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  1. The dregs is not the campaign name it is the rule set. Also I believe that when they release they intend to release all rule sets and not just the dregs or just the gods reach.
  2. what? the hunger doesn't have an army any more than the idea of gravity has and army. it's not like the hunger is actively destroying these planets it is more like a massive chemical reaction.
  3. I've had this Idea and I think it is a great mechanic.
  4. if you have 3 official guilds then you have all the other guilds automatically below that. you see in this game a guild has to build prestige for themselves but if you have a guild named 'official' all the other guilds are automatically known as 'unofficial' and thus have less prestige, and probably less people than the official guilds. if you want official guild play in the gods reach, they aren't guilds but they are three different side that compete against each other.
  5. yeah you are right. however I could see swimming being a problem but that is only if the water is above their head. but in general there are more advantages than drawbacks to having good armor on.
  6. this seems like a good mechanic and I also would like to see the raising of beasts other than just mounts. I want some wolfs that I can use to hunt down and kill people.
  7. I think that jumping should be limited depending on your weight that way the guy who can't afford armor can still run away better. but then the guy with armor can also probably get a horse so..
  8. I take it you are a social Darwinist. but yeah I really hop for some way to purchase the ability to make a custom sigil. but you have to consider the man hours as they don't want profane sigils.
  9. bummer makes me wish I had that kind of cash to blow on a game.
  10. but aren't you discussing forming a group that is against highly organized groups that have many participants? colloquially refer to as 'zerg' guilds.
  11. I saw guild or personal crests dose that mean we will have the option of creating our own crests? because warning you here if you say yes I literally might have a spasm of pure joy. (no lies I literally do that sometimes)
  12. so you want a giant group of anarchists. im cool with anarchy but that is for the dregs. this problem was kind of already solved in to concrete ways. 1. there are 3 faction order, balance, and chaos. in this way the 'zerg' could be chaos and thus order and balance would team up against them to level the playing field. 2. worlds are temporary they get destroyed so their probably won't be an extremely prolific 'zerg' guild that rein for more than a few weeks also more is always better than less the point is having a 'zerg' guild is supposed to make you angry so that you can rally aga
  13. now how about should the mechanic for aiming these arrows work when you can have very significant drop as you would expect on top of a wall.
  14. you know while there are summon-able mounts there are also just your standard mount that requires training and the like. these ones cant be dismissed and have to always be present in the world (until they die that is).
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