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  1. Thanks for the update and your efforts and dedication so far. Stay healthy.
  2. Crowfall needs some Pink. I miss Blas.
  3. Or spend 50 and see how you like it.
  4. The high elf Mental Fortitude is interesting since passives wont need to slot any more. Will that stack with Weapon Finesse?
  5. How can we interpret this quote? Will every craft profession now map to a certain race with the bonus, or will even more professions have no bonus whatsoever?
  6. Lots to think about from this update.
  7. When the proud Aracoix escaped the ruins of Aerynth and landed here on these distant shores, did they imagine the indignity they would suffer at the hands of marketing?
  8. I think I saw an Elf grave around the keep in Danilu in the Infected. If you are Balance, I think theres still a Fae vessel for sale on one of the vendors in the temple.
  9. If it eases your concerns a little, my laptop in Crowfall sits around 64c - 68c for cpu temps, 55c - 60c gpu. Pretty toasty but not out of line. Specs: i7 7700k, gtx 1080 not max q. I do override fans to max before even launching CF. That seems to prevent the starting temp spike and keeps things steady state at the temps above.
  10. Villein rune would help alot to extend the durability, but I can't say I know anyone that uses intermediate tools for any length of time - just go right to blue tools.
  11. Leveling a vessel isn't really that much of a grind is it? Or not beyond the first one. You can farm gold enough to level a blue at least in just a few hours. I'd hope to see vessel rolling options evolve to give some of the customization that SB character creation offered. Looking past the nostalgia, the customization was not that extensive, 80% of creation runes I'm sure no one ever took, but still there were a few things you could take to give a different twist to a character. The state of both emulators is a sad thing. Maybe its simply nostalgia colored memory,, b
  12. Not wrong about the Fae racial advantages. Ive played around with high elf assy and its just not the same. Maybe if the high elf racial power were strengthened it could make up for the fae big mobility advantage.
  13. The different campaign levels should take care of some of that. In 3 faction losing does not hurt as much and you would still get some export. Down to the Dregs where the skilled guilds will be, after a loss they should want to try again, try a new spec, get revenge.
  14. I have to disagree with the premise, if Im understanding what you mean. You should not be trying to complete everything in every skill tree. The skills set up requires us to make choices. Do you want to focus on combat, or on crafting, or whatever? If you're combat focused, then you contribute those skills to your guild and have to rely on the crafters to keep you set up with gear. If you focus on harvesting, you have to rely on your guild's combat specialists to keep you safe while you gather. It will be, and should be, very hard to solo in CF.
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