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  1. I did make a suggestion for player created quests within the Eternal Kingdoms. Most thought that it wouldn't fit the game, or it would be abused. I think this would be a fun aspect of the game, especially for RP. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4379-player-created-quests/
  2. People used the think that destructive weather and plagues were linked to man's behavior creating angry gods or upsetting God Himself. People also used to think that dancing caused people to have sex. Humans are bad inherently and there is nothing man made that causes it. The will of the individual to fight against his nature is the struggle we live on a daily basis. Sure the things around us can influence an individual one way or another but to blame it for the cause is just asinine.
  3. There are statistics that suggest when a customer complains, business owners ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer actually represents a huge opportunity for more business! Thank you for complaining over free stuff!
  4. I understand that the focus of this game is to not be a one size fits all kind of game, and I'm good with that. I'm only suggesting additional content for the part of the game that's doesn't appear as much 'involved'. It could be something built in to the hierarchy of the EK. The King (or Queen) requires a specific goal for the Kingdom and delegates the tasks, or creates them himself/herself. There would be no xp involved, maybe just some storyline or loot, but definitely beneficial to the EK. I may have the wrong impression about the Eternal Kingdom, again I never claimed my idea to be a good one. Just an idea.
  5. Division

    Weapon Size

    This Archetype should be intimidating if nothing else. What better way to strike fear in the enemy than a BA sword/axe/hammer being slung around with ease by a big muscle bound brute? I'm all for being the brute!
  6. You're probably right. There would have to be some limitations set to prevent abuse and exploiting game mechanics. I have no solid suggestions to prevent this from happening. Maybe the quests created by players has to meet certain criteria based on the type, or they have to be peer/gm reviewed before put in place? It certainly would not be a priority at this point, but something to consider long term. Thank you all for your comments!
  7. I understand that questing is not the focus of this game and most likely will never be a part of the game, but I have a thought. For future design, an implementation of player created quests could be a fairly new twist in MMOs (I believe Neverwinter has something similar, but never played). Quests are meant to tell a story, not just be a means of exploration, experience and loot. What if, through the EK system, players created quests to tell a story about their Kingdom (A great way for RP'n to flourish). Quests can be to clear out a player created dungeon within the Kingdom, or to gather a certain amount of materials to build a tavern or guard tower. The rewards can vary, and both the quest maker and taker benefit in some way. Anyone can contribute to the quests option in their own fashion depending on EK role (King, Duke, etc.) class, and/or professions. This could be a terrible idea and have no place in Crowfall, I just wanted something to post about.
  8. Is it maybe that you're confusing servitude with slavery or just not understanding their intentions? It is my understanding that the Thralls you gain through conquest become of some use again. In this reality the dead warriors and crafters either have to await judgement or serve again as a spirit within a weapon. I do not believe they intend us to use them as they were in the early American history. Servitude was the historical way for a man or family to better themselves by serving under a host family. This system may be a way for these fallen spirits to redeem or better themselves? It is unclear at this point.
  9. Poor choice of words, I apologize. I must be turning into the old guy with a terrible sense of humor. I swore 20+ years ago that I'd never be that guy. One thing I've learned is it's never a good idea to swear. I will follow the link and sign up. Thank you sir!
  10. Very nice Mr. Beacon. May I join this lovely band of hooters? I mean owls...
  11. Crafting professions used to be a popular and highly relevant part of MMOs like World of Warcraft. When it was first released and we were leveling, professions felt relevant to the game because it was always needed. Leveling was much slower, gear was harder to get, and if you wanted some decent gear, you really needed to craft it for yourself or have someone else make it for you. That is not the case anymore as gear crafted is pointless except for the items that constantly need to be replaced such as gems or enchants. It is my opinion that item decay and eventual breakage is necessary for ALL crafting to remain relevant. If this type of system was used in WoW (along with the best gear being crafted only) it would benefit all the crafters in the game, not just jewelcrafters and enchanters. I'm sure that ACE will develop the most effective system that doesn't cause grief for non-crafters such as lengthy decay periods, but some form of decay/breakage will be in place to create a need for crafting.
  12. Fantastic Game. Alleviates my need for multiple alts.
  13. Nazdar, It's been a long time since I have seen loot on the ground in any game like this. It can create too many issues among players, and like you said the creating of this system is most likely more difficult. I see the loot system being inventory based whether you're picking it up off a dead body's inventory or our of a storage container. I could be wrong of course, however this is a valid idea for discussion.
  14. That is awesome! Congrats to the Artcraft team for raising 141% of your goal with another 14 days left. This should prevent you from seeking additional funds from a publisher who would change the game and causing it to fail.
  15. Division

    Hi There!

    Welcome to the forums Irene. I also decided that the forums is the best place to start. In fact, it's partly responsible for my decision to back the game. I'm already seeing a solid community building for this game, which is very exciting. See you around!
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