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  1. Has anyone else experienced this? Was there a solution? It was all working just fine a while back but I didn't have time to complete all the required redemptions at the time. I got home now and redeemed all the redeemable from my pledge, only to discover that the Layaway button was no more... (Yes, I have contacted support, I am just worried that time is running out...)
  2. Todd, 2 quick Qs before deciding whether to add (or upgrade to) some kind of castle... As a single player, how feasible will it be to maintain the various size dwellings? (specifically, the various castles compared to the medium stronghold). I understand there will be 2 aspects to this: 1) upkeep costs and 2) taxes. I am slightly confused about the taxes: as an Amber KS backer, I seem to recall receiving a number of "tax-free" parcels, but... Am I correct to think these parcels are only useful if I build a dwelling in someone else's EK? (presumably, in my own EK, all taxes come to me!) Cheers Cut PS Apologies if these questions have been answered somewhere my cursory search failed to turn up... (in which case, any links much appreciated!)
  3. Ha! If earth measurements don't map to CF measurements, then we are not "measuring" anything. That was my point. Maths isn't the problem: As a few people may have realised, "390625 8mx8m squares" is just a complicated way of saying 5Km x 5Km - ie less than the size of one RL city. Obviously. So is reading comprehension. I agree entirely. The potential is huge. And as various posters have mentioned, they must be the largest housing instances ever created. The only objective was to point out the discrepancy between what ACE was describing, and the RL measurements they chose to use. Moaning? Read the OP again (ignoring all the knee-jerk "someone said EK - must attempt a quick tro..." posts by all the usual suspects). 5Km x 5 Km does not a Kingdom make. How many mountain ranges do you think would fit in Cardiff? (though now that you mention it... ) Cut
  4. ACE (and the FAQ) have always given the impression that these "Kingdoms" can be huge ("Mountain Ranges", "Northern Reach", "Wilds", "The Marshlands", etc) and even talk about "Provinces" and "...how one could go about creating something like Westeros"... Yet the maximum size is 5Km x 5Km - just about big enough for one Castle + grounds or 2 or 3 small villages. How is this going to work? Cheers Cut PS Not a(nother) thread about EK utility - just looking for clarification of an apparent contradiction...
  5. To be fair, Todd said very explicitly (here on these forums) that he had nothing against the idea of a permanent campaign, but that up to now, he has simply not been able to find a workable way to avoid the "Uncle Bob Syndrome" (UBS). The good news is that the modular design of the game ACE have in their heads allows for a great deal of experimentation. I am expecting to see both very short and more lengthy campaigns tested to death both pre- and post-release. *If* the longer campaigns work well *and* the team and/or community come up with viable and fun ways to delay the death of one particular world and extend it further towards "permanence", I'm guessing there is no reason for that not to happen (because there will always be a number of alternative campaigns going on in parallel for those who prefer something short and sweet). So these debates can be constructive - though a single thread in the Suggestions forum would probably be more useful...
  6. Just to clarify, what ACE actually said was that the EKs would contain no building materials and only "basic" resources. We do not know (and ACE have probably not decided) the details yet. Logic would suggest that since not everyone will be choosing the Dregs as their first campaign, new players will be able to collect and/or craft at least the most basic level of items to gear up with before heading out. Example quote from KS main page: "They are complete, functional Worlds - but lack resource factories (such as quarries, mines and mills) and produce only common reagents"
  7. Ah... I hit the "Quote" button on the wrong post, headlight.
  8. I don't think the OP mentioned PVE anywhere.
  9. Playing out First Blood in CF could be an excellent experience. As long as you accept that you will inevitably be hunted down in the end... I'm also certain that the team/solo debate isn't really an either/or thing. Working with a demanding group to achieve difficult goals is satisfying as hell, but boy can it get *stressful* at times. Sometimes you don't want to talk to anyone: you just want to go out and kill stuff...
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