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  1. You could make that complaint about several craft specialties. Alchemy needs resources from quarrying, jeweller needs resources from mining. Its all interconnected. The longevity of necromancy may become an issue, with vessels not decaying. A couple years from now, if things last that long, necros could be in far less demand.
  2. Those base numbers are indeed low. But there exist mechanisms in game to take them up to more tolerable levels. The stats page shows you have 3 plentiful resources, and thats with blue disc/belt? You are not using food/potion then. You should be. There are also food/potions to increase heartwood, dust, beeswax... The unbuffed stats are supposed to be low to encourage you to use the tools that cooking and alchemy can provide.
  3. They do not have durability. Maybe they should? Once upon a time a vessel was to have been an object lootable on death.
  4. Yes, vessels system could be reworked to allow for so much more customization that it offers now. Quite a few of the additives we have are practically useless. Looking at you humerus. The potential of the vessel system is staggering, it just needs some creative attention.
  5. I think I have to say neigh to that argument. 😛 I don't recall Livy or Suetonius having much to say about centaurs. So what CF is trying to do is take the mythical idea of centaurs and transplant them into the historical setting of ancient Rome. But the centaurs will not so easily give up their mythic baggage. I found this quote on an old Crowfall wiki. I think it is the original story text given to the Legionnaire archetype: "My name is Gaius Aurelius. I was bred to be a warrior, and I did not disappoint. My chosen weapons are axe, lance, bow and blade. I am the ninth in my family to be chosen as a member of the Red Brigade. This proves our superior breeding." So...bow and blade. That's a ranger right there. At least its not talking about traps. Nerf cent wardens, before they even exist! Side note, on the subject of Archetypes early abandoned - I want my Stalker!
  6. Based on Rome, whose myths of centaurs followed on the Greek, so more or less fantasy based any way you look at it. And Rome did use archers, many of them mounted. So...I'd say its time for some centaur rangers.
  7. Chests definitely have the chance to drop discs.
  8. What level is your stonemasonry belt?
  9. In Stonemasonry, even crafting chests will drop the rune.
  10. Alyriel

    Nerf Ranger

    Well...depending on the composition of the 3. But the balance of what youre saying is not untrue.😛 I mean sure I have fun on my warden, but its a guilty kind of fun - something isnt right. I actually prefer the archer spec.
  11. Alyriel

    Nerf Ranger

    Not getting into nerf Wardens/Rangers, though its true we have 2 or 3 elements in their bag of tricks that need toning down. Its important to remember Crowfall is about group vs group and guild vs guild. The 1 vs 1 fight, while important, is not the core of this game. Some builds excel at certain things, others not so much. What precisely does "balanced" mean? Its never been the intention that every permutation of 1vs 1 be perfectly "balanced".
  12. Oh no, definitely not, sorry if that was confusing. I do not want a 3-way toggle for stealth, ranged, and melee. Agreed, it would be very inefficient. If I'm remembering correctly, I think we used to have a similar setup. This was way back before they made the swap between exploration tray and the combat trays automatic. You could not swap directly ranged --> stealth, but had to swap to melee first and then stealth. I'm not advocating for either a 2-way or a 3-way swap. At the risk of trying to insert too much of a real world consideration into a game, changing your weapons mid fight - swapping out two short swords for a bow - would be a tricky maneuver. The in game implementation of this action lets us off very easy. The fact that ACE put in the disengage power with its included tray swap shows they recognize this. And yes disengage itself has a cd, I meant that it has no global cd on all powers - when you land, you can act immediately.
  13. Great resource. Thank you.
  14. CF cents: think Nessus rather than Chiron.
  15. Stealth may not be swapping weapons, but it is swapping your selection of powers. And rangers already get an auto swap melee --> ranged without cd from the disengage.
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