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  1. I think Amber Pledges should get something extra too : ^) Wishful thinking =P
  2. They were all great value but I think they said amber and sapphire were of greatest value.
  3. I see so many Sapphires and Ambers =P
  4. Good points by everyone! Yea I see what most people are saying. I guess the best direction for crowfall to take is towards Tera and moderately paced combat that still involves skill, movement, dodging, etc.
  5. I agree. I think crowfall should have somewhat slower combat but still be dynamic in the sense of some quick movements / dodging and a variety of different abilities / skills and their effects in battle.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has played Black Desert especially the PVP or watched it and what they think? I think it would be cool if Crowfall PVP was dynamic as Black Desert PVP even though it probably won't reach that point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNZFlaSsA1Q
  7. Dang I was hoping kickstarters would get both the ks horses and 2015 horse skins for helping promote the kickstarter so much ><
  8. Suggestion: KS cape. KS pet Lion, Tiger, Dragon etc
  9. The last thing they want to do is open up any arguments between different tiered backers whilst they are trying to promote and develop the game. I've seen issues arise in other kickstarters and it isn't pretty. Just wanted to put in my opinion. You never know what specific type of options they will have post kickstarter.
  10. I just hope its a balance of being dynamic enough with movements, like dashing and rolling, and controls, but not too static like standing around enemies and spamming abilities. I hope there will be some skill involved. Also hope there could be an aiming mechanism for shooting arrows vs click target and hit.
  11. I posted this in another thread but With it being pre-alpha and changes to be made, they still said they are heading in the direction of the battle system of Wild Star. I know some people are hoping that the battle system will be as dynamic as an action rpg pvp for example: This is also pre-alpha footage of a new game with Dynamic Action PVP. Personally, I don't think Crowfall will reach this level of Dynamic Action for PVP rather more Static in comparison in terms of movement and control. I think it would be awesome if Crowfall could be somewhat as dynamic but I don't think it will
  12. Yea Gigantic will be pretty awesome. I agree the skill-ceiling is too high but as I hope they strike a balance between not too static with standing there and spamming skills and not too fps-style. I said above I think dashing, rolling etc would add some complexity. Aiming for shooting arrows would be more dynamic than click target, auto hit.
  13. Yea I don't expect them to go the FPS-style and super dynamic combat but hopefully not too static with just standing there and spamming skills with the hope of some movement abilities like dashing and rolling to add some skill involved in battle vs skill spamming. I hope there some form of aiming for shooting arrows and NOT like click target, auto hit when in range.
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