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  1. What a gripe it is to make that goddamn thing. It must weigh a ton. Literally.
  2. Well, totally wrong sub. How about that. I blame the whiskey and excitement. Now never comment in this thread and carry on.
  3. Making the second book is a bear. You will need: 30+ hides 50+ ore 20+ specials 30+ wood Took me a day of focus to make it. Will be easier with a guild bank clearly. The thing must weigh 400 lbs.
  4. Looking for Shadowbane folks to join up with! I was a member of Virakar back in the day, but they are no more. Guild criteria: Region: US(PST) Atmosphere: Looking for a guild with fun and friendly atmosphere, but still a guild that can take things seriously when it's time to accomplish things. Casual/Hardcore?: I will be playing as much as I can, but kids and life will take precedence Size: Medium I guess. One that can field some groups for killing and maiming as well as building and defending Play-Style: Skirmishing, sieging, crafting. PvP is my main go
  5. Hello, old Shadowbane player here. Downloading the pre-alpha now. Kickstarted the game a few years back. Excited to finally try it out!
  6. Virakar Videos Mine Fights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV-_W133d8g Battle with the birds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnhyxNM5sd4
  7. Started on Deception in an Irekei guild VirGhakular, We had a city on an island in the northern desert.
  8. If I had a nickel for every time he said that I would have like 25 cents. He needs big hugs. Edit: thanks. I only have his e-mail from 2006.
  9. Mourning, Death, Test and others will remember the greatest PL assist in SB. Hell he powerleveled enemies just because. If SB'ers are gonna roll out in Crowfall we could use Panthro. and he is so sexy. Any ideas?
  10. Yo Star! I just ponied up my dough for a copy of this whenever it comes out. Was planning on looking you up since I figured you guys would be playing. You guys still playing ArchAge?
  11. No kidding. Trying to dig up Hirsh as well. Haven't talked to Agoz or Panthro since most of us quit playing Darkfall. We got bored of no one being able to take Mehatil from us and drifted off.
  12. Nkoth....err...Yarrr! I think the last place I saw you fellers was Darkfall. Considering the Virakar board is kaput I will need to see if I can dredge up some of the old crew in other ways for Crowfall. I found Yarsoon last night and am tracking others down to harass them as well.
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