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  1. I do not have a stake in the business. I'm just a supporter who is very excited about Crowfall, and eager to see ACE succeed. I imagine that is true for most of us here!
  2. Although not entirely clear how it's possible, Tyrant somehow manages to work more than 24 hours a day. This includes weekends and holidays.
  3. Yes, the site has been great! We were just mentioning a couple things we noticed, but none of it is urgent. Thanks, ACE, for all the great info and updates!
  4. [fixed] Couple others in Thralls FAQ: #2 line 1 "You are acting a 'grim reaper'" #5-7 "Soul Gem" casing inconsistent (ie, sometimes it's "Soul Gem," sometimes "soul gem")
  5. This list was really helpful. Thanks, ShadoPandauin!
  6. Thanks so much for the recap, Elvine!
  7. Love the balance of actively training a skill to get started, but then passively training to mastery. So much better than grinding endlessly! Thumbs up!
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