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  1. Just as the header says, is the game still in beta or has it gone live yet?
  2. when will the soft launch begin? before summer?
  3. just wonder is it this year or next year? cant wait
  4. welcome all new members to lantern watch
  5. Welcome to the Watch Odd Spin and Mummelpuffin
  6. Welcome to Lantern Watch Elfboots and Crestone
  7. thanks bradicus magnus, take your time, work and family goes first
  8. Hello there, this seems to be a nice guild and if you are in need of a fighting "hamster" i would like to join your ranks. about me? i have playing games like swg,,lotro,swtor to name a few and im really looking forward to get into crowfall. Im from sweden and in timezone cet, that would be gmt+1. im also in beta 1 Group if that matters i apply on your website and see how it goes
  9. Hi, Im new to this game, just got the 60$ pack and im looking forward to get into the game im just wondering where is the download area for the game itself and the Digital Art Book and the Digital Sound Track?
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