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  1. Cool idea, I could see it being a long cooldown type of ability or an occasional proc, maybe some kind of high talent tree ability. Might be too overpowered otherwise.
  2. I'll probably focus on weapon crafting. Not sure if a finite ammo for archers will exist (i.e. must craft or buy arrows or potentially run dry mid-fight) or infinite for the sake of simplicity, but if arrows are a physical, counted resource, being the go-to arrow factory for a guild wouldn't be a bad position to be in. I've always had a eye for alchemy in games like WoW as well.
  3. I'm gonna join the wolf bandwagon, my inner Game of Thrones fanboy is showing, haha. An owl or fox with scouting abilities would be cool too.
  4. I'm anxious for some subclass info or potential abilities lists too but I'm thinking it's a long ways away from now. The combat testing slated for later this summer is aimed at sorting out root issues. I'm crossing my fingers that more info will be available soon after some testing is analyzed and reworked, but that could be just be me getting my hopes up.
  5. I may refer to SWTOR's Imperial Agent class a bit much, but I really see CF's Ranger having comparable abilities. Aside from an array of individual stealth-related abilities, their group-stealthing was a cool touch, multiple stuns were infinitely useful, intense burst damage out of stealth, etc. I wouldn't be shocked to see anti-stealth abilities like a region reveal, group movement speed boosts. As far as damage goes, we know Rangers won't necessarily be a primary damage dealer, but abilities playing off of other debuffs on targets might be seen (example: "For every bleed effect on target, Ab
  6. As Jihan said, it'll probably be some time. I'm anxious for it as well, but it's too early in development to nail anything down or get hopes up one way or another. I suspect that general subclasses will be established first, but if the beta testing process is anything like SWTOR was, few fine details will be set in stone until launch.
  7. Halence

    Druid Armor

    I'm a fan of what they have in concept art, however limited for now. I'd never vote against a wider range of options, but I imagine they'll have a look that makes them appear one with the environment, lots of plant and natural elements.
  8. Halence

    Damage Druids

    I foresee their damage lacking a bit, but having very valuable buffs and crowd control abilities. That might hinder their 1v1 capability, but life's hard!
  9. Wolf or cat form would be cool for me, reminiscent of WoW's old feral talent tree. Considering Crowfall's druids are for now intended as a support class, I could see animal forms adding a few utility options to account for group needs in a tight situation.
  10. Cool ideas, creative. I'm still a sucker for WoW-type shapeshifting druids, always thought that was a cool touch. I could see something like that added in on top of what you're describing to open up a small range of specific abilities, such as a feline or deer form form for scouting/mobility (a flying form might be too unfair), maybe bear for temporary defense or hauling materials, etc.
  11. I asked a similar question a few weeks ago about if there will be terrain theme options besides the shown traditional woodland theme. The dev that replied said that's something they may consider later on but there's more pressing art/tech priorities for now. Personally, I'd really like my own viking-esque, Winterfell-type tundra, but time will tell.
  12. I think it'd be cool to see some achievement or bounty-based "quests" to give players who pursue them some bonus experience, gold, resources, etc. Kinda like Destiny, whereas bounties aren't necessarily a requirement for PVP, but sort of "icing on the cake" to make things interesting and give players something to shoot for even if victory itself is a distant hope. I'm willing to bet that the campaign objectives will bring enough to the table, but sometimes better too much than not enough.
  13. Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I totally understand, and I'm happy to know it's on the table to potentially happen later down the road. Looking forward to more updates!
  14. Halence

    The Kiting Rub

    You present some good points with the little information we've all been given so far. I agree that it's appearing that Rangers will be more utility-based than the pure damage that Stalker is presented as. Stealth has already been confirmed for Rangers in the Archetypes page, which I think will add a lot of functionality and purpose. I predict Rangers will have a wide range of stuns, traps/crippling effects, mobility enhancements, maybe some enemy detection boosts, etc. As I said before in a different post, I'm hoping Rangers will have a playstyle similar to that of Star Wars: The Old Republic'
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