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  1. 5 dollar is less to some ppl and more to other. If I am spending 5 dollar on every web site I view so I can use whole web site, then I will have no more 5 dollar. Maybe this is future, but is not one I am liking.
  2. It is very sad that you are not want hear opinion because I have not spend money. I am used to this in real world though so maybe was only matter of time before was happening in game as well.
  3. Who are talk to me? I am sorry but I read whole thread 2 times and still confused. Is try to convince me join new religion? I have done this before and they are break my car when I quit, so would not try again.
  4. If there was bank where I deposit money, and could not withdraw this money from other bank down street, then I would close account and use different bank.
  5. I have computer from best buy because it is computer store I drive to quickest. People tell me buy computer online but I need computer first for this so is like chicken and egg. If I have trouble with game my niece is good show me how to fix. Ppl use mounse pad still today? I was thinking I am old for this but maybe not. Mouse I have is useing laser not ball so table is working fine.
  6. This seem like very complex idea for game with main goal of killing elf.
  7. What would make controller not able for play in this? I have lose 2 of finger on left hand so can be hard to play on keyboard if there is many key must be pressed in different place.
  8. Worry for food is not as fun as game makes sound. Year and year of life I worry of food. Is no satisfaction in having, only relief of not having none. Even now I have, is spend so much of day eating food, or cooking or shopping or deciding on what is for dinner. Why sit down for game and have same problem? Why remind of unwanted life what is meant as escape from? Also even if all problem to get food still there in game, most problem is CANNOT TASTE FOOD IN GAME. Could rename food to rock and would be no difference. Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"
  9. So if I am understand, some are wish for way to speak to ppl who is near you? I do this already. Is what voice natural do. Point of game on internet is talk with ppl I am not close. Phone is do also but no one is ever call me.
  10. Problem with pet in game is problem with pet in life. Spend much much time and energy on and then turn around only one second and is eaten by wolf. I loose 4 cat like this.
  11. If I have sound then cannot hear wife when she is call me, so get very mad. I am enjoy sex more than game so there is no sound for me.
  12. I am already learn 1 new language. 2 new language is too 2 many.
  13. Video game is not place for grieving. When die in video game is not real, you are still life. Have no reason to grieve.
  14. Special flag is very important. When flag is burn is important that ppl are able to see what is burning so can cheer. To burn flag was always very good for town morale I can be witness. Please allow for most detail in flag creation so otherwise does not diminish effect.

    A race idea.

    This is good point I have not think of. Race is very fun, but some may be too good at race. Centaur is half horse so would be very fast. I would not like run in race with centaur if I only have 2 leg. I am not sure which would win in race with centaur and giraffee, but graffe also have 4 leg so race would be more interesting to watch though I think.
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