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  1. I read this today and wasn’t even aware that they had taken passive training away. It makes me sad that in a couple of months this game will have been in development for 6 years and they haven’t even finished the core game that was promised in the Kickstarter. I’m not even sure it’s the same game. It’s definitely not marketed to the same audience. I hope they release so I can sell all of my rewards to people via trusted traders, but that’s pretty much all I have to look forward to.
  2. So, I've been gone from the forums for...I donno, like 3-4 years. I kind of expected Crowfall to be live by now. Anyways, is anybody maintaining a current game system wiki or info dump? It doesn't seem like artcraft has an official one.
  3. It's interesting to see where the conversation has migrated over the last 6 years. While the person who created this thread has a point from a general MMO perspective, I wonder if the marketing and vision of the game has failed along the way. The system was created to provide complexity and progression over a long period of time. So what if it takes 2 days to craft crappy gear when you first start playing? What about when you've been playing for a year? Do you want a crafting system that amounts to hit rock, make item? Maybe something else would be more enjoyable for you. If the game is
  4. I did a minimal amount of searching to see if people had suggested this and didn't come up with anything so forgive me if I missed something. (I also haven't been active for a while) Are there any plans in place to add a refining option to increase quality of resources at a loss? Example: 10 grey ore refined to 1 green ore, 10 green ore refined to 1 blue ore etc I feel there needs to be a way to make up for the lack of quality in easier campaigns and also to make use of lower tier resource stockpiles.
  5. This thread is old but, I wanted to add my opinion anyways. If gathering is a chore, don't do it. You don't have to be a gatherer or a crafter or anything you don't want to be. There are a lot of games where people hate activities like fishing or gardening because they take a long time and they don't provide you with anything spectacular but, to some people that is the appeal. Some people may never leave the safety of their kingdom and spend all day chopping grey wood. Find a person who enjoys doing the things you don't like to do and make friends with them.
  6. I rarely have the time to visit the forums anymore but, I'd like to see a couple of changes to the crafting system. First, I love the SWG style component and experimentation system but, it's nearly impossible to find subcomponents unless you already know where to look. Please restructure the crafting GUI to allow easier access to subcomponent recipes. If I'm crafting an axe to chop trees I should be able to click on an "axe" recipe and then build it from sub menus without ever leaving the recipe page. Also, since harvesting tools will be separate now, please get rid of the upgrade path for bas
  7. I still don't have reliable internet but, I'm going to try and update this soon. Stand By.
  8. (This may have been answered already, please point me to the right place if it has) Since archetypes no longer exist which gets rid of race locking, when you train multiple "classes" that are usable by the same race...do you get access to all of them or do you have to choose which class is active?
  9. I have a question. Is that raw data in order of your attempts? If so, there's a distinct pattern of descending quality every 2 attempts.
  10. The Crowfall store is selling different resource parcels and it's my current understanding that all of these parcels still produce knotwood, cobblestone and slag. Since the changing of the way tools worked, I haven't heard anything about how these resources will interact with the harvesting system. Do harvesting skills even effect these resources? If not, how will these "for money" (although they can apparently be crafted) items be relevant within the economy. Also, if advanced harvesting doesn't increase stats for harvesting trash resources, then how will that aspect of the game be made v
  11. The crafting system is meant to be punishing because it's a fake economy and it needs mechanics to slow its progression. If you didn't have critical failures, every item would be useful and therefor everything would be less valuable. That being said, it is a little confusing that the color value of an item isn't tied to its actual statistics. My suggestion to the dev team would be, set a certain stat threshold for each color level and if it goes above or below that threshold you adjust to color to match the quality. In other words, if you critical fail a purple item, it becomes green or bl
  12. @Gordon I'm still involved with this program which overlaps a lot with your interest in permaculture. You should stop by the website. I can get you in contact with Caleb Harper. This is the Forum: http://forum.openag.media.mit.edu
  13. I agree with the OP. The reason sandbox style games appeal to me is that they don't have limiting rule-sets. Whether or not a person needs guards to be successful should be influenced by risk/reward not hard coded requirements. It doesn't make sense to say that I can't chop down a tree alone but, if I have a friend I can. Id rather have the option of harvesting alone and getting half the resources. If I'm traveling between 2 points on the map and I see a motherload node, I then have to stop what I'm doing, contact guild members and wait for them to travel to my location just to get some bonus
  14. Keep in mind that the test is not necessarily for your enjoyment. It's not early access, it's an alpha test. Being dramatic isn't constructive and it causes other people to lose interest in the game. Maybe there's a point to changing the numbers that benefits the testing of some other feature.
  15. If Crowfall decides on a common currency like gold, it will be useful by nature. In other words, gold will be the primary way of buying and trading in the EK. Whether or not gold is worth exporting depends on its value compared to the items you want to trade for. Keep in mind also that gold is supposed to be an inventory item and its benefit is that it's stackable. So instead of taking a legendary sword back to your EK, it may be more beneficial to take a few stacks of gold. I predict that the most valuable items will be the things that have the best space to value ratio or things that can
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