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  1. I did a minimal amount of searching to see if people had suggested this and didn't come up with anything so forgive me if I missed something. (I also haven't been active for a while) Are there any plans in place to add a refining option to increase quality of resources at a loss? Example: 10 grey ore refined to 1 green ore, 10 green ore refined to 1 blue ore etc I feel there needs to be a way to make up for the lack of quality in easier campaigns and also to make use of lower tier resource stockpiles.
  2. This thread is old but, I wanted to add my opinion anyways. If gathering is a chore, don't do it. You don't have to be a gatherer or a crafter or anything you don't want to be. There are a lot of games where people hate activities like fishing or gardening because they take a long time and they don't provide you with anything spectacular but, to some people that is the appeal. Some people may never leave the safety of their kingdom and spend all day chopping grey wood. Find a person who enjoys doing the things you don't like to do and make friends with them.
  3. I still don't have reliable internet but, I'm going to try and update this soon. Stand By.
  4. It's totally possible to build an empire outside of the CWs. There will always be a market for low quality resources but, I can't imagine finding a guild full of people who never want to experience 80% of the game.
  5. Currently, Currently, I'm a member of Sugoi which has a very strong crafting group already. There are some crafting only guilds that exist but, as far as I can tell none of them are very successful. We'll have to see what the soft launch brings.
  6. Don't forget to update your info on the google sheet if you've already posted. If you're new here, update the sheet and say hello!
  7. Proto-Google Sheet is up and running. If you have posted your name before, please stop by and update your other information. If you are new and looking to add your name to the list. Please add all of your information to the bottom of the list and it will be automatically sorted with the filter functions. Until I can tie the data from all of the columns together, I have locked the ability to edit. Hold on. Fixed filters, adding filter view. Done. Okay, have at it folks. Don't worry if you make a big mistake, I can always roll the sheet back to a previous version to fix i
  8. 2016 was no joke. Things are looking up though. Going to finish a Computer Science degree. Maybe I'll go work for Artcraft. Doggett needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes.
  9. Hey guildies, Just wanted to give you an update. The place I was working at got sold and I was laid off. Going back to school and I don't know when I'll be back. I wish you all well.
  10. Hello all, Sorry for being gone for a while. A little update, the company I was working for was sold and I was laid off. I don't have reliable internet right now so it's going to be a while until I can get back into gaming. Good news is I'm going back to school to finish a computer science degree and Crowfall is at the top of my list for projects. So until then thanks for all the support. Happy New Year.
  11. **Update** I have made a Google sheet with filters for Name, Profession, Guild, Faction and God. Once I finish tweaking it, I will be editing the original post with a link to the sheet. Once this happens, please post your updated information in a reply to this thread and I'll update it in the sheet.
  12. I played on Corbantis. Eclipse sounds too LARPey haha
  13. It didn't prevent us from knowing it was Obs LOD who was following us around haha
  14. Don't you worry. I'm going to be adding an updated list with professions once we get into the Big World Testing. I'm going to take this full list, alphabetize it and categorize it by profession one we get to the point where people have had a chance to figure things out.
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