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  1. yeah I figured but should be much less than the full deal I would imagine.
  2. Thanks @Pann! My time away from CF over the past months have shown that I know nothing
  3. I just downloaded the test client last night. I'll be sure to join the rumble
  4. Class guide video template help

    I haven't looked too hard for this but I've been needing it so I don't waste time. Thanks for the share
  5. World is empty on purpose?

    the Eternal Kingdoms are empty of mobs but make it easier to harvest materials. Campaign has mobs but only give exp, gold, and are skinnable. To craft weapons and armor, you'll need ethereal dust. This link was shown to me yesterday to get you started.
  6. Dear Yanni

    Yeah I have been away for a quite a while. I've been checking back with the game but had a terribly old computer build. I have just recently built a new and up to date one. That being said, I'm back to playing the game and forums now. Its been a lot of progress while I've been away haha.
  7. Dear Yanni

    I'm going to have to try this out for sure later today. thanks for all the suggestions.
  8. Murder of Crows AMA

    Are you guys doing any other cons during the year? Ill be at the Wizard World in Austin later this year. I would def be interested in meeting some of you all. I travel with in band ( and have been all around the US, as well as traveled to Canada, UK, and Whales so far. but many more to go hopefully
  9. Ah, I didn't think of that. That seems to have worked. I assume that the video settings were broken when trying to launch the software. Thank you very much
  10. I'm having the same issue myself but on a newly built computer. Everything has been updated. I have also ran as admin and even deleted and reinstalled the launcher with its patches. Submitted an email to support yesterday but still waiting on further assistance
  11. is there a place for business inquiries somewhere in here?