtoddcoleman, thank you so much for the video and for the update. With the change to white crafted items and with the introductions of new racials bonuses we will have legacy vessels and legacy white items in the economy (specially if we craft lot of white items/vessels before the update and save them in our spirit banks). What are your plans about it? Will there be a full wipe to get rid of legacy items or are we going to have them in the economy? If you do not want to give a yes/no answer I am fine with ti but would be nice to see what is in your mind and what do you think on the matter regardless of your final decision. Not to play devil's advocate, but you forget that unless these vendors sells meat, bones, soulgems, blood and other side items there would still be a value in gathering. The only resource cut out of the loop is stone, since they don't drop anything particular if not stones. Would be nice to have a "side" resource in the like of blood/beeswax or similar that is tied to the stones (maybe move cutting grit to stones and remove it from slag?), so farming r5 and below would still have some side benefits.
  11. End Game Raid Bosses PVE

    I foresee having nightmares of a giant spider queen Todd chasing me in my dreams. Thank you Krakken.
  12. Ok Kraahk, first of all since english is not my nor your first language i think we need to make clarification here. To me an exploit is taking personal advantage from a flaw in the game system and abusing of an unintended game mechanics. I have never thought for a single moment that you did that for taking a personal advantage. You just happened to discover a bug and you eventually verified the steps to reproduce it for then reporting to the devs. There is a huge difference from just happening to discover a bug and understanding how it works, and to actively exploiting it to gain advantage, so please let's avoid the term exploit because i do not think it fits the discussion here. Aren't you over-reacting a little bit here? I checked all the discussions we had in discord but i couldn't find, so that discussion happened in game-chat most likely and if I remember correctly that even happened in global chat. I honestly do not remember that you asked me to keep it quiet. Now, ask yourself one thing: do you really think that if you asked me to keep it quiet I would have then mentioned you here? I mean I have strong respect for you, your project and other things i do not want to mention here in the forums. I think there was a huge misunderstanding and, on the opposite I wonder why you haven't contacted me on the first mention happened on June 23rd while you decided to wait 2 weeks and a second mention and then acting like you are offended. A more mature approach wouldn't have been to contact me privately after the first mention? We could have avoided things to degenerate this way and I could have apologized if you asked me to keep it quiet and for some reason i forgot of your request (which, honestly i do not remember if you asked me or not). Now you are acting like if i backstabbed you, which I have not, because you didn't asked me to keep this quiet in the first place. And if you asked me to keep it quite and I didn't, well please accept my sincere and public apologizes. If you asked this i simply forgot it and by now way I mentioned you with the idea of hurting you or putting you in a bad position. I wish that discussion happened on discord so we could had a history but unluckily it didn't happened there. Anyway please accept again my sincere apologizes for having put you into an uneasy situation. That was not my intent in the very first place. Now I wonder if you actually spent the time reading my post of if you were so angry that you couldn't read properly. I never said this... i said: I never discussed about ethics of the player discovering or abusing bugs. I never discussed of economy messed up by bugs. Honestly i don't care at all of economy because the player base is so low that it's not even a good sample for testing purpose so I don't care at all. Nor I care for duped items cause guess what? There will be wipes. I simply said a wipe would make the life easier for the devs. Would a wipe really make the life easier for them? I don't know. That's my opinion and forums are here to share each others. And sincere apologizes again. when bad things happens relationships gets destroyed... or they get stronger. I hope our takes the latter way and we can move forward this and establish an even deeper one than we previously had.
  13. Save the Kittens - [Kittens]

    110 kittens are in the guild! We are also running a recruit campaign to give even more incentives for joining us. Rewards for joining changes often so check our discord to see if a campaign is running and what are the perks.