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  1. Better yet, you get a real prison sentence IRL, according to what you did in-game. Immersion.
  2. We've caught you red handed.
  3. See Pawkette, from what has been said so far, it seems like Crowfall is being made exactly for the people who have been utterly bored with the mainstream 'average people' MMO's that have been churning out for the past 8 years. Perhaps you should find something else? But then again, the fact that I feel the need to tell you this, is incredible, considering we're simply talking about action bars and keybinds. Perhaps you're in the wrong genre of games to begin with.
  4. Let me just clear one thing up. None of the keybinds freeze mentioned requires you to take your hand off your mouse, nor does it mean that you can't move your character at the same time as you press those keybinds. Even in WoW, where many terrible players exist, understand the use of efficient keybinds.
  5. *Mouth breathing while stroking my neckbeard*
  6. Thank you freeze for not making me explain all that.
  7. The memorization part comes very easily after a while, if you're using keybinds instead of clicking.
  8. I don't think he liked that nail. Anyways, no need to announce it. I have doubts he backed at all. Maybe part of the $5 master race.
  9. .......The thousand yard stare; this dog has seen some shlt. PTCD
  10. Grecco sounds like gekko. The lizard is pleased.
  11. You may think that is so, but the lizard has you in his sights..
  12. Sugar is nice, and so is some spice. But speedballs are where it's at. Makes me go "Muchas gracias! god DAMN god damn."
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