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  1. Apart from guild organized gathering sessions you can also use dkp to get mats and skip gatheirng completely. I suggest you to have a look on our guild manual (there is a link in discord) to see how we handle material distribution to crafters. Feel free to ask questions if there is something that need further explanations after you have read the guild manual! Have fun!!
  2. No, these are them asking if me to share some Ambrosia. (PS: we just reached 170 members...)
  3. I am really happy to see more and more positive feedback for this thread and this idea. Keep it up!!
  4. Not sure if it's a runegate... or a selfie!!!!
  5. A system like that would help me create some amazing cat-themed quests and lore for our guild. I can already imagine a whole long chained quest in the search of the holy catnip.
  6. yeah the video was really well done that for one moment i almost thought it was an official one lol. Very well done.
  7. I have seen the whole video maybe 30 minutes after you posted it. I think they are all awesome concepts and I would love to make pve quests in my ek. I doubt they will find the budget to implement this but anyway good job i liked it a lot.
  8. Well I thought we were enough off-topic on the first thread but you are bringing it off-top here as well. Let me reiterate really fast. 1. If you plan to play only in prime-time hours and you do not want the conflict to happen while you sleep I understand and I am happy the devs will implement a system so you can be safe while you sleep. Not all players like this and some like to have 24/7 conflict. To each his own. 2. Limiting access to some part of the game to people who would have real-life issues due to time-zone/night shifts etc. is not a good player experience for these players
  9. Well it was very lovable from your brother to buy an account for his "littlesister". I hope both of you have fun in game!
  10. I agree on everything. But my thoughts are not limited to this. At the moment we are "just" testing there is no NPE implemented yet and new players feel already "lost" from the very moment they put a feet here. Granted that is their "fault" for not researching that the game is in "pre-alpha" and we are here to "test" and this is not even a game... nonetheless this has a lot of side effects, like people ending up being unsatisfied, leaving the game and then blaming the development in other gaming communities/websites etc. So, while it is true that this won't be the case anymore at rel
  11. Thank you Teufel for remembering me something i already know, and I appreciate you care for my understanding on how things here are supposed to work. Thank you again for your kindness.
  12. JTC called it dicey in a twitter. You should ask him not me. Sure. If there is something else I can do for you let me know.
  13. Thank you Pann. Please say my sincerely thanks to all the team who stood up for this dicey and difficult decision. I am sure new players will love a chance to catch up and I will do my best to keep them interested in the game and to provide them a friendly environment. Keep up the good work.
  14. 150 members!!! Now we are halfway to found Kittens 2.
  15. I know these are really small, but still I do not get the rationale behind certain decisions. If all this stuff will be wiped soon anyway why don't wipe it again? and again? and again? To me seems most of the decisions taken here are to avoid people who invest lot of time in to the game to get angry and upset (who will suffer most from a wipe? only players that have invested a lot of time in the game). As someone who is in direct touch with new players daily i feel that if we start slowly take directions towards them (new players will benefit way more of a wipe, cause they will not feel "
  16. @thomasblair On topic of legacy items again, I just had a conversation on Discord with @mandalore @Tark @Jah and few others. I do not want to bother you with details so i will get straight to the point. Don't you think that leaving legacy items will just motivate players to stockpile them knowing that they won't be available anymore? Try to imagine someone making a spirit bank full of "punch drunk". I mean, if your "official" stance is to "allow" legacy items, players may just think that there is nothing wrong in stockpiling them and they may even find added value due to the psycolog
  17. You are more than welcome to do this. Because if you do so we lose the castle, but you and your guild will count towards the total players who actually joined the "dead" server making it "less" dead, so we can keep using it. I know that behind your online avatar there is a kind human being and you are just demonstrating me your support. Please do it!!! We need more people joining the dead server. And thank you again for your kindness.
  18. Nothing is going to change that what he wants custards the rest of the pop The rest of the pop?? I just want a campaign for people willing to play it. People that do not like it are free to play the campaign they want. I have no intention to "custard(??)" the "whole population". But yes you are not going to change my mind cause if the devs will implement "timed" sieges window and if i will feel "excluded" to sieges for real life reason I already know I will probably move to a different game, cause I do not like a game in which part of the content is put behind a wall jus
  19. Well I have never played Shadowbane, so I take your word for that. I guess I should rewrite that part but I will leave it that way for keeping the conversation the way it has been written.
  20. Shadowbane didn't had campaigns so the devs decision to make happy the majority of the populations made lot of sense at that time. Now we have campaign and the devs can create custom tailored experiences for different fragment of game population. And, regardless of your thinking that fragmentation is bad, it is very good if you think that one part you are fragmenting would have probably left to another game, but due to the very fact that you are creating custom campaigns for them will encourage them to stay here and feed the game money. We have campaigns now, let's use them.
  21. How many anchors (i don't know if anchor is the correct term but I hope you understand) does it have inside for putting crafting stations? Also, do you think someone with leadership can reach all the crafting station by standing in the middle of the hall?
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