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  1. Well I guess you don't know about
  2. I was hoping that the ones shown in the pictures were the ones used within the story line of the game and then when you create a guild you can create your own banner.
  3. It seems like it will be a lot like Game of Thrones from what we know so far. (Hence my name) Theories on the banners based on GOT simularities (If they have any)- Gryphon- May be based on the Lannister lion, maybe our main antagonizing clan. Wolf- Obvious reference to House Stark, maybe our "good" clan. Hourglass- I have no idea how this one could be related to GOT, but I think it may be related to death or the afterlife as time is running out in the hourglass and that is sometimes used as a symbol for death. Dragon- House Targaryen, may be our underdog so to speak. Crow/Raven- May be related to the the Three eyed raven, maybe they will have an ability like warging Dead Tree- If the hourglass doesn't represent death, this one surely does Living Tree- May represent the Weirwood Flower- House Tyrell reference, may provide aid to the gryphon clan Spider- Reminds me of Lord Varys and his spider web of knowledge, may be the oracles of the game Deer Horn- House Baratheon reference, may be on the throne at the start of the game Viper- Dorne and House Martell I know that the developers can not copy the story line exactly due to copyright but some things may be similar.
  4. Well I think I will stick with using tumblr for now, since I am quite familiar with how things work on it. But I will PM you if I change my mind.
  5. You seem like a skilled PvP player (based on your other posts) who may eventually be of use to me... We do not talk about this. (I made Joffrey my name because I eventually plan on making a Lannisters Clan upon the games release)
  6. I made a Crowfall News Tumblr page, which can be found at crowfallnews.tumblr.com , it is quite vacant right now, but is sure to be updated with each coming update. Feel free to follow it if you have a tumblr.
  7. By time the countdown is over we should all have basic knowledge of the game, perhaps a beta release date, and maybe also a gameplay trailer.
  8. You'll be the one crying when I am on the throne and calling for your execution
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