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  1. Running as admin has done the trick. Thank you guys. Last question, is it always a 5gig download for each update?
  2. I have had this before, trying to update to 5.8.4. Why am I getting again for this new campaign? Error#1, Operating System Error, Access Denied, Failed to access content on disk, Write operation The fix last time to uninstalling and re-down loading twice. I have a slow connection resulting in overnight downloads. I want to play and stream the campaign like I did the last one. Is there not a better solution?
  3. Thnx for the feedback! I appreciate it.
  4. To be clear, gems are only available from mother loads and those are only harvest-able with two or more players and someone needs a foreman skill. Is this correct?
  5. This is happening to me too. Not very conducive to encouraging campaign feedback.
  6. You know, it was so simple. If you read the instructions it works. <sigh> I really need to slow down.
  7. I received and email stating I could participate. The link sent me to the patcher and a C++ link. Where can I download the client? I can't find it anywhere. All roads lead batch to the patcher.
  8. I imagine that the length of the campaign will be determined before hand and we the players may not know the exact time it ends. It would be up to us to watch the seasons, strategic control and any predefined goals as the campaign progresses. Additionally each campaign could have a player driven story line narrated by the Devs with goals or clues dropped in to help us determine when to act on predicted campaign endings: Predict well and win big. Get it wrong and live with the consequences.
  9. I simply can't believe it. Of all the archetypes the bard has been missed out. Behold! The Chipmunks! Starring Alvin.
  10. I imagine I will be passively training 3 and partaking in 1 campaign. So why train three? Because the rule sets change for each campaign allowing me to better choose a character that is more appropriate for each. If it works this way.
  11. i must admit when I first saw the CF art style I immediately thought of this and I liked it!
  12. Well said. However my expectation is that that the Hamsters become armed with diagonal mounted magazine fed three barreled blunderbuss Gatling guns that can be mounted on roaming pigs and fire armor piercing fin stabilizing squash head rounds (with every fifth round being a tracer) with a firing rate of 21 rounds per minute to take on armored knights. The Hamsters should also be siege specialists featuring 203mm motors firing area denial caltrops packages every 3.6751 minutes!
  13. I have to believe the Pig has a gun because using a long sword would be a tad bit difficul not to mention a long bow. In the meantime if guns are the means then I would like to see them get automatic weapons. After all it is fantasy right?
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