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  1. Love it, you could make the rangers look slightly more badass if the cape came to a point though as well.
  2. I think soft launch should be avoided. A lot of game players these days will expect it to be complete even though you clearly say its not. Once they try it and feel it incomplete its EXTREMELY unlikely they will come back. If you present them with a completed package you are much more likely to maintain them as customers which is much better for the game long term. Please take your time and make the game as good as possible and complete as possible before general public release. This will help the long term success of this game greatly. Just my thoughts... Edit added for suggestion; Even if you have to hire more staff to make things done, at this point i think just adding a single purchasable thrall / a limited number of purchaseable tax free land parcels would easily reach a goal to pay for another programmer / designer / insert whatever position you need to help here.
  3. Redeemed a lot, some I regret slightly like the collectors, but I'll probably buy that again later. For now, just upgraded to Kickstarter Large Castle. Cant wait !!! Anyone know if the fallen hero and area naming options will be sell-able ? or if that already passed? was away a long time and just got back.
  4. You are kickstarter emerald, you should probably already have access... I would send them an email if you havn't
  5. I got in ultra late on the kickstarter, #11k and change but went to sapphire right away on kickstarter as well, good news is i think there are only a total of what 600 people in alpha 1 ? *** Edit *** There are actually 651 via kickstarter. just checked
  6. I think your "pandora's box" started with centaurs initially only male and then made to female. I don't see why opening races to both genders is a negative thing. And unless I misunderstand forgemaster, they are not a gender. They are made of trees and or rocks are they not, like golems?
  7. Play a fae and join Ravencroft's hunt to kill all male assassins. Will be a fun bit of roleplay for you. Play a fae and join Ravencroft's hunt to kill all male assassins. Will be a fun bit of roleplay for you.
  8. You gonna hunt down all female centaurs with the same enthusiasm? or is this the only real decision that upsets you?
  9. Honestly I am very pro new race stretch goals. This adds more chance to perk new players interest in playing a race they might not have had a chance to in other mmo's. That said I would really like to see a new stretch goal with a 200k dollar amount to hire another graphics design programmer with a description that he will be working on visual fidelity + several new races.
  10. As posted a lot above, they are not gender locked, they are no gender they are made of rock and wood... Be the same as saying trees are man and rocks are female. No gender
  11. Did a search and im not coming up with anything. Does anyone know if Crowfall will officially support SLI? A lot of games don't and by the sounds of things Crowfall is going to be very graphics demanding... Really hoping Artcraft makes the move to support SLI for us here even if it requires another stretch goal for completion.
  12. Hope the next stretch goal is another graphics programmer or flight
  13. The fly through makes me want flight added to the game as a stretch goal even more
  14. Just wondering in the event we rip through this current pledge (As the last two seemed to have gone by pretty quickly) what you all are hoping gets added as Pledge Goals? One off the top of my head would be flight especially because of seige, would definitely add an interesting element to the game and defense. The Flight i am thinking of isn't for specific races, more like mounts / wings to add to characters. Wings mostly being a means for Centaurs to flight which I guess sort of turns them into a centaur/Pegasus hybrid but I dont see another method of getting them up into the air. I have no idea what game development costs are so what would something like this add to the game, 100k, 150k ? in costs. As I see us approaching on finishing all the rulesets, graphics have already been improved,the final seige mechanic is approaching, we have multiple languages available, and we have european servers, I dont see much left in the way of current plans. Curious what you all have as ideas.
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