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  1. Its great to have a knob for adjusting this but if the game and combat are just better at 6 than 5 maybe the whole idea of 5 being the base value should be reevaluated. The ratio of dps:healer at 5 makes combat slog along at times as healers are able to easily maintain. Combat at 6 feels more impactful in that way and 6's also resulted in a greater diversity of builds accepted into meta group compositions.
  2. This whole thing is an issue of perception. To someone who doesn't know the game, all the new people we hope to bring in, this probably looks like one of the more pay 2 win things theyve seen in a mmo. However, from someone who knows the game, I like it. An idea i've seen that I like a lot is to unlock this option for every player, vip or not, after getting a single character to 30. Have some cooldown duration on it, and then implementing a cooldown reduction for vip.
  3. I like that people have to make a choice. The majority will likely be choosing combat and a exploration line which opens up a niche for crafters to excel in and values their contribution to a clan.
  4. So what about in Dregs when clans have real ownership and risk during sieges?
  5. There are many parallels to be drawn between Path of Exile's leagues and Crowfall's campaign resets. Chris Wilson explains how his dev team has achieved long term success via their league system in this video. Chances are CF devs have already watched Chris's presentation or maybe even attended the conference but just in case I figured i'd pass it along. Apologies if this has been posted before, I did a search and found nothing.
  6. Yeah, they seem pretty sold on the idea of being able to mix in glides between dashes and jumps. I don't think they want the glider to be limited to just merely sprinting off a cliff. Edit: That would fix the problem though, although I don't like it (not nearly as fun).
  7. While not "mandatory" Fae mobility is too good to pass up on if it is an option for your class and you are a competitive player. It is so good that I won't even bother looking into duelist as a stealth class and am hyped as custard about a frost mage with fae mobility. -Stealth movement speed is a massive quality of life feature for any stealth player for both running away and chasing or scouting. It is good enough to enable certain plays that other stealth classes could never do. To increase stealth diversity the same passive should be found on guinies and somewhere within the stealth ranger specc talent tree. (If not the full 70% value then at least give them something. Stealthing on a ranger feels horribly slow. Guinies should probably not get the full 70% because they have the burrow teleport. ) -Glide is good on its own and is gameplay enabling. What makes glide OP is that when you dodge roll off a cliff you will maintain velocity until you hit the ground. This allows fae to move across the landscape with unequaled speed and the more creative the devs get with terrain features the stronger this becomes. The one game feature putting this into check is fall damage. Luckily you can just glide when you are 5 feet off the ground and avoid that damage all together. I'm not sure if this is intended. If it should be nerfed or other classes should have their mobility brought up is up for debate and I could be persuaded either way. With all that being said, Fae is really fun to play. How good their baked in mobility is is a good thing, it makes the game more fun. I don't think nerfing them into the ground would be good for the overall health of the game but would rather see other stealth archetypes gain some flavor of these quality of life benefits of the Fae.
  8. Not really. Templar still has garbage tier mobility so most people won't have issues kiting the templar out. Atleast now those people are having to outplay a player instead of just walking out of a stationary red circle on the ground, far more interesting gameplay imo. The templar has almost no place in open world pvp due the stationary aoe nature of divine light and complete lack of mobility. This change would solve both while maintaining their position as a strong point defense character. Damage and healing values can always be adjusted for balance but at least the class will be fun to play and templar players wont feel like their class is only good for 10% of the situations you will find yourself in in-game.
  9. They should really just make divine light a player based aoe that moves around with the templar and grants some movement speed while its active.
  10. In general I am a fan of the design decision that some classes should be better at some things than others. However, I feel like the degree at which they pidgeon-holed the Templar into being a fixed point dominator (The lack of reliable pip generation is compounded by the lack of mobility required to chase down and hit things to build pips) has diminished their viability of fighting in any other situation. The solutions provided by Vesperre in the mobility and dps category would be steps in the right direction to bring this class up into being viable in more diverse situations. Taking inspiration from other suggestions in the thread, here is my proposed solution: Make divine light a player-based aoe ability that attaches to and follows the Templar (or another ally?) where ever they go. Along with this, attach a movement speed bonus buff (25%-ish) to the duration that divine light persists. Each subclass of the templar has a unique morph to the divine light ability and all of them look good on paper but fall short in practicality with the fixed nature of the ability. This change kills two birds with one stone (mobility and gets them out of the fixed point pidgeon-hole dilemna) and covers each subclass equally well. With this change the new way to counter a templar is to kite the templar instead of simply stepping out of an aoe. Outplaying a person is far more interesting than outplaying a stationary red circle on the floor.
  11. There should absolutely be a full wipe. This is the first sanctioned test run to really mimic the beginning of the game at launch. So lets mimic it and get good testing data with everyone beginning on an equal playing field.
  12. I hope some of the training tomes are incredibly rare, and difficult to obtain, even if the skill it grants is only slightly better than some other skill. Something like a tome that only spawns once per campaign and requires completion of a complex scavenger hunt or a tome that has to stay in the inventory to train it's skill and that tome can be looted on death.
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