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  1. Everybody we need to get more people to support the change.org page for the guinecean slayer, we can be diggers, we can be fighters but if we can't get this thing up to 500 then there will be no ankle biting assassins. No death from below. No unconsciounably powerful ninja guinea pigs. WE CAN DO IT.
  2. So edgy Phallustastic man. Yeah I don't know if we wanted the EKs to be more meaningful then we should try to stir up competition, a leaderboard might not be the best way to do it but we do need a reason for people to compete besides who has the prettiest kingdom. Also since I kind of like nitpicking in the case of places that provide goods in exchange for currency bigger is almost always better unless your shopping for a very particular item and the boutique is a specialty shop, the larger providers tend to get larger because they centralize your needs, if you can buy toilet paper, food, drink and entertainment in the same store there's not much of a reason to go elsewhere unless you're looking for something very specific or looking for a better deal on an item. Though sadly because these small shops have to maintain a profit their prices tend to be higher than in a larger provider because fewer and fewer people are coming to the boutique, they're going to wally world so they can get everything at once. Rant completed.
  3. There's no good reason for them to exist. We already have mounts and the game is centered around competent strategy so I don't think immortality beyond the "eternal heroes" would work at all. Like it would kill the entire game. If it's an active healing effect then it would need to be a one shot to balance out it's power and at that point it really just becomes superfluous, since when are you going to snort your magical unicorn cocaine? When you're in a large battle, and in battles such as that every tenth guy snorting his boney pixie stick leads to a lot of repetition. Think to any other strategy game or MOBA or whatever, what's the first thing you do when somebody stands up after you kill them? You kill them again and make sure they know you meant it that time. As mounts what are they going to have that the others don't? A special charging horn? Congratulations you just did an extra 3 points of damage with a headbutt, here's your cookie. If you just want a faster mount do something more along the lines of Sleipnir, it fits with the Norse theme and would give a bit better flavor than a celestial horse of supreme magic good. Pure of heart? How are we to determine that, do you even think there would be more than .000001% of players that could actually be considered good people in game, it's a game about furthering your agenda. Diplomacy plays into it but I doubt that many of us are going to be paragons of virtue and justice. You know what, after all that.... Maybe we do need unicorns. But they don't necessarily have to be for the good and righteous... Have them appear to the young virgin women. Like unicorns are fabled to have done.
  4. Fantastic idea. 8/8. Honestly if they gave us options from historical crests it would work well and a competent person could make a sigil representing what they stand for since every crest feature had a distinct meaning.
  5. The athletics shown in the trailer of crowfall look pretty silly. Particularly the moment when the character in full plate armor performs a 10 ft. double jump. I can only hope this was pre alpha footage because physical impossibilities aren't particularly appealing in a game that promises a fair amount of realism. Honestly I think that armor should consistently ruin most athletic attempts, jump height should be reduced, swimming should be more difficult and climbing should be extremely hard. That way it incentivizes characters who want a wider range of mobility to optimize their skills and focus more on what they want to do. Its also just more realistic. If possible environments should also change some athletic mechanics, rain might make climbing more difficult because the rocks are slippery, and winter might give swimming a risk of taking serious damage.
  6. It seems that only the ruby backers are going to have the custom guild crest option available to them at the beginning, I for one would like to see custom crests be made another cosmetic option we can buy. Just a pretty brief suggestion that I think might net the creators some money.
  7. A. They're small and they seem like they might be a melee agility class B. They're guinea pigs
  8. The game should reward both but we don't need to dumb down a good system so we can wage tactical warfare. The two are not mutually exclusive, in a one on one fight with the best swordsman in the world you're going to get your head chopped off but if you've destroyed his nations economy that's a completely different story. Unless he killed you before you did something than the two have nothing to do with each other. The game is skill based, both reflex and intelligence are obviously going to be rewarded. Not one, not the other. Both.
  9. When is the last time you completely backed out on a major life decision and replaced every aspect of it with something else? Did you go to college to become a music teacher and then just spontaneously decide. You know what! I'm going to burn all of my sheet music, break my instruments and forget everything I knew about music so I can become an electrician! No. Don't be a baby, if you want to make an informed decision on what promotion class to take I'm sure you'll be able to read up on the classes and you'll be able to watch videos on what those classes can do.
  10. Really I wouldn't be too surprised if specialist was just a term to refer to them doing something that doesn't fit a traditional role in an MMO (or at least doesn't fit into the basic niches). Just guessing for the three that we've seen so far, the duelist is probably a 1v1 specialist, the stalker a set up character and the assassin an ambusher. I hope that the specialists don't fit into similar roles as each other, it would be quite interesting if they all had their own you know... Specialties.
  11. The problem is how the game handles telegraphs, it shows an area where an attack will hit. Instead it should use more prominent pre-attack animations so the game is EVEN MORE skill based. They break atmosphere and in large scale combats the telegraphs would get hectic and likely slow the game moreso than a basic mass combat would.
  12. If a sword has a flat rectangle hitbox but the sword itself has an angled midsection turning into two edges then the flatblade would hit the character. It's much more prominent in hammers and maces because if you get closer to somebody swinging a warhammer then they're going to hit you with the hilt, not the hammer. The arrow thing was more a thesis statement since it's actually been stated that an arrow would have a cylindrical hitbox and that's evidence to base the concern on. The problem with the hitboxes just has to do with how players move around each other, and considering the dodge mechanic a problem where a character is grazed by an area of a weapon that would not deal damage but still takes the full brunt of the weapons attack. Basically I just feel like it could be a problem, it's certainly not a primary concern and I'm not going to jump off my backing because of it but it is something I noticed and I'm putting it out there. A lot of other things need fixing first before minor gameplay mechanics are addressed. It's just a tune up that would make the game a bit more fun and possibly balanced.
  13. EK doesn't need to be a mandatory warzone but it definitely should have the option and it looks like it's going to. My problem with the EK is it's lack of meaning. But even so it isn't COMPLETELY worthless the way it is. A. Hey I mean sometimes you want to relax and that's reasonable enough. B. If these are the respawn points it makes dying enough of a hassle that you don't want to do it. C. Getting together to plot your strategy in the EK is a safer way to have player to player interactions. But yeah, maybe if they implement a trade system and have pretty hard division between politics and battle it could be more interesting. Wars would be nice but having them be non-consensual would allow older players to instantly crush newer ones. If they put a solid value on EKs besides artistic, then it could be really fun but we shouldn't let the power of the EK bleed into the campaigns. Honestly if they just made a leader board then it would cause a lot of people to try to compete for the best kingdom, we want to be able to win something and that seems to about the gist of most games. Allowing us to take some equipment into campaigns might not be half bad either since it doesn't look like the items are going to have high differences in power and giving some reward to the people who took the risk to get the materials would be nice.
  14. We haven't seen a whole lot about hitboxes but from what we have seen I have a small concern. This is somewhat minute but it could be very agitating if it isn't fixed before release. It was stated that an arrow's hitbox is a cylinder. This raises one initial concern in that unless that cylinder is very short the shaft of the arrow can deal just as much damage as the point. It would better be made a small cone for damage purposes. If similar treatment is applied to other weapons then a sword traveling horizontally underneath a jumping character could deal damage with it's flatblade, as opposed to it's edge. You know. The lethal part. Weapons should only have hitboxes in the areas that they can deal their intended damage with, a sword might only have it's hitbox on it's edge, and a mace it's head. Other parts of the weapon could have hitboxes as well but they would either be for destructive purposes or would deal less damage. The point is that if any part of a weapon deals the same damage as the rest of that weapon then we're going to find ourselves in a lot of situations where we wonder why we died when we avoided that hit.
  15. Here's your nemesis system. Keep track of who you don't like, prioritize their assassination or suffering in your own mind. If you don't know a character well enough to not have their demise in your mind then they aren't your nemesis, if you don't want to watch all of their gear decay to scrap and see their kingdom burn then they aren't your enemy. They're a statistic.
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