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  1. Nightfall

    Bit Coin

    the future stupid question.
  2. hrhrhr they called barbarian guy with helmet elitist
  3. pls add a downward arrow to your avatar with: "money Ive spent"
  4. its more about doing something crowfall related.... its such a withdrawal from the kickstarter time ;D
  5. there is no line, everything that can be done, will be done.
  6. - Reserve Unique Character Name (very important to know the date, there is only one Gandalflegolas Skywalker) - Name-A-Fallen-Hero (subject to approval) - Reserve Guild Name (again, very important to know the date, because you know kickasscrows is going to be kickass) - Name-A-Fallen-Monarch (subject to approval) - Name-A-Location (subject to approval) - Manipulate the rules and name your own time-limited campaign (Subject to approval from ArtCraft). not that I have any idea, but hey, cannot work without time pressure. btw what will be the policy on those things? first come first served? higher pledge trumps lower pledge?
  7. Location Sweden you lie. 1st your amazing social care system, 2nd allemansrätten, go hunt an älg or fish a ...um... fish.
  8. can I be the naughty babysitter pls?
  9. maybe I know him, maybe he just changed avatar. dont change your avatar like you change your haircolor. eod.
  10. shush weird barbarian with helmet, you are ALSO one of those few forum users I can remember!
  11. in my wild phase, I wore t-shirts with just text like my white letters on black shirt "Sturm & Drang" (I hope even those english speaking one of you will understand) its more or less like a romantic "Blitzkrieg" what I mean, let it sound german/french/spanish so people will be like "uuuh, whats that". Cant imagine "Krähenfall" is working as well, but is worth a try. ;>
  12. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5429-forum-can-you-make-the-names-more-or-avatars-less-flashy/#entry130556
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