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  1. Congrats, you can read a google search result. I'll leave it at this, everything on your 2080 TI was subject to temperatures above 200 degree C in production, that's the temperature needed to solder all the components including the Turing GPU. 90 degree C won't come close to causing any physical damage to the board or its components. Worst case you the GPU might start failing timing at higher temperatures and you'll need to let it cool down to become operational again. But it won't, because as I've said, the designers already made sure its operational at or above 100 degree C through simulation and thermal testing after production. The 89 C spec is a lawyer number, no digital designer works with such an odd temperature setting, most PDKs from the foundry provide libraries with corners at 100 C, 125 C, and 150 C. But sure, continue to read google and claim you know what you're talking about.
  2. That temperature is fine, ICs are usually designed to operate a corners above 100 degree C. If you were reaching 120, I'd begin to worry a little and let it cool down.
  3. I love this statement. "We're kings! and will always be kings! No one can dispute that even if we lose, because we choose to lose!"
  4. I think the reason for this "fix" is due to the lack of skilled software engineers on their team. I'm guessing this was the easiest way for them to filter out all the new guilds with such little time remaining at the lowest risk. That's not a defense of the decision, I think its a terrible one, But from everything I've seen from their development over the years, its on par.
  5. I think the goal of ArtCraft's marketing strategy is to generate box sales. If they can get a few thousand more people to buy into the game, then it will be able to float along for a few more months. I don't think ArtCraft really cares if those buying in have an enjoyable game experience or not at this point.
  6. I don't think anyone has every contended that some people are having fun in the game... I think what most of us are thinking is that the amount of people having fun in the game is too little to make it a sustainable viable product. Thus pointing out the things that are currently driving away a lot of new players should be helpful. What is frustrating is that the devs are just eerily silent on the entire matter.
  7. Another one. 5/10 on a site that rarely goes below a 7. https://www.mmorpg.com/reviews/crowfall-review-2000122670
  8. Its considered a slideshow because on the PC all frames are not created equal. If every frame took 30 ms, it would appear smooth to the human eye. But the reality is some frames can take 300 ms, while others 5ms, the 300 ms frames appear as a stutter, while the fast frames inflate the FPS counter. They should instead report the slowest frame in the last couple of seconds.
  9. Advertising at this point won't help. Crowfall is becoming rather infamous as a big flop of a MMO launch. The launch generated a lot of buzz on different MMO news websites, and a lot of conversations about just how bad it is. So most MMOers already know of it as a "Do not try.". Flashy banners, and 2 minute ads on youtube won't be able to change that opinion.
  10. LazyPeon is your typical MMO player. But Crowfall is not your typical MMO. 99.999% of MMO'ers need not apply. Artcraft is more of a philanthropic organization, and will happily keep the servers up no matter what, so the few thousand players having fun, can keep having fun. The only confusing thing about Crowfall is why Artcraft hasn't filed as a not-for-profit organization?
  11. That sounds like a good idea. What kind of systems are in place to facilitate this? If I turn on PvP in my EK, can I turn it on only for the participating players or does everyone become PvP. Do players on the same team become PvP to each other? Will there be friendly fire at that point, or can I disable it? Does that mean a healer can accidentally heal a enemy team player? Can I setup an area that they must fight in and are not allowed to leave? or will they be free to roam all over my EK fighting? Hopefully the problems become clear, even if you want the community to create that gameplay it self, the game still needs systems to support it.
  12. Numbers, data, are what I assume influence these decision. They're trying to balance the game, and probably notice an over abundance of crafters and gear output than what they'd like to see. So they make changes to reduce the number of crafters by making it a longer journey to be successful. Sadly, this type of balancing never takes "fun" into account.
  13. It was videos like this one that got me interested enough in Crowfall to help kickstart the project. After watching it again, and listening to the "list of features", it seems like that list is still very far from being realized, and also has perhaps just gone in totally different direction. The things that enticed me were , "The world has ancient ruins, towns, caves, stuff for players to explore". The were going to be very randomized and vastly different. But from the campaigns I've seen, they land is very small, and broken into little islands with a couple of forts to capture, and I don't think I've seen anyone digging tunnels anywhere... And it seems like there still might be a "Uncle Bob" problem. I know kickstarting is a risk, its something I no longer do, because it seems you never get the game that was initially envisioned.
  14. This is what PvP games are about however, and why they're so hard to make enjoyable for everyone. Those at the top will have a wonderful time, those at the bottom will be miserable and move on to another game. This is one reason why Amazon decided to switch the direction of New World from full PvP to instanced PvP and PvE. Everyone can have fun in PvE, which helps them retain players. Successful PvP games end up sorting players by skill, so you don't have Lebron playing against an out of shape 40 year old like myself. But Crowfall by design can't implement such a system, so its a gigantic hurdle I'm not sure ACE will be able to get over.
  15. I have been apart of many MMO betas over the past 2 decades, yes I'm getting old, and this is the least amount of players I've seen logging in. For a beta that is not exclusive and pretty easy to join. That concerns me. I've read this forums and other MMO forums and when I read about someone's first impression its usually "I tried it for 30-60 minutes, was bored and didn't know what to do.". That's also making me concerned. I want to see this game succeed, I'd love to have an active PvP campaign with long sieges, map control, and resource domination. But the initial experience for new players in the game is dull and un-interesting, and they are effectively locked from doing PvP in what is meant to be a full on PvP game. I don't even really know why there are levels for vessels, or why someone can't join a PvP world from the start, and get dropped into an active world where they get engaged from the start and experience what this game is meant to be. And then if there are not enough players to keep the PvP going 24/7, then people who log in without being able to find PvP because not enough people are around, it will snowball into a empty world.
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