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  1. Makes me wonder about the balance of things: In campaign we're going to have to craft to win, so there's no advantage to amassing resources for export if you need them to win. But the export is the notional 'reward' for winning. Small reward if you use all your resources to make siege weapons (or whatever) to win the final battle. Seems like all you'd really want to export is just enough to get you a good start in the next campaign, if even that. I guess the devs are going to have to get creative to make the EK seem compelling to gameplay - and I hope they will - but like most of us,
  2. If they do it right, then coins are just another item type to barter. It shouldn't make a difference except that some things are easier to carry.
  3. I agree that the craftsman should have the option to leave his/her mark or name on any item, but I think that's been the dev's intended design all along. It'd be nice if each crafted item, instead of having just stats - would generate a descriptive name. Instead of a 'longsword' it might be a 'superior darksteel longsword of bloodletting' or 'average iron longsword'. This way knowing the quality of an item is inherent in it's name / description and not only by comparing numbers and stats. And there could be rare qualities that only inhabit exceptional crafted items (like 'Phoenix' might
  4. I don't see why archers couldn't recover a least a portion of their arrows after a battle (while the mage is regenerating mana). If any other archers got killed during the battle there'd be plenty - potentially more than needed. But I agree it all comes down to gameplay. Hopefully there will be a lot of testing and feedback during Alpha and beyond.
  5. I recognize I'm late to this discussion. Even after reading the 'Coin of the Realm' article on the main page I'm still confused as to exactly what course the devs are attempting to take. Reading the thread here, I think I mostly agree with a lot of what Scree has said. Ultimately I'd like to see a natural barter system with player created currency. I already made a post on the main Currency thread and at the risk of redundancy I'll summarize my two-cents here: I don't like the idea of currency being explicitly defined by the devs. It seems to go against the original spirit of an
  6. Yeah - I was wondering the same thing. But it being GoT I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.
  7. I'm not sure I like the idea of coins being loot drops from monsters, or currency being defined by the devs. It seems to go against the original spirit of an independent player driven economy. A currency will develop in any case, but I'm not sure the devs would need to - or should need to - do anything more that make coins or bars or whatever a craftable item. The process should require a lot of work: clearing an area, finding the ore, digging it out, transporting it, smelting it in a fire requiring fuel (wood or coal, i.e. more resources) and then you're left with useful refined meta
  8. I'm confused. Is there any advantage to 'consuming' a package now? I don't expect I'll upgrade past Amber, but I also don't see why I should unpack my rewards yet either. Am I missing something?
  9. I'm in the same boat as you - never got to play Shadowbane, but I'm not going to miss this! Welcome!
  10. It's interesting how decisive this issue is. I'm not deaf to the concerns againt finite ammo, but after reading so many posts I'm convinced finite ammo is what's best for Crowfall. I think the counter-arguement is basically: Limited ammo always been too tedious in other games. This seems to indicate that it's a mechanic that's hard to get right, but I'm not convinced that it couldn't be done well here. There are already a lot of suggestions on how to balance the utility vs tedium. Ultimately I think managing ammo could be a fun, challenging and dynamic part of the game. The o
  11. The feet are different than what I would expect on a Centaur, so it's an interesting adaptation. What did you use to draw this?
  12. I like the Hawk too, and the figure shows promise. I wonder why you chose to color the hawk and the hunter such different color schemes? And thanks for sharing your art!
  13. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Long names with spaces alone is not much of a fix. Nobody want to type out 'Bob Smith the Destroyer' every time they want to send a message. And if names are displayed in game - very long names will get very annoying. With multiple names and the option to hide surnames if desired - there's really no reason why you can't have three friends named Bob, as I expect there could be some smart autofilling based on friendslists, etc. when sending messages.
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